Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 91 Improvement formula for the phantom elixir

The Federal University had three Super Light Brains in total, with two of them on the ninth and tenth floors of the Mech Building Department. The one on the ninth floor was open to general research institutes and students, while the one on the tenth floor was only for the mecha builders who worked there. Yan Hao, as Old Pang’s disciple and a part of his lab on the tenth floor, had priority access to all of Old Pang’s resources and equipment.

After completing the registration, Yan Hao entered the Super Light Brain room smoothly, then skillfully starting the Super Light Brain up, imported the data Old Pang had sent him. Once the data had been imported, he began setting the first calculation formula. The first formula wasn’t complicated, so with the Super Light Brain’s computing power, it produced results in less than five minutes.

“Sure enough…” Yan Hao eyes widened slightly with surprise as he looked at the analyzed data. He was very familiar with this data model.

The moment he had seen the data his Master had sent, it had seemed somewhat familiar. However it had still been messy at the time, so although it felt familiar, he wasn’t able to recognize it right away. Now however, after the initial calculation was done, he was able to confirm that this was the improved formula for the phantom elixir.

“Why is it appearing earlier than in the previous life?” Yan Hao remembered clearly that Yan Fei’s improvement of the phantom elixir formula had happened during the first semester of their sophomore year, that is, roughly three months later.

“Wait, this formula seems to be even better than the first half of Yan Fei’s initial improved version.” Examining the names of the various herbs in the original data carefully, Yan Hao discovered that there was one more herb in the formula’s ratio than there had been in Yan Fei’s improved version.

“Ice Rhyme Grass. This herb has an ice cold attribute and is often used to soothe mental energy, but a phantom elixir works by stimulating mental energy in the sea of consciousness, which results in the advancement in one’s mental energy, so what’s the purpose of using this herb?” Thinking for a moment, Yan Hao vaguely grasped certain clues. To verify his guess, he entered the second calculation formula swiftly, however as this formula was quite long, it took him a full ten minutes to enter all the data.

Once the settings were complete, he pressed the ‘Enter’ key and the Super Light Brain began calculating automatically. Massive amounts of data flashed rapidly across the giant virtual screen. Yan Hao checked for a moment, and after making sure that the data was correct, got up and left the room.

Inside the lab, Old Pang was on a video call with his second disciple, Zhang Yu Fei.

“Master, why are you scolding me? Look, out of all your disciples, I’m the only one who replied seriously. The others didn’t even bother.” Zhang Yu Fei said with an innocent expression on his face.

“You replied saying you didn’t have time to calculate. What kind of lousy response is that?” Old Pang scolded.

“How is that not a response? I told you that I didn’t have time, so that at least you won’t be waiting for a message in vain.” Zhang Yu Fei said with a wronged expression. “The other senior and junior brothers didn’t even reply. It’s not because they didn’t see it, it’s because they are silently refusing to do it.”

Hearing this, Old Pang became even angrier, snorting heavily.

“Master, don’t be angry. It’s just that we each have jobs now and are swamped with our own affairs, so how could we have the time to help Old Wen with data calculations? How about you ask our little junior brother to do it? He’s still a student and has more time. Plus, didn’t he study Pharmacy before? He might even calculate faster than us.” Zhang Yu Fei suggested.

“Yan Hao is your little junior brother. None of you gave him a proper gift when you met, yet are pretty good at pushing responsibilities onto him.”

When Yan Hao came back, he just happened to hear this sentence, causing his heart to warm up.

“Then, how about after I finish my current project? I’m designing a new weapon recently, and in a month or two, I’ll be almost done. I’ll do the calculations then.” Seeing Old Pang upset, Zhang Yu Fei tried to coax him hurriedly.

“There’s no need.” Walking over, Yan Hao greeted the person on the screen politely, “Hello, second senior brother.”

“Hello, little junior brother.” Zhang Yu Fei nodded at Yan Hao.

“Master, I’ll handle Old Wen’s data calculations, so there’s no need to trouble senior brother and the others. Don’t worry, I definitely won’t make any mistakes.” Yan Hao thought Old Pang was worried that he might make errors, which was why he had sought help from his senior brothers. What he didn’t know was that Old Pang had sent a mass email.

“Then I’ll trouble little junior brother. When senior brother comes over next time, I’ll bring you two gifts.” Hearing Yan Hao say this, Zhang Yu Fei felt that his little junior brother was really too sensible.

He had helped Old Wen with medicine formulas before, and it was incredibly complicated. There were already many variables in the maths, but there just had to be the properties of the herbs and the changes resulting from the interactions of various properties. And as these factors increased, the calculations would become many times more complex. This wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that after spending a lot of time on the calculations and just as he was about to get the result, Old Wen would suddenly modify the formula and once the formula changed, all the previous calculations would be wasted.

Going through this over and over again was like a nightmare, which was why Zhang Yu Fei was so excited when Yan Hao volunteered to take over.

“Get lost, get lost, heartless thing.” Old Pang ended the call angrily then said to Yan Hao, “He said he would bring you gifts, right? If there’s anything you need or lack, just ask for it, and ask for something expensive.”

“This…… whatever senior brother gives, I like it.” Yan Hao said obediently.

“What are afraid of? Just ask boldly. If he dares to not give, I’ll deal with him. Hmph, who asked them to think it’s troublesome.” Old Pang said.

“It’s not troublesome. The formula isn’t complicated, so it should be done by this afternoon.” Yan Hao said in reply.

“So soon?” Old Pang remembered that it used to take those disciples of his several days to do the calculations. Was it because Yan Hao had studied Pharmacy and that the formula hadn’t been improved by Old Wen, but by his disciple, that was why it was simpler?

Not asking any further, Old Pang gestured for Yan Hao to continue with his own work. Yan Hao returned to assembling the mecha and after about three hours, when he estimated that the Super Light Brain should have finished with the calculations, stepped out again.

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