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Chapter 93.1 Talented

The sleepiness Old Pang felt was driven away completely by Old Wen’s roar.

No way, I can’t admit it.

Sitting up, his expression was even angrier than Old Wen’s as he scolded, “What do you mean? What’s wrong with my disciple that you’re telling me to hand him over?!”

“Yan Hao isn’t suitable for learning mech building at all. He’s the talent our Pharmacy Department needs.” Old Wen retorted.

“Nonsense!” Sure enough, he had come to steal the disciple. “I’m his Master, I know better than you whether he’s suitable for mech building or not. Roll to the side!”

Previously, when Old Zhong had come to steal his disciple, he had given way halfway. First, it was because Yan Hao had indeed received Old Zhong’s guidance first, and second, following his teachings would allow Yan Hao achieve greater mastery in mech building, but Old Wen was a pharmacist….

Wait, Yan Hao seemed to be quite good at pharmacy too. But whatever, he couldn’t lose face. What’s more Yan Hao had said he didn’t want to study pharmacy anymore.

Hearing the firmness in Old Pang’s tone, Old Wen’s attitude softened unconsciously: “Old Pang, I’m serious. He really has great talent in pharmacy. Not just talent, he might be a genius. Do you remember the creator of the advanced sedative formula we discussed last time, Little Cutie? Yan Hao’s talent is no less than his.”

Nonsense, Little Cutie is Yan Hao.

“If I didn’t know your disciple had been studying mech building since he was small, I would even suspect he’s Little Cutie himself.”

Old Pang averted his gaze guiltily.

“In the past, whenever I asked your disciples to help calculate formulas, it would always take at least ten days or half a month, followed by continuous modifications, all of which would add up to a minimum of two months, but this time your little disciple took only four hours to complete it.” Old Wen held up four fingers excitedly, “Four hours! Do the math yourself, how much faster is that?”

“Isn’t it because the formula was created by your disciple this time so it’s a bit simpler?” Old Pang knew nothing about pharmacy and had only heard Yan Hao say it was simple, so he didn’t give it much thought. However he didn’t know that Yan Hao’s definition of ‘simple’ was different from that of ordinary people’s.

“If it were a simple formula, would I bother asking you for help with calculations?” Asking for help with calculations meant revealing the formula, which no one would do willingly unless absolutely necessary.

“Even if your formula isn’t simple, you still can’t steal my disciple! I kindly allowed my disciple to help yours with calculations, yet you turn around to try to steal him? You’re too dishonorable.” Old Pang scolded.

Old Wen paused, clearly at a loss for words, but still replied, “But Yan Hao is really a great seed for pharmacy. If you give him to me, I promise I’ll make him a level nine pharmacist.”

“Heh, and what’s so great about being a level nine pharmacist? If he stays with me, he’ll definitely become a level ten mech builder in the future.”

“Studying pharmacy can save countless patients.”

“And treating patients is amazing? What do you think my mech building does? It’s the strongest weapon for our Federation to resist the zerg race, the backbone of mech warriors. You want a mech genius to study pharmacy instead? Have you asked all the mech warriors in the Federation?” Old Pang challenged.

“…..” Why was Old Pang so eloquent today?

“You have nothing to say, right? If you don’t then I’m hanging up. Don’t even think of stealing my disciple.”

“Wait!” Old Wen, seeing Old Pang about to end the call, stopped him hurriedly. “Fine….. I won’t steal your disciple, but you can at least let him help us calculate formulas, right?”

Old Pang raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t worry, I won’t mistreat him. From now on, whenever he needs any medicine or elixir, I can make them for him for free at any time. Plus, as long as he calculates new formulas, I can even let him sign his name.” Old Wen compromised.

“I’ll ask him for you.” Old Pang, out of some unspeakable guilt, didn’t refuse this time.

Seeing him relent, Old Wen’s face brightened. “Alright, ask him now.”

“What time is it now?! You woke me up and now you want to wake my disciple up!” Old Pang said angrily.

“That’s true, you this old man needs less sleep, but the child needs more. Fine, ask him tomorrow.”

“…..” Old Pang.

“Right, the formula Yan Hao calculated this time is an improved version of the phantom elixir. After the improvement, the efficacy of the phantom elixir will increase by at least 20%. You can ask Yan Hao if he has any extra phantom beast blood and I’ll have Tianyi make it for him.” Old Wen, afraid that Old Pang wouldn’t persuade Yan Hao wholeheartedly, couldn’t help but throw out another bait.

Although Xia Tianyi was a level seven pharmacist in name, his actual strength had long exceeded that of a level eight pharmacist’s, and he was currently the youngest level seven pharmacist in the entire Federation. Moreover, although Old Wen was saying his disciple Xia Tianyi would make it, he would undoubtedly guide through the process. In short, this phantom elixir would be made by the Grandmaster Pharmacist Old Wen himself.

“Fine, I’ll ask him tomorrow.” Old Pang agreed.

“Ask him early tomorrow. What time is he reporting to the lab?”

“I’m hanging up!” Unable to bear it any longer, Old Pang hung up directly.

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