Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 77.2 The Pharmacy Department comes to steal someone

“Beep beep beep~”

Suddenly, there was a sound that indicated that a call was coming through from the terminal of Gongsun Xi’s light brain. He answered it quickly and an old man with a kind face and white hair appeared on the virtual screen.

“Kid Gongsun, what’s the meaning of the email you sent me?”

Director Liao was startled by the sudden voice and when he looked up, he saw Old Pang’s huge face.

Gongsun Xi had deliberately increased the size of the projection image so that Director Liao could see Old Pang. “This email was sent to me by Director Liao of the Pharmacy Department. He came to me today to ask me to transfer your little disciple to his Pharmacy Department.”

Damn, such heartlessness.

When Old Pang heard this, he looked with narrowed eyes at Director Liao who was already panicking. “You are the one who wants to steal my disciple?!”

“No, Old Pang, how could I dare to do that?” Old Pang was a level ten mech master that even the Federation’s Supreme Commander had to be courteous to when he saw him, so how could he, a small pharmacist dare to compete with him for someone?

“Then what’s the purpose of this bullsh*t program you brought?” Old Pang raised an eyebrow.

“I…. I didn’t do this. This special talent protection program requires the individual to apply for it himself.” Director Liao explained quickly.

“It requires the individual to apply for it himself? Wait a minute, let me ask.” Old Pang called Yan Hao, making the call a three way call.

“Teacher?!” Yan Hao answered the call, however when he discovered that it was a three way call, he was a little confused for a moment.

“Xiao Hao, did you apply for the special talent protection program in the field of pharmacy?” Old Pang asked directly.

His teacher also knew?

Yan Hao was stunned as his eyes swept over the screen then was suddenly jerked to attention when he recognized a somewhat familiar figure. If he remembered correctly, this person seemed to be the Head of the Pharmacy Department whom he had met a few times in his previous life.

“I didn’t apply for it.” Yan Hao denied, shaking his head.

“Then how did this special talent protection program come about?” Old Pang asked him.

“My parents applied for it without telling me.” Yan Hao answered honestly.

“Your parents?”

Yan Hao’s answer caused those who were listening to stare in disbelief.

“Why did they apply for it without telling you?” When Old Pang heard that it was his disciple’s parents who had applied for it, his expression softened a little.

“After returning from the desolate planet, my little brother came to visit me twice, insisting that I go back to continue studying pharmacy in the Pharmacy Department. I clearly refused him both times, telling him that I only wanted to study mech building, but I don’t know why he is insisting that I go back. My parents applied for this special talent protection program without telling me probably to force me to return.” Yan Hao guessed.

“Insisting that you go back? Could it be that it was someone else’s idea?” Gongsun Xi looked at Director Liao with narrowed eyes.

Old Pang looked at him as well.

“No…. no, I really didn’t know about this.” Director Liao waved his hands hurriedly to show that it wasn’t him.

“You dare to say that Yan Hao’s little brother going to him wasn’t your doing?” Gongsun Xi asked him.

“It was my doing, but I didn’t….”

“Sure enough, it’s you.” Gongsun Xi sneered.

“Daring to plot against my disciple, you’re very good.” Unlike Gongsun Xi, Old Pang had a distinctly kind smile on his face, but this smile caused Director Liao’s legs to trembled at the sight of it.

This was a level 10 Mech Builder. The weapons he created could easily destroy the entire Pharmacy Department with just one shot.

“It really wasn’t me.” Director Liao simply wanted to cry.

“You weren’t trying to steal him away just now?” Gongsun Xi asked.

“I was trying to steal him away, but….” Feeling Old Pang’s murderous gaze, Director Liao changed tunes immediately. “I was wrong. Student Yan Hao, I promise you here that I will never make you return to the Pharmacy Department again. Just focus on pursuing your studies in the Mech Building Department. I have something to do so I’m leaving first.”

Director Liao felt that even if he jumped into the yellow river he could never wash himself clean, so he could only slip away.

When Yan Hao heard Director Liao say that he would never make him return to the Pharmacy Department again, he felt as if the weight of the plot on his shoulders had suddenly been lifted. He was so relieved that his whole body came to life.

