Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 83.1 Phantom Beasts

Sheng Heng piloted Black Soul at low altitude over the mountain range and every time he flew a certain distance, he would descend from the sky, come out from the cockpit and stand on the ground to probe the veins of the earth using his mental energy. However after repeating this process for more than a dozen times and covering thousands of miles, he still couldn’t find a place with more obvious mental energy absorption than the lapis lazuli ore vein he had just discovered.

“Heng Ge, the class leader is almost done with his task and is asking if we should return today and continue the search together tomorrow.” Cheng Wenkang said as he stepped out of his mecha and walked over to Sheng Heng.

“Let’s finish scouting this area and then we’ll go back.” Sheng Heng replied, marking the location of the ore he had just sensed on the map with a pen.

Lowering his head to look at the map, Cheng Wenkang saw that more than a dozen circles of various sizes had already been drawn on it, each with a letter next to it. “Heng Ge, what are these drawings?”

“These are the places along the way that I’ve scouted that might have highly pure ore veins. Xiao Hao will definitely need to collect ore on this resource planet in the future, so this map will be of use to him.” Sheng Heng explained.

The fact that mental energy could be used to detect ore veins wasn’t a secret. It was just that most people were unaware of it simply because they didn’t pay attention to such matters. Whereas for mecha builders, using mental energy to probe ore veins and even sense the internal structure of metals was common knowledge. However, those who could accomplish these tasks needed both strong mental energy and exceptional perception, but most people either lacked the necessary mental energy or had insufficient perception, so they relied more on scientific instruments when looking for ore veins.

Sheng Heng was born with an S level mental energy rank, and so had an innate advantage in this area.

“If someone sees this map, we will definitely not be able to protect it.” With this map, what was the point in looking for ores? They could just come and dig whatever it was they wanted directly.

“As long as you keep quiet, nobody will know.” Sheng Heng responded.

“But the class leader and Xia Liu already know about your ability to use mental energy to detect ore veins. They’ll definitely talk about it when they go back.” Cheng Wenkang pointed out.

“Is knowing that I can use mental energy to detect ore veins and knowing that I have a ready made map the same thing?” Sheng Heng glared at him.

“…” Cheng Wenkang.

He had a point. After all, having someone use their S level mental energy to scan for ore veins was such a waste of the use of talent for a normal person. Only the person involved would be willing to waste their talent in this way for love.

“Let’s check the area up ahead.” Sheng Heng said, leading the way toward a spot ahead with vegetation.

It was a small mountain, not very tall, with sparse green plants scattered across its surface. After the two climbed to the top, Sheng Heng released his mental energy, making it follow the curvature of the mountain as he probed downwards.

“Huh?” Sheng Heng turned, looking uncertainly toward the other side of the mountain.

“What’s wrong?” Cheng Wenkang looked over curiously. On the other side of the mountain was a lake and as the sun was yet to set, it cast a golden reflection over the surface of the water.

“A strand of mental energy disappeared over there just now.” Sheng Heng told him.

“There’s a vein over there?”

“No.” Sheng Heng shook his head, “The strand of mental energy dissipated before it could reach the ground.”

“What?” Cheng Wenkang looked around the perimeter of the lake which was surrounded by a lush, green forest— it really didn’t look like the type of landscape where there would be ore right at the surface.

“Let’s go down and take a closer look.” Sheng Heng went down determinedly.

The two descended from the top of the mountain and arrived at the spot where Sheng Heng’s mental energy had disappeared. Crouching, Sheng Heng scanned the grass then suddenly focused on something. Reaching out, he pushed a patch of damp green grass to the side to reveal a plum blossom like footprint.

“This seems to be an animal’s footprint.” Cheng Wenkang looked at it for a long time, but was still unable to figure out what kind of animal it was. Fortunately the print was small, so it likely wasn’t a large animal.

“Fatty, do you know of any animals that can consume mental energy?” Sheng Heng asked.

“You mean….. a phantom beast!!” Cheng Wenkang practically shouted the three words.

Sheng Heng looked at him silently and immediately realizing his outburst, Cheng Wenkang covered his mouth hurriedly.

Phantom beasts were currently the only known animals discovered by the Federation that were capable of consuming human mental energy. Because of this trait, the Pharmacy Research Institute had conducted extensive research on them, which led to the eventual extracting of a substance from their blood that could stimulate mental energy for a second time. The reason why Sima Mingxuan’s mental energy had reached the S level was because he had consumed a potion made primarily from the blood of a phantom beast and this potion, was named after them, called the Phantom Beast Elixir.

Following the development of the Phantom Beast Elixir, the phantom beasts faced a catastrophe. In just two short years, their already small population became critically endangered and later on, in order to prevent their complete extinction, the Federation dispatched a large number of mecha warriors and zoologists to keep and raise the remaining phantom beasts in captivity, providing only a certain amount of their blood each year for the production of the elixirs; and this blood could only be obtained when the health of the phantom beasts wouldn’t be harmed.

“You mean there are wild phantom beasts here?” Cheng Wenkang whispered.

“I’ve been to the phantom beasts garden and have seen a phantom beast before. The paw print of a phantom beast is quite similar to that of a plum blossom.” Sheng Heng pointed to the footprint, “Besides, I just searched again. There’s no highly pure ore vein underground here.”

Without a highly pure ore vein, there would be nothing to absorb his mental energy and coupled with this footprint, the likelihood of a phantom beast appearing here was very high.

“A wild phantom beast? Then should we catch it?” Cheng Wenkang asked excitedly.

“The blood of a wild phantom beast is several levels better than that of a captured one. If you can get some of its blood, your mental energy should be able to advance another level.” Sheng Heng told him.

“Thank you boss.” Cheng Wenkang said with a grateful expression.

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