Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Translator’s Note: R begged me to post this in compensation for yesterday’s (Sugar everyday) no show.

Chapter 107.1 System Upgrade

Sheng Heng was so stunned he couldn’t speak for quite a while when he found out that Old Zhong was going to upgrade his system. It had to be known, that back in the early years, his parents had even visited Old Zhong personally, hoping that he could custom-make a mimetic mech for him without any level restrictions. However no matter what conditions his parents proposed, Old Zhong just wasn’t willing to custom-make one for him.

Old Zhong was a Level 10 Master Mech Builder and also the head of the Federal Research Institute. Someone in a superior position that even his father couldn’t force him to do something that he didn’t want to do. The only reason Old Zhong had even been willing to meet his parents, was because his father was a General Admiral of the Federation.

So why was it that now, something that had once seemed impossible no matter what was offered, had suddenly fallen into his lap as if he had won the lottery? Sheng Heng had wanted to pull Yan Hao aside to get the whole story, however Yan Hao had just come down to give him this news and then was called back up by Old Zhong. Hence all he could do was curb his curiosity and wait outside, both anxious and excited.

When Sheng Zhuo heard the news, he rushed over from outside anxiously.

“Old Zhong is upgrading the system for you?” Standing next to his little brother, Sheng Zhuo looked up at the towering Black Soul.

“That’s what Xiao Hao said.” Even now, Sheng Heng was still a little dazed.

“It seems Old Zhong really values Xiao Hao that he’s even breaking his own rules to upgrade your system.” Everyone in the Federation knew that Old Zhong could make mimetic mechs, however they also knew that he had stopped making them for the public when they were still immature. So him upgrading Sheng Heng’s system this time was definitely an exception. Old Zhong was a strict and very stubborn person; once he had decided something, it was almost impossible to change his mind, so the fact that Yan Hao could influence him could only mean that he carried a lot of weight in Old Zhong’s mind.

That’s right. It had to be because of Xiao Hao. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be a blip on Old Zhong’s radar.

Wait a minute.

“You’re also calling him Xiao Hao?” Sheng Heng looked at his big brother.

“Why? Is something wrong?” Sheng Zhuo looked back at him.

“Even if he’s your future brother-in-law, I haven’t formally introduced you two yet, so why are you addressing him so affectionately?” Sheng Heng asked.

“He already calls me big brother. If I don’t return the affection, he’ll think I don’t like him.” Sheng Zhuo smiled as he patted his little brother’s shoulder.

Not only was this future brother-in-law cute, he had a good personality, was smart and also had a sweet mouth. Sheng Zhuo expressed, he accepted this brother-in-law, and it was the kind of acceptance that if the couple quarreled, he would help him teach his little brother a lesson.

“……” Sheng Heng.

Although Old Zhong and Old Pang were both Yan Hao’s masters, they had different personalities, different research directions for mechs, and different ways of teaching their disciples. However one thing was the same: they were both workaholics.

One second Old Zhong said he was going to upgrade Black Soul’s system and in the next, he started right away. He didn’t even give Yan Hao time to adjust, as the two just got down to it right inside Black Soul.

All the data on the mimetic system was in Old Zhong’s encrypted database, so all he needed to do was to enter the password then he would be able to access the data on the mimetic system at any time. Opening the backend of his database, Old Zhong granted Yan Hao some of the access rights.

“This is all the research I have ever done on the mimetic system in my life.” Old Zhong told Yan Hao. “I originally didn’t plan to give you this data so early, for fear that you might bite off more than you could chew.”

Yan Hao’s big eyes blinked, a hint of confusion in his eyes as if asking, ‘The things you’ve taught me before, I understood after just one look, so why are you so worried?”

But this interpretation of his expression was Old Zhong’s subjective understanding. As for whether Yan Hao was really thinking this way, Old Zhong didn’t ask. To him, this was the only possible interpretation.

“In order to research the mimetic system, you must first understand traditional mechs. Don’t assume that the whole thing is simple just because you’ve developed a level five mimetic system.”

“Master, I don’t think that way.” Yan Hao opened his mouth.

Choking, Old Zhong thought to himself, what’s wrong with this kid? He can’t read the room at all. Shouldn’t you just say at this point, ‘Master, I understand’ obediently? What are you refuting for? Making it look as if I’m accusing you unjustly.

“Cough, it’s good that you don’t.” Old Zhong continued staunchly, “There are two reasons why you were able to develop the mimetic system. First, a level five mimetic system doesn’t require complex mech conditions, as a traditional mech with some simple modifications can be paired with a mimetic system.”

This was something Yan Hao was aware of. When he had modified Black Soul, apart from changing the mech’s core, he had simply altered some of the internal circuits of the mech. So it was indeed something that wasn’t particularly complex.

“Second, the information I gave you already contained the rudimentary form of the mimetic system. But after level five, with each level rise, the difficulty of the mimetic mech increases. It’s not just the system that becomes more complex, but the mech itself also requires many modifications. These changes are significantly different from that of traditional mechs, which is why, you have to first master traditional mechs in order to develop a more advanced mimetic system.”

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