Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 108.2 Meeting Gift

“A level seven mech is indeed more agile than a level six mech, but a mimetic mech doesn’t need operation commands. For the same action, Senior Sheng only needs a bodily intuitive response, whereas the pilot of the traditional mech needs to control the mech through commands first. In terms of adaptability, the traditional mech and the mimetic mech are not on the same level.” Yan Hao added, “If the level gap is too big, there might be a difference in strength due to the strength of the weapon, but if it’s only a one level difference, a mimetic mech can ignore it completely.”

Not only that, a mimetic mech also had a huge advantage, and that was it wouldn’t cause the mech to react slowly because of finger fatigue from long time operation. As a mech warrior, Sheng Zhuo figured out almost instantly several methods to use the characteristics of a mimetic mech to deal with a traditional mech.

There was a loud ‘bang’, then cheers sounded from the training field.

Turning around, Sheng Zhuo saw that the mech piloted by Qiu Zi’an was holding one of Black Soul’s hands and half pressing it to the ground. This was a common capture move used by Qiu Zi’an in battle. It was fast and strange, and unsuspecting people were easily caught off guard by him.

“Second Young Master, let me teach you the cruelty of the battlefield.” Qiu Zi’an said, his sword about to strike at Black Soul’s arm.

However just then, Black Soul leaned its body slightly and because Qiu Zi’an had been pressing onto Black Soul, his mech tilted off balance, causing his sword to swing in the wrong direction.

Qiu Zi’an adjusted his mech’s position hurriedly, however just as he finished inputting a long string of commands, the combat situation outside had already changed. After Black Soul had tilted its body slightly, it rolled on the spot in an odd pose with one hand on the ground, slipping right out of Qiu Zi’an’s control range and while rolling away, stabbed backwards with his Obscure Darkness Lance, striking directly at the shoulder of Qiu Zi’an’s mech.

The whole process took only a second, but within this second, Black Soul had performed at least five intricate maneuvers. Something that was almost impossible for a traditional mech to do.

And even if it could come up with the commands in a second, it wouldn’t be able to type them out that fast.

“Such quick operation!” Someone shouted in shock.

“Second Young Master is piloting a mimetic mech, so that’s not an operation, it’s an instinctive body reaction.” Someone realized.

It was as if Sheng Heng had discovered a battle tactic, because for the rest of the battle, he deliberately led Qiu Zi’an to perform certain particularly complex and precise actions, then counterattacked when it was difficult for him to change directions. After a few minutes, Qiu Zi’an’s reaction speed was significantly slower than when he had first started. But even this was because he was experienced and had strong adaptability skills. If it were someone else, they would have been thrown into chaos by Sheng Heng’s deliberate misdirections several times.

Finally, after fifteen minutes of battle, Sheng Heng, using deft move, placed his Obscure Darkness Lance on the throat of his opponent’s mech, winning the battle.

Immediately, there was an uproar on the training field.

While at the start, some had been clamoring for Sheng Heng to beat Qiu Zi’an, no one on the training field actually believed he could defeat Qiu Zi’an. One was a battle hardened Level 7 mech warrior and the other a student with little combat experience; no matter how one looked at it, it was a match with a great disparity in power.

Could this be the power of a mimetic mech?

Moments later, both of them emerged from their mechs. Qiu Zi’an, despite losing the battle, didn’t have an angry expression. Instead, he smiled as he said playfully from a distance, “You rascal, you seem quite decent normally, how do you become so tricky in a battle?”

Sheng Heng chuckled in response, “When it comes to battle skills, I’m definitely no match for you, so I could only play it smart.”

Laughing, Qiu Zi’an punched him playfully, “But a mimetic mech is really powerful.”

After the practice match, Sheng Heng introduced Yan Hao to his big brother officially and because the two had already met a few times, Yan Hao was quite composed and not at all awkward. Sheng Zhuo even transferred a hundred million starcoins to him on the spot, saying it was his meeting gift.

“You arrived in a hurry, and there’s not much to offer in the base. After thinking about it, money seems the most practical. The initial stage of learning mech building is very expensive, so you can use these starcoins to buy materials.” Sheng Zhuo said generously.

“But, this is too much.” Yan Hao didn’t dare accept it.

“Don’t worry, just take it.” Sheng Heng patted Yan Hao, “My big brother spends most of his time in the army and has nowhere to spend his money.”

Sheng Zhuo glared at his little brother, but didn’t refute his words.

“But it’s still too much.” Yan Hao whispered.

“This is a meeting gift from my big brother. If you don’t accept it, he’ll be upset.” Sheng Heng told him.

Hearing this, Yan Hao glanced at Sheng Zhuo carefully.

And acting as if it was very serious, Sheng Zhuo nodded heavily.

Immediately, Yan Hao didn’t dare refuse anymore, “Then I’ll accept it. Thank you, big brother.”

“Good boy.” Sheng Zhuo nodded in satisfaction, “I initially wanted to prepare some rare ores for you, but I didn’t find anything particularly rare when I went to the warehouse two days ago. But if you need any ores in the future, just tell Sheng Heng. Our family owns several Resource Planets which produce a lot of ores each year. Just let him take you to choose. We are family, so don’t be polite about it.”

Yan Hao’s face turned bashfully red at the three words ‘We are family’, yet he couldn’t bear to refuse. The word ‘family’ was much more convincing than Sheng Heng’s previous worry about Sheng Zhuo getting upset.

Gifts given in the name of family were the temptation he couldn’t refuse the most.

The three of them started chatting idly about everyday life, mostly with Sheng Zhuo telling funny stories about his little brother’s childhood when all of a sudden, his face turned pale and he closed his eyes.

“Big brother?” Shocked, Sheng Heng jumped up immediately.

“I’m okay.” Sheng Zhuo waved his hand, “It might be because I haven’t slept well recently.”

“I sensed a fluctuation in your mental energy.” Sheng Heng, being someone with S level mental energy, was very sensitive to mental energy. When Sheng Zhuo’s face had changed just now, he had felt a huge up and down fluctuation in mental energy. Normally, mental energy wouldn’t leak out unless released intentionally by the owner. Unless when there were anomalies in their mental energy.

“Is there a problem with big brother’s mental energy?” Yan Hao asked out loud.

Sheng Heng looked at him, “The reason I said I needed your help earlier is because of big brother’s situation.”

He originally thought that as long as his big brother didn’t go on missions, there wouldn’t be any problems. But now it seemed that the condition of his big brother’s sea of consciousness was even more serious than he had imagined.

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