“Old Pang, regardless of whether Director Liao knew about this application or not, it’s a real thing. With this, Yan Hao might have some trouble if he wants to continue studying Mech Building.” Gongsun Xi reminded.

“It’s not a big deal.” Old Pang waved his hand nonchalantly.

“Teacher, you have a solution?” Yan Hao asked in surprise. Although Senior Sheng Heng had said in the afternoon that he would find some connections and go through the back door to solve this problem, if his teacher had a solution, then Senior Sheng wouldn’t have to resort to going through the back door.

“The deputy director of the Federation’s Special Talent Center is your second senior brother. I’ll just have him remove your name from the list.” Old Pang said easily.

“Thank you, teacher.” Yan Hao hadn’t expected that things would go so smoothly.

“Don’t forget to come to the lab tomorrow.”

On the other side, when Director Liao returned to the Pharmacy Department, he called Yan Fei over immediately.

“Answer me this: did your big brother drop out of the Pharmacy Department not because he was angry? Could it be that he really just didn’t want to study pharmacy?” Director Liao asked.

“Teacher, how could that be? My big brother dropped out of Pharmacy Department really because he was throwing a temper tantrum. Otherwise, why would he suddenly abandon Pharmacy Department but still learn how to make a level 6 sedative all by himself?” Yan Fei said with a confident expression on his face, “And, if one doesn’t give authorization, it’s impossible for the application to the Special Talent Protection Program to be successful.”

“But your big brother said he had no idea.” Director Liao told him.

Yan Fei became flustered, however he regained his composure quickly. “That was an application my big brother made before his entrance exam. It was only just submitted recently.”

“Which is to say, your big brother actually had no idea about this?”

“Although my big brother had no idea about this, he did want to apply?!” Yan Fei said in response.

“Why didn’t you ask for his opinion before making the application?”

“Director, as I told you before, my big brother is just throwing a temper tantrum at our parents.” Yan Fei explained.

“Shut up!” Director Liao used great restraint to hold his temper in check and to not burst out into foul language. “He’s already the disciple of a level 10 Master Mech Builder. How can that just happen after throwing a temper tantrum? Go try it yourself and see if it works.”

“A level 10 Master Mech Builder?”

“That’s right, your big brother is now Old Pang’s disciple.” Director Liao told him.

Everyone in the Federation who knew anything about mechs knew who Old Pang was. Yan Fei’s pupils contracted as he desperately tried to conceal the shock he felt in his heart.

How could that be? Wasn’t Yan Hao just starting to learn Mech Building? How could he be Old Pang’s disciple when he obviously had no foundation at all?

But it didn’t matter. So what if he was Old Pang’s disciple? With the special talent protection program in place, Yan Hao could only continue to study pharmacy.

“Director, I really didn’t know about this. I’m sorry for causing you trouble.” Yan Fei apologized with a 90-degree bow.

As Director Liao had just given vent to his anger, it had mostly subsided and at this time seeing that Yan Fei’s attitude was still acceptable, he couldn’t continue being angry. However he didn’t want to see him either. “Forget it, you can get out.”

Leaving the office, Yan Fei knew that the impression Director Liao had of him in his mind had deteriorated, but it didn’t matter. As long as Yan Hao transferred over, he could improve a few more prescription formulas so that Director Liao would see his talent. At that time he would change his mind.

So what if you have a level 10 Master Mech Builder? My future master will definitely not be worse than Old Pang. Besides, most mech builders and mech masters always have problems with their mental energy. When I become a top master pharmacist, you would all have to come and beg me.

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  1. Wow, I thought that he was a green tea bi#%@ to I thought right, he himself just doesn’t know that yet. Poor Yang Haofor having a brother like that. 😔

  2. I rlly thought MAYBE he was just a bit dumb and self centered, but it wasn’t necessarily his fault bc by the way he was raised it was “normal” to be like that. But now? Green tea b1tch is a compliment for such an awful person. How can you be like that to your own brother and still don’t see the problem with your own personality? Maybe if he was bad and admitted to it I wouldn’t hate him, but he’s bad and doesn’t even admit it. Scumbag.

  3. honesrly i kinda wish he was just dumb and self centred, this shift to manipulation feels a bit sudden, but that could just be bc i was giving him benefit of the doubt before

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