Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 100.2 Miserable Senior Brothers

“Little Sixth, shift change.” Just then, their fifth senior brother came over with a tray of food, stopping in front of Baby Bug.

Baby Bug looked up at him, then got up with his tray in hand, vacating the spot. Their Fifth Senior Brother sat down immediately while Baby Bug handed his tray to a robot waiter then left the cafeteria, obviously heading back to the lab.

“Fifth Senior Brother.” Yan Hao greeted the person sitting across from him.

“En? Oh, little junior brother, what are you doing here?” Their Fifth Senior Brother seemed to have just noticed Yan Hao.

“…..” I’ve been sitting here for a while now.

And also, there are plenty of empty spots in the cafeteria, yet you specifically had to call Sixth Senior Brother to get up to sit across from me. Isn’t it because you saw me?

”Sorry, I was thinking about system updates and didn’t notice you.” Realizing his oversight, his fifth senior brother scratched his greasy black hair embarrassedly, then picked his chopsticks up to continue eating.

Yan Hao’s stomach suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

“Little Junior Brother, you didn’t get any fruit? Here, take this apple. We who spend all our time in the lab should eat more fruits.”

Looking at the bright red apple, Yan Hao could almost smell the ‘greasy scent’ from his fifth senior brother’s fingers through the fragrance of the fruit.

“Eat it.” His fifth senior brother was especially enthusiastic, and seeing Yan Hao not taking it, stuffed the apple directly into Yan Hao’s hand.

Afraid that his fifth senior brother would force him to eat the fruit on the spot, Yan Hao changed the subject hurriedly: “Fifth Senior Brother, is there still no progress in the research?”

It was just a casual question in regards to the third generation system, yet the face of his fifth senior brother fell immediately as he pleaded, “Little junior brother, can you not ask? I’ve been getting reflexive headaches from Master’s questions lately.”

He didn’t know what was wrong with Master lately that he especially liked asking them questions. Even when they had been rushing to complete experiments in the past, he had never asked them this many questions. At most, he would just come by to check once a day.

Letting out an ‘oh’, Yan Hao didn’t dare ask any more questions.

“Sigh, actually the problem has been identified, but the existing system framework has already been set up, so now that we suddenly want to change the arm data, we’ll have to change the entire system…..” His Fifth Senior Brother didn’t want him to ask, so Yan Hao really stopped asking, but then he himself started to talk nonstop.

He talked for a full twenty minutes, and the scariest part was, he didn’t stop eating or urging Yan Hao to eat the apple while talking.

“…..” Yan Hao.

Unable to take it anymore, Yan Hao found an excuse to slip away, having only eaten two bites of his food. On the way back, he ran into his third senior brother, who looked as spaced out and as haggard as Baby Bug. It was clear that he was going to change shifts in order to eat.

This was too miserable.

Was it because this was a Federal Research Institute, so the requirements were stricter? He had spent a decent amount of time at the Pharmacy Research Institute in the past life, often staying up late for research, but he had never been as miserable as his senior brothers. Even the other Institutes around didn’t seem to have this issue.

It was just an experiment, but why did it feel as if their souls were being emptied?

“If we change the arm’s system….” Old Zhong had given Yan Hao all the data for the traditional piloting systems, including the third generation system.

So Yan Hao pulled up the database for the arm’s system and started studying it carefully, swiping and tapping the virtual screen repeatedly, making the database simulate the form of a mech arm.

“And increase the computing power by ten times, we just need to refine this value to one more decimal place, and then here….. connect it to the main brain core…..” Unknowingly, Yan Hao became engrossed and in no time, the virtual screen in front of him was filled with dense formulas.

By the time he came to his senses, it was already 8 pm. He had been improving this formula for a whole seven hours.

But once he was done, he didn’t know what to do next.

This improved formula, although not yet calculated using the Super Light Brain, Yan Hao felt that it should be fine, and even if the values were slightly off, the direction wouldn’t be wrong. If one calculation didn’t work, it definitely could after a second try. But should he give this formula to his senior brothers?

“Yan Hao, what do you mean? Do you have to stick your nose in everything? Are you trying to piggyback off my research results?”

In the previous life, during his first year in the Pharmacy Research Institute, the pharmacists in the Institute would often lose sleep over a simple data model problem, wasting half a month on research. At that time, he had wanted to build a good relationship with his colleagues in the Institute, so he would write the original formulas of the data models and give them to his colleagues. However instead of a thank you, he would be met with the sentence above.

Yan Hao didn’t know what he had done wrong, but felt that since they were so angry, it meant he must have done something wrong, so from then on, he stopped helping others with such matters unless it was a task assigned by the Institute. However when he stopped doing it, the people around him began to be dissatisfied.

“Some people are so arrogant and aloof, we who are not the director of the Institute can’t invite them.”

He wanted to help Baby Bug, wanted to help his senior brothers, but was afraid he would be overstepping and then would end up in the same state as his previous life.

He was torn for a moment, then sent Sheng Heng a message about his worries.

Sheng Heng only replied with this: [People who like you will definitely be able to feel your true intentions. Those who don’t like you, you don’t need to care about them.]

Yan Hao was stunned, then as if he had understood something, immediately packed up the formula he had written on the virtual screen and sent it to Baby Bug.

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