Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 80.2 A conversation

“Old Pang, do you know about Xiao Hao making a level 6 sedative on the desolate planet?” Sheng Heng asked him.

“Of course.” This was something he had only learned recently. If not for that special talent protection program, he really wouldn’t have known that his little disciple had actually switched from the pharmacy major, what’s more he obviously excelled in it.

“Then you should also know about the significant reduction in the difficulty of making level 6 sedatives, right?”

“I remember. At that time, the battles at the front line were intense and a large number of level 6 sedatives were needed. Luckily, a pharmacist calculated the formula model for an advanced level sedative, which reduced the difficulty of making advanced level sedatives.” This event had had a great impact that even he had heard of it.

“That pharmacist was Yan Hao.” Sheng Heng told him.

“!!” Old Pang’s eyes widened in surprise. It had seriously been years since he had showed this much emotion as he was doing now.

“So, Old Pang, can you trust me now?” Sheng Heng asked.

Old Pang didn’t speak for a long time. He understood Sheng Heng’s meaning. At that time, Yan Hao had just been a newcomer to mech building and although he was talented, he had only just learned how to make energy blocks. However, the formula model for the sedative he had provided demonstrated a talent that far exceeded that of mech building. Which meant that if Sheng Heng had wanted to recruit him at that time, given Yan Hao’s trusting and pure nature, it was very likely that he would have agreed easily.

The only explanation was that Sheng Heng also didn’t want Yan Hao to be involved in the power struggle.

His expression softening slowly, he looked at Sheng Heng with a hint of appreciation in his eyes. “Next weekend, give your mech to Xiao Hao. Let him bring it over so I’ll take a look.”

“Thank you, Old Pang, but it’s alright. I don’t want to trouble you.” Sheng Heng refused again.

“Don’t worry, there are no conditions this time.”

“I know, but….. I still want Xiao Hao to be the one to modify Black Soul. Since we’re partners, we should grow together.” Sheng Heng explained.

“Do whatever you want.” This was the first time Old Pang had been refused by someone in regards to mech building. He waved his hand with a little bit of irritation, indicating that Sheng Heng should leave.

After Sheng Heng left, Old Pang looked up an old contact of a Master Pharmacist he hadn’t spoken to in a while then called him.

“Old Pang, what do you want from me? You want me to give you medicine for one of your students again? Let me tell you, there’s none this time.” Old Zhe’s voice was harried when the call connected.

“I don’t want medicine.” Old Pang glared at him in irritation.

“If you’re not asking for medicine then that’s fine. But if you’re not calling to ask for medicine, then what are you doing calling me this early in the morning for?” Old Zhe said impatiently, “I have to go water the medicine fields later, so make it quick.”

“I have a question for you, just one minute.” Old Pang said.

“Go ahead.”

“Wasn’t there someone in your pharmacy field who worked out the formula model for the advanced sedative before?”

“Little cutie?!” Old Zhe’s voice immediately went up a few notches.

“Little cutie?” Old Pang was a little confused.

“The name of the person you’re asking about that was given to the public is Little Cutie. You can tell just by the name that he is young. Unfortunately, I don’t know who it is. I’ve asked several times, but those guys in the military are all too tight-lipped.” There was quite a bit of dissatisfaction in Old Zhe’s voice.

“Is this person highly talented in the field of pharmacy?”

“Isn’t that a stupid question?” Old Zhe said in a bad tone.

“What I mean is, that person’s talent in pharmacy is probably only moderately high and hasn’t reached the level of being a genius, right?”

“I haven’t met the person, so it’s hard to say, but from the formula model for the advanced sedative and the medicinal herb treatment for hand injuries, it can be seen that this person has a strong knowledge of pharmacy and has high computational ability. Based on these two points alone, that person is a highly sought-after figure in the field of pharmacy. Do you know how many medicinal formula concepts I have that can’t be realized? I’m just in need of this one person. If I knew who they were, I would do whatever it takes to snatch them away.” Old Zhe said fiercely.

“……” Old Pang suddenly felt a little guilty.

“What are you asking about him for? Do you know him?” Old Zhe asked.

“I….. I don’t know him.” Saying this, Old Pang hung up the video call directly.

After hanging up, he still felt uneasy, so he stood up and went to Yan Hao’s room where he watched his disciple disassemble two pieces of software before he noticed him.

“Teacher? Is there something you need me to do?” Yan Hao asked.

“Xiao Hao, you like mech building right?” Old Pang asked.

“Of course.” Yan Hao replied in a resounding and energetic voice, a light even appearing in his eyes.

“That’s good then.” Old Pang was satisfied and no longer felt guilty.

It’s not that I’m stealing the pharmacy genius, it’s that little cutie prefers mech building.

The author has something to say: Old Pang: Little Cutie, quite an apt name.

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  1. Thank you for the update.

    I hope that Old Pang and Sheng Heng can protect Yao Hao from his scheming manipulative brother and his minions which include his blind parents.

    I also hope that no one will try to kidnap and imprison Yao Hao for his talent in pharmacy,

  2. I hope he can just cut of relations with his “family” already. Even if it’s not into Sheng family, get adopted into old Pang’s family….

  3. Pfft Old Pang didn’t even waste 5 mins on guilt. You right sir! It’s their fault for being blind & losing him.

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