Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 27.2

Wu Mingchuan’s hand was released but as soon as he looked up and saw Yan Hao’s face which was full of smiles, he instantly became angry and started shouting again, “Yan Hao, you need not gloat, selfish and jealous people like you ……”


Sheng Heng strode up and kicked Wu Mingchuan fiercely on the side of his waist, sending him flying three meters away, then he grimaced, hesitating whether to go up and add another kick. This b*stard, how dare he scold his little junior? Couldn’t he see that the smile on his little junior’s face was gone?

“Mingchuan!” Yan Fei rushed over to check on Wu Mingchuan’s injuries, and only after a long time did he help him sit up, then his face suddenly changing, he rushed back to Yan Hao’s side with a disappointed and angry expression.

“Big brother, I just wanted to ask you if you want to go back to the pharmacy major this time, because Professor Sun said that if you were the one who solved that formula online, you could be considered as a disciple. I know you’ve always disliked me, and I don’t say anything about how you usually treat me, but you can’t bully my friend.” Yan Fei looked pitiful, as if he was fighting against the powerful for his friend

“I’ve told you, I’m not going back.” Yan Hao said coldly, “You’re the one who looks like you don’t understand and has to persuade me to go back, don’t I have the right to refuse too?”

“You’ve studied pharmacy for six years, yet you suddenly switched to mech building, you’re being impulsive. I just don’t want you to ruin your future because you’re acting rashly, I’ll worry if you do, and so will Mom and Dad.” Yan Fei said.

“Worry?” Yan Hao chuckled, “It’s been almost three months since the start of school. Right, how many times have you spoken to our parents on the phone? From the start of the school year until now, they haven’t called me once. They don’t even care if I got into the Pharmacy major, so how could they be worried about me transferring to the Mech Building Department?”

“That’s …… that’s because you’ve always done well in your studies, so Mom and Dad wouldn’t even worry about you failing the exams.” Yan Fei was right. From childhood, whenever it came to exams, Yan Hao would always come first, so how could he possibly fail to get into the Pharmacy Major at the Federal University?

“Okay, then even if I do well in my studies and can definitely pass the exam, what about living expenses?” Yan Hao asked, “Did mom and dad give you money for living expenses?”

“I ……” Yan Fei seemed to realize something and subconsciously closed his mouth.

“I’ve hit the nail on the head right? Once a month, besides the basic living expenses, mom and dad will also give you an extra amount of money to purchase herbs.” Yan Hao had experienced all these things in his previous life, so he knew exactly what he was talking about, “But from the start of school until now, apart from the 100,000 starcoins that I brought with me when I set off from home to report to school, Mom and Dad have never given me another penny. And that 100,000 starcoins is money I clamored for to be able to get it from her when I saw the money she gave you for the trip. Without that 100,000 starcoins, I wouldn’t even be able to pay my school fees. You all say I’m selfish and small-minded, always stealing things from you, but in that family, if I don’t fight for it, I wouldn’t have anything.”

Yan Hao had thought that he would be very emotional saying this, but at this moment, he was surprisingly calm: “Do you want to do an experiment? If I don’t take the initiative to contact them, and you don’t take the initiative to mention me in front of them, let’s see when they can remember me.”

“But ……” Yan Fei tried to find something to say in defense, but couldn’t.

“I’ll tell you again, I like Mech Building, I’m not going back to the Pharmacy Major, can you not appear in front of me in the future?” Yan Hao clenched his fist tightly, “In exchange, whatever Mom and Dad give you again in the future, I won’t compete with you, okay?”

In his last life, Yan Hao had always been fighting with Yan Fei, so much so that he couldn’t even find the reason for it later on, as if he was fighting for the sake of fighting. But at this moment, Yan Hao suddenly woke up to the fact that what he was fighting for was his parents’ love, and because he longed for it, a stubbornness for this very cause had grown in his heart since his early childhood to the point of obsession. Even now, having decided to jump out of that pit, there was still a dull pain in his heart when the break was made.

“I’m not trying to fight with you…..” Yan Fei was about to try to explain, but was interrupted by Sheng Heng who was on the side.

“Get lost! If you don’t leave, I’ll make the department carry you away on a stretcher.” The emotions at the bottom of Sheng Heng’s eyes were half rage, half distress; he felt the fragility of his little junior’s heart. This person in front of him, with just his appearance, was stabbing his little junior’s heart.

He had met Yan Fei once, at the Pharmacy Department’s freshman fair. It was because of him that his little junior had run out of the Pharmacy major’s exam halfway through, right?

How talented his little junior was with medicine could be seen from the model of the formula for the sedative, something that required a lot of time and talent to back up before it could be solved. But even if it was a waste of the past six years’ hard work, he still wanted to escape from medicine and from this person called Yan Fei.

If it had been anything or anyone else, Sheng Heng wouldn’t have allowed Yan Hao escape. Even if he had to fight, he would have helped him fight back, but Yan Fei was his brother, his family, a suffocating existence that couldn’t be defeated hence could only be escaped.

Yan Fei was frightened by the rage in Sheng Heng’s eyes, and there was nothing he could say to counter Yan Hao’s argument, so in the end, he could only go over and help Wu Mingchuan up and the two of them left in disarray. But before leaving, he saw the Senior, who had seethed with rage step forward and put his arms around Yan Hao.

“Bah, so he has a lover backing him up, no wonder he is so arrogant.” Wu Mingchuan spat fiercely, “Yan Fei, you shouldn’t care whether Yan Hao lives or dies in the future. Why did you try to persuade him to go back to the Pharmacy Major? If he’s willing to degrade himself, you should just let him do it.”

