Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 116.1 Selling the token of love

In no time at all, two students wearing Year 3 uniforms walked over, and the moment they got near, Cheng Wenkang automatically took a step forward to signal his presence. However they just glanced at him and the mech behind him then greeted Yan Hao directly.

“Hello, I’m Long Su from Class 2, Year 3, a level six mech master.”

“Bei Qingwen, Class 2, Year 3, a level six mech master.”

Their introductions were brief, but they left Cheng Wenkang shivering.

D*mn, weren’t these two the top in Class 2? They had risen to being level six mech masters half a year ago, totally different from him who just got a level six mech but was actually only a level five mech master.

What should he do? He couldn’t beat them.

“Hello, I’m Yan Hao, and I already have a partner.” Yan Hao replied even before they asked, rejecting them directly.

The expressions of the two changed slightly, but they still continued, “We know your partner is Sheng Heng from Class 1 of Year 3, and that you’ve been to two combat assessments with him. Actually, all Year 3 exercises are the same, so partnering with us won’t add to your workload.”

Clearly, they had done their homework.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not planning on pairing with new partners.” Yan Hao insisted.

The two of them looked a bit disappointed, however they were more gracious, because nodding, they left, leaving the training field directly without searching for other partners. It was clear they had come especially for him.

Seeing them leaving, Cheng Wenkang let out a silent sigh of relief.

However just as he let it out, a Year 4 student walked up, and his request was even simpler. He didn’t need Yan Hao to accompany him out onto the battlefield. He only needed him to inspect and repair his mech whenever he returned to school.

Hearing this, Cheng Wenkang couldn’t help but roll his eyes. If you don’t need a partner who will go out with you onto the battlefield but one who will only help you repair your mech in his free time, then what are you looking for a partner for? Just go and spend money at a mech repair shop outside.

Perhaps Cheng Wenkang’s eye roll was too obvious, because the Year 4 student swept an inadvertent glance at him.

Cheng Wenkang shrunk back a little. This person was also a level six mech master, what’s more he was in his Year 4 and had experienced a year of intense real battles. He was definitely not someone he could beat.

“Then can I place an order with you?” The fourth-year senior, seeing that Yan Hao had refuse his partner up request, made another one.

“An order for what?” Students from the Mech Building Department were allowed to sell items they had made such as energy blocks, various mech parts and other things while in school, and initially, Yan Hao had started making money by selling energy blocks. However after he started learning with Old Pang, he no longer lacked money or materials, so he stopped making them.

“The pair of particle cannons on Junior Sheng Heng’s mech.” The Year 4 senior said in reply.

The video of Sheng Heng single-handedly killing a level nine zerg had been viewed countless times online. Laypeople might not be able to tell or understand what was going on, but mech warriors who had been on the battlefield and fought against zergs could tell— the power of his pair of particle cannons definitely had more intensity and strength than that of level six weapons. They were particle cannons that were close to level eight pairs.

“I’m sorry, but those particle cannons are level eight weapons, and I’m currently not capable of making them.” Yan Hao replied honestly.

“Level eight weapons? So they’re really level eight weapons?” The senior’s voice noticeably rose with excitement.

Yan Hao nodded.

“Then can I ask, did you install those weapons on Junior Sheng Heng’s mech yourself or was it Old Zhong who did it?” The senior continued his questions.

“I did.” Yan Hao responded.

The senior’s eyes brightened suddenly. “Then could I ask you to help assemble a pair of such weapons? Don’t worry, I will provide the level eight weapons and I’ll also pay, just tell me how much.”

From his liberal offering, it was clear that he had a lot of money to spare.

“This…..” Yan Hao was somewhat hesitant.

“Little Junior, you can’t even do this? It’s just helping assemble a pair of weapons.” The senior continued, unwilling to give up.

“It’s not because of that….. Assembling high level weapons requires an energy block converter, but this converter…..” Yan Hao wanted to say something, but then stopped.

“What’s wrong with the converter? Where can I buy it? I’ll go and buy it.”

“Senior, it’s not something you can buy. The converter was a gift from Xiao Hao to my Heng Ge as a token of their love.” Cheng Wenkang explained helpfully.

The moment his words fell, the senior looked a bit shocked, and Yan Hao picked at his fingers uncomfortably.

“Cough, really worthy of being the man who eats the softest rice in the entire Federation.” The senior couldn’t help but shed tears of envy.

“Senior Sheng himself is very excellent, and that time when he killed the level nine zerg wasn’t just because of the mimetic mech.” Yan Hao was already dissatisfied with the comments online saying Sheng Heng was a man who ate soft rice. So now, hearing someone saying it in front of him, he became so anxious that he argued back directly.

And the senior, seeing Yan Hao, who had been gentle and polite just a moment ago even when he had been rejecting him, suddenly become quite fierce, was even more envious. Not only was Sheng Heng eating soft rice, his wife was even so protective of him.

“I know, I’ve also been on the battlefield myself so I know how formidable a level nine zerg can be. Even a seasoned level eight mech warrior might not be able to kill a level nine zerg that quickly. Junior Sheng Heng is really very impressive.” The senior continued sincerely, “I just envy him for having such a mech.”

Whether it was the mimetic piloting system provided by Old Zhong or the pair of level eight particle cannons installed by Yan Hao, both were things he could only dream of but not attain.

At these words, Yan Hao found himself unable to get angry, and thinking of his fierce attitude just now, was suddenly a little embarrassed.

“Could you ask Junior Sheng Heng if he would agree to you selling your token of love?” The senior was still persistent, unwilling to give up. “For you, this might just be a token of love, but for us mech warriors, any increase in our combat capability, even a little, could be a lifesaver.”

Yan Hao froze. This vacation, he had also seen the battlefield, and he had watched Sheng Heng traverse through intense fire and had also seen countless mech warriors battling zergs in space. For them, their mech was the only weapon they had to protect themselves, so enhancing the power of their mech meant increasing their chances of survival.

“Watch this battlefield well. Every soldier on it is someone you must protect in the future.”

Old Zhong’s words echoed in his ears and Yan Hao couldn’t help but be moved.

“Please wait a moment.” And with that, he turned around and walked to the side to make a call to Sheng Heng.

Seeing this, the senior’s face lit up with joy.

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