Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 59.1 High score that makes one lose hope

The following day.

After getting up and freshening up, Yan Hao ordered breakfast using one point and paid back the two points he had on credit from the day before. After having a quick meal, he went out with the leftover takeaway and went straight to the materials room after going downstairs to throw away the trash.

As soon as the bearded man saw Yan Hao, he asked enthusiastically, “Have you turned all the materials you received yesterday into energy blocks?”

“They’re all done.” Yan Hao nodded his head with a smile.

“Then give them to me, let me test their efficiency.” The bearded man reached his hand out towards Yan Hao.

“That…. I’m not here to exchange materials.” Yan Hao said.

“Not here to exchange materials? Then what are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to buy materials. I checked on the base’s website last night. With a few points to buy materials for level six energy blocks, one can buy two copies for one point.” Yan Hao told him.

One level 6 energy block was worth one day’s rent, which was equivalent to three points based on most students’ production levels. The ratio of using energy blocks in exchange for materials was one to three, while the ratio of using points to buy materials was one to six, with the latter obviously being more cost-effective than the former.

On top of that, there was the bonus of high efficiency energy blocks. In the materials room, an energy block with an efficiency of 77% could only be used in exchange for four materials, but the online price could reach as much as 50 points, so this exchange ratio was obviously much more outrageous. Yan Hao reckoned that the base must have set things up in such a way because they knew that mech builders wouldn’t exchange energy blocks with high efficiency here, hence they simply didn’t bother setting a detailed exchange ratio.

Yan Hao’s guess was correct: all the mech builders in the base bought their materials through points. The material exchange was designed specifically for those who had just arrived at the base for the first time and who didn’t have points.

When the bearded man heard that Yan Hao wanted to buy materials with points, there was more than a hint of surprise in his eyes, “You have points?”

“En, I sold three energy blocks online yesterday.” Yan Hao didn’t hide it.

“You this kid. You look honest, but you’re actually extremely slick. It’s only been one night and you’ve actually figured out our base’s trick. Now we really can’t even trick you if we want to.” The bearded man laughed with a ‘ha ha’ sound.

“…… “Is it really okay for you guys to talk so blatantly about tricking me? But it was much better than those colleagues from the previous life who spoke politely on the surface but cheated and stole the results of his experiments as their own behind his back.

“How many points have you earned?” The bearded man asked casually.

Yan Hao was just about to answer when he suddenly remembered that Sheng Heng had once warned him that if he didn’t trust someone very much, he should keep half of his words and not tell the whole story.

“180 points.” Half of 360 points was 180, wasn’t it?

When the bearded man did the math, he knew the range of efficiency of the energy blocks Yan Hao had sold.

“How many copies of the materials are you planning to buy?” The bearded man asked Yan Hao.

“One hundred copies.” One hundred copies was only fifty points, which wasn’t expensive for Yan Hao.

“That much?” The bearded man reminded, “Although it is cheaper to buy materials with points, it is still more expensive than what is available outside. You guys will only be staying here for seven days for the assessment then go back to the Capital Star in seven days, so this much isn’t really cost-effective.”

“I know. I plan to finish making all these here.” Yan Hao explained.

“So you’re going to do nothing but make energy blocks for the next seven days?” The bearded man asked.

Yan Hao laughed but didn’t say anything.

When the bearded man saw that Yan Hao was still insistent even after he had reminded him, he stopped trying to persuade him. Although the cost of the materials here was more expensive than outside, for Yan Hao, who could make high efficiency energy blocks, it wasn’t a big deal. Besides, students of the Federal University would be required to come here frequently for practical assessments in the future, so it was only right to earn more points.

Because Yan Hao wanted more, the bearded man took Yan Hao directly to the warehouse then counted out a hundred copies for him to take away.

After thanking him, Yan Hao took the materials to the access room assigned to him by the base.

Not long after he had left, the bearded man’s colleague came over, in high spirits with an energy block in his hand.

“What have you encountered that has made you so happy?” The bearded man asked his colleague.

The colleague put the energy block in his hand in front of the bearded man: “It’s time for you to pay me back for the dinner yesterday.”

“What do you mean?” The bearded man was confused.

“I just went to the dormitory to collect the energy blocks they used to pay for the rent and this is Yan Hao’s, you can test it.” Every student who came to the base for the assessment was registered into the database, so once the two checked the list, they knew Yan Hao’s name.

Taking the test device, the bearded man tested it: [Level 6 energy block, 82.36% efficiency].

“D*mn, that kid actually lied to me.” The bearded man marveled.

“What’s wrong?” His colleague didn’t understand.

“He told me that those three energy blocks yesterday were only sold for 180 points.” The bearded man couldn’t help but scold as he laughed, “He looks so cute and obedient, I never thought he could actually lie.”

“Master-level level 6 energy blocks. In our base, there are only five people in total who can attain such a level, right?” The colleague asked.

“You want to take him into the first team?” The bearded man looked askance at him.

“I think it’s you who wants to take him in, otherwise why would you, a level 6 mech builder come and sit here as if you have nothing better to do to distribute materials.” The colleague scolded as he laughed.

“Let’s keep on observing.” The bearded man mused.

After Yan Hao got his materials, he sat honestly in the access room making energy blocks. He was the only one in the access room for the whole morning, and none of the other mech building students who came to the base at the same time as him ever showed up.

After lunch, some people came to the access room one after another, but they all came to hang around for a while and then left, none of them staying in the access room for more than half an hour.

Yan Hao didn’t know any of them and was also very focused on his work that he didn’t even notice when people came and went from the access room. He just sat there honestly completing his work. By the time he was done making the eighth energy block, a voice suddenly rang out above his head.

“Why aren’t you measuring the efficiency?”

Looking up, Yan Hao saw a familiar smiling face. It was none other than the person in charge who had received them for this assessment, Xu Peng.

“Senior.” Yan Hao stood up hurriedly.

“Sit down.” Xu Peng’s eyes swept over the four energy blocks in Yan Hao’s hand then he asked, “You’ve made this much. You came here early in the morning?”

“En, I came over after breakfast.” Yan Hao nodded.

For one to access to the access room, it had to be authorized through the terminal, hence Xu Peng was able to know exactly when each person entered the access room. About half an hour ago, when he had finished the task at hand, he had checked the authorizations to the service room and found that Yan Hao hadn’t come out since he entered at seven o’clock in the morning, which was why he came over to check.

“Why don’t you go out for a stroll?” Xu Peng asked him.

“I’m not familiar with this place.” Yan Hao answered.

“Your classmates are all gone, you can join them.”

“No.” Yan Hao shook his head, “I want to stay in the service room.”


“I have to stay here so that if my partner comes back, he’ll be able to find me immediately.” Yan Hao said.

Xu Peng’s eyes lit up, but he continued, “Like I said, there are very few damaged mechs in the first two days.”

“Just because there are very few doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be any at all.” Yan Hao said, “My role here is to repair the mechs, so I’m supposed to be here. If you think about it in another way, if I’m out there fighting and my mech gets damaged and I can’t find a mech builder immediately when I come back, that would definitely not be a good feeling.”

“The base isn’t that big, they can just send a message to contact you when they come back and it will only take ten minutes for you to rush back.” Xu Peng said in response.

“That’s not the way a team works.” Yan Hao told him.

Xu Peng didn’t understand.

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