Why did he try to persuade Yan Hao to go back to the Pharmacy Major? During the past few months, he had been studying in the pharmacy department, but without Yan Hao to serve as the contrast, even though he was now always number one in his classes, for some reason, he kept on feeling that something was missing. It seemed as if he wasn’t supposed to have just this result. Then, somehow, he thought of Yan Hao and had the idea of persuading him to come back. It was as if there was a voice in his mind telling him that Yan Hao should be by his side, so that everything would be complete.

“I used to think that Yan Hao was selfish and jealous, but now he has learnt to sell himself short. If Uncle and Auntie didn’t treat him like a son, would they have given him money if he had asked for it? It’s obvious that they knew he would ask for money, that’s why they didn’t take the initiative to give it to him in order to prevent him from being greedy. Blaming someone else for his own bad character, he’s simply shameless.”

“Is it really like that?” Yan Fei asked hesitantly.

“It has always been like that. Yan Fei, you’re just too kind. It’s good that he’s not coming back to the Pharmacy Department and that no one is giving you a hard time. That guy just now seems to be from the Mech Department. I remember his face, I’ll definitely find a chance to get back at him later.”

A hard time? Had he ever had a hard time?

Yan Fei subconsciously recalled the past, but in his memory, he didn’t have any memories of being given a hard time, he just remembered that every time after Yan Hao showed off to him, he would get something, whether it be materially, or academically.

Suddenly being taken into Sheng Heng’s arms, Yan Hao was startled and he subconsciously tried to struggle, only to be embraced even more strongly by Sheng Heng.

“Don’t move.”

“Senior?” Yan Hao was a little anxious and uneasy. This was the first time he had ever been so close to someone.

“In the future, if you are bullied, don’t hold back, tell me, I will protect you.” Sheng Heng said in a deep voice.

Yan Hao’s eyes turned red instantly. This was also the first time in his two lifetimes that he was hearing someone say he would protect him: “But what if everyone else thinks I’m the one bullying him?”

“If you’re bullying, then you’re bullying him.” Sheng Heng said without hesitation.

He Shao, who was listening, rolled his eyes: ‘Hey, big brother, this is my line you’re plagiarizing on the spot.’

“D*mn. Boss, what’s going on, you and our little junior are finally a couple?” Cheng Wenkang was too fat and couldn’t run as fast as Sheng Heng, so he only arrived late at this time and as soon as he arrived, he saw this image of a loving embrace. He screamed immediately, “Aiya, do I have to change the way I call you to sister-in-law from now on?”

Yan Hao was so embarrassed that he pushed Sheng Heng away and hurriedly explained, “Senior Cheng, you’ve misunderstood. Senior was just comforting me.”

“Yes, he was just comforting him. Come, Hao Hao, I’ll comfort you too. In the future, if you can’t beat someone in a fight, look for me. I’ll help you scold them back.” Saying this, He Shao opened his arms to give Yan Hao a big hug. However, he was about the same height as Yan Hao, so compared to Sheng Heng who was a head taller than Yan Hao, their hug really didn’t have any charming atmosphere that would make people misunderstand.

“Mmm.” But Yan Hao liked the feeling of this hug. It was like being wrapped in a warm and powerful force that was telling him not to be afraid, that someone would protect him.

The face of Sheng Heng, who was watching this scene turned black directly, because he knew that with his little junior’s simple mind, the ambiguous atmosphere he had released just now with great difficulty had been confused by He Shao. His little junior would definitely have decided at this moment that that hug he had just given was just a mere comfort.

This guy, was his stumbling block.

Sheng Heng glared at He Shao, only feeling that this guy was even more of an eyesore than Yan Fei just now.

He Shao was also scolding darkly in his heart at this moment: do you think it would be so easy to cheat my roommate? It won’t be that easy if you want to pursue him.

Cheng Wenkang was also screaming in pain: D*mn, I called him sister-in-law this early, boss won’t hit me, right?

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8 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. I thought Yan Fei was pretending all these times, but it seems he didn’t think he was wrong at all?
    Somehow that makes thing even worse.
    Seriously he’s already live well enough, but still greedy to have more in expense of his brother’s suffering. That was sick.
    May I say I love how He Shao ‘protecting’ Yan Hao from Sheng Heng?
    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Well, if you need someone else to be your stepping stone for you to be able to get higher, then it means your so call talent is suck actually. YF is incorrigible, he enjoy seeing his brother got abused since he was young and has the audacity to call himself kind just because he didn’t ‘directly’ abuse his brother himself. How can you counted as bad person when all you have been doing is stand on the sideline watching your brother got abused time and time again from unjust reasons and occasionally subtly encouraged people to hate your brother, right? It’s all indirect! You didn’t hit your brother yourself, how can you counted as abuser, right? Gosh, Mier, you are right. The worst thing is that he didn’t recognise that what he did were bad at all. He’s so deep in delusional that he is a perfect white lotus that everyone must love and yield to his every whim. And if someone didn’t act according to his fantasy then that someone is bad.

  3. I KWON IT 😌 !!! But it’s worse than I thought like this dude also got is old memories but still greedy and acting innocent despite know he’s brother is suffering😒…
    More than been only a green tea character that Yan Fei is literally a White lotus green tea b*****

  4. “in that family, if I don’t fight for it, I wouldn’t have anything”

    damn it made me cry so hard i had to pause and comment because I can stop crying 😭😭😭

  5. i dont know if i hate YF yet, honestly he seems to have a similarly simple personality like YH, both are pretty easily lead by others, its just gone to very different extremes and been used against YH

    Like YF doesnt seem to have had any intentional malice towards YH, and the only reason he even thinks YH is a bully and he’s the victim is because everyone around them has labelled it as such

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