Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 41.2

The next day, at 12:30 pm, Yan Hao received a phone call from Sheng Heng during dinner. Sheng Heng told him that he had had someone read the contract and that it was fine, so he could sign it.

Yan Hao remembered that Du Tianqi had wanted him to sign the contract quickly, so as soon as he heard that it was okay to sign the contract, he contacted Du Tianqi immediately and completed the signing of the contract with the WT Group through his computer terminal. WT was also very anxious, because the moment the signing of the contract with Yan Hao was completed, a notice was posted on Starnet that the WT Group was going to upgrade their mimetic system to the eighth generation. At the same time, it described in detail the new functions that would be brought about by the upgrade of their mimetic sensing system.

Yan Hao had almost just closed the chat window with Du Tianqi when this announcement was pushed out on Starnet. It was obvious that the notice had been prepared in advance and that the upgrade of the system had already been uploaded to the server. They had only been waiting for Yan Hao’s signature.

“Looks like the WT Group is really in a hurry.” Yan Hao muttered, then continued to eat his half-eaten lunch before returning to his research.

And throughout the afternoon, the issue of the WT Group crossing over from the seventh generation system and upgrading directly to the eighth generation system blew up on Starnet. Most of the people in the Federation exclaimed emotionally that the WT Group was worthy of being the leading company in intelligent machines, as they had parachuted directly to the eighth generation system when other companies had just announced that they would be launching their seventh generation system, effectively holding the other companies down without the chance of getting up.

But the few people who knew the truth, the users of the Apollo website, all thought of one person at the same time: Ri An.

The majority of people’s speculation about Ri An was the same as that of the president of the WT Group, thinking that this Ri An must have written the program of the eighth generation system in advance and then deliberately revealed the key algorithm of the seventh generation online in order to force the WT Group to contact him to buy it at a high price.

This kind of business like behavior, while not wrong, didn’t sit well with the research-oriented bigwigs.

“It’s only been a day and the eighth generation system is out? This Ri An fellow, is he so perverted?” Inside the National Mecha Research Institute in the imperial capital, a young man in a white lab coat was sitting in the cafeteria, reading the news as he ate.

“You introduced this Ri An person to the website, right?” A voice rang out above the youth’s head.

“Professor.” Seeing the visitor, the youth rose to his feet hurriedly.

“Sit down.” The person who spoke was the youth’s professor. The old man looked to be around seventy years old, with white hair, but he was hale and hearty and spoke in a loud voice.

“Yes, this Ri An is someone I met on the school forum. He always asked questions on the forum at that time, but the questions he asked were too advanced for ordinary students to answer, so I would occasionally help answer some when I saw them and over time, I became familiar with him.” The youth was none other than Ri An’s only online friend, Baby Bug.

“Have you met before?” The old man asked.

“No, we’re just online friends, and we haven’t spoken to each other in three years.”

“This Ri An is too material oriented and prioritizes fame.” The old man shook his head then admonished, “Have less contact with him in the future.”

“Professor, Ri An didn’t do it on purpose, he didn’t know things would get like this.” Baby Bug couldn’t help but explain for Ri An. Although the two had never met, based on their exchanges online, Baby Bug didn’t think Ri An was an insidious person.

“Senior, I don’t mean to scold you, but you are good at everything, it’s just that you are easily fooled.” A young man who looked about the same age as Baby Bug said as he came over, “Look at this Ri An. First he pretended that he didn’t know about mimetic systems, asked fake questions online, and when people answered, he wrote a new algorithm casually and caused a stir. Then after waiting another two days, when the WT Group gave him 500 million starcoins, he gave them a better program on the spot. If this hadn’t been planned for a long time, could it be that he is really a genius who upgraded his program twice in three days?”

“Just because you can’t do it yourself doesn’t mean others can’t do it.” If it were someone else who had come here to say something like that, Baby Bug wouldn’t have been angry even if he was uncomfortable hearing it, but this youth in front of him was an existence that he wanted to fight every time he saw him.

“Yo, so powerful? Then why don’t you let him try upgrading the system again in two days time?” The youth provoked.

“Based on what should he show you the good program he has written?” Baby Bug asked.

“Alright, let’s put it another way. That math problem professor assigned last month, you haven’t solved it yet either, right? Why don’t you ask your genius friend to help you solve it and when he does, I will admit that he is a genius.” The youth said.

“That math problem is a scientific research secret, how can I release it to the public?” Baby Bug said.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just a math problem, it won’t be leaked.” The professor who had been eating quietly suddenly spoke up, “If he can really solve it, it will be a contribution to the Federation.”

“……” Baby Bug.

He had been set up by this bast*rd again.

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  1. What is with all of these POS professors using scummy tactics to get their students to do research work for them to take credit for?

    1. I swear this is so infuriating 😠 Like you the supposed renowned genius professors DO YOUR JOB !
      And strangely from all the students they always favored the student that have less potential but got the feature as them but don’t see tbe problems…😒

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