Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 2.2 Meeting

The assembly of the mecha model was usually a test of the student’s proficiency in the mecha parts, but the internal circuit connections, are not part of the test. The mech model in their hands, however, is complete with the entire mech connected.

“More than that, I’ve just double checked, there’s not a single mistake in the wiring.” The big man said proudly, “I bet, if this was a real mech, with this level of assembly, it could be taken straight into battle.”

“What is this student’s name? Yan Hao?” The youth was stunned, “Why doesn’t it ring a bell?”

In fact, every year after the college entrance exams, they have a number of people who are willing to apply for the mech manufacturing department, and they will pay attention to some of the more outstanding students, in advance. That’s why the youth was surprised when he found out that the mecha model Yan Hao had assembled was very good.

“There are so many students who apply for our major every year, can you have an impression of each of them? As long as they are good seedlings it’s fine.” The big man said.

“You’re right.” The youth laughed and didn’t dwell on it.

After a quiet and long sleep, Yan Hao carried a box of medicines he had made to the merchandise street outside the school.

These medicines were all the various level 3 medicines that he had made himself for the professional examination. There were medicines that soothed the mental power, medicines that enhanced the mental power, and medicines that increased the control of mental power. Because he didn’t know what kind of medicines the school would have them make during the professional exam, he practiced each one.

Now that he had given up Pharmacy and was specializing in Mecha Building, all these things were useless, so he might as well sell them for money and buy some parts. The Mecha Building Department was much more expensive than pharmacy.

The Yan family was quite rich, but Yan Hao wasn’t confident that he could be like Yan Fei who could get money from their parents without any reason just by opening his mouth. So before he had to, he was going to try to be self-sufficient first.

Yan Hao walked up to a potion store, and went in to ask, “Excuse me, do you accept Level 3 medicines here?”

“You’re a student of the Federal University, right?” As soon as the shopkeeper saw Yan Hao, he greeted him with a smile. This place was close to the Federal University, so there were usually many students who came here to sell the medicines they made and the shopkeeper had received many of them, so he didn’t feel it was sudden. “Yes, but the price of Level 3 medicines isn’t high.”

“It’s alright, you guys just look at them and give me a price.” Yan Hao didn’t care as he put the medicines he was carrying onto the counter.

Level 3 medicines weren’t expensive, and for Yan Hao, who was able to make Level 8 medicines in his later life, selling these ones, was just making use of waste material.

“Okay, then I’ll go test it first.” The shopkeeper took the medicine to the back for testing, and came back in a short while, “Student, your medicine is of very good color, it’s one of the top level 3 medicines I’ve collected in the past few years so I will give you three hundred star coins per bottle. There’s a total of thirty bottles, so nine thousand star coins.”

“Thank you.” Yan Hao took out his terminal code and accepted the transfer.

“You’re a new student, right? Later when you learn to make a higher level, remember to bring it to me to sell too and I’ll give you a high price.” The shopkeeper said.

Yan Hao smiled but didn’t respond. He was going to focus on making mechs in the future and probably wouldn’t have much chance to touch medicines.

After leaving the pharmacy, and walking less than a hundred meters, Yan Hao saw a store selling mech parts. He walked in curiously and lingered in the window among the various parts, unable to wait to buy every single one of them to take them apart and study them.

“Student, what kind of parts do you want?” A beautiful sales clerk greeted warmly.

Yan Hao pointed to a mecha left arm axle, displayed in the window.

“This is the latest mecha axle model. After changing it, it can increase the flexibility of the mecha by one percentage point. This is the only one we have left in the store, for 30,000 star coins.” The more flexible a mech was, the faster the reaction speed, and the more comfortable it was for the mech engineer to manipulate.

“30,000?!” Yan Hao was stunned and astonished.

He knew that mech parts were expensive, but he didn’t think that a single axle would cost thirty thousand star coins. The medicines he had worked so hard to refine all summer had just been sold for 9,000 star coins.

“This is company’s latest part.”

“Forget it, I won’t buy it.” New parts were the most expensive when they just came out. Better to come back and buy them after a while.

“I’ll take it.” At that moment, a clear teenage voice rang in Yan Hao’s ears, causing him to subconsciously turn his head and look over.

“Junior, we meet again.” The young man smiled gently, “Did you catch the examination of the Mecha Building Department?”

Yan Hao was stunned, then his eyes widened and he remembered, “It’s you, thank you for showing me the way that day, otherwise I would have almost missed the exam.”

Usually, exam halls wouldn’t let candidates into the examination hall after half an hour, so he was able to arrive at the right time that day, thanks to the person who helped him show the way.

Sheng Heng smiled, “Then I’ve sort of helped you out, so shouldn’t you do something to thank me?”

Ah? Yan Hao stiffened.

“Don’t be nervous, it’s not a big deal.” Sheng Heng pointed to the axle in the window and said, “Aren’t you from the mech building department? Then you must be able to assemble mechs. How about I buy this axle and you help me change it?”

Yan Hao’s eyes lit up. He could study the axle now?

Sheng Heng looked at the teenager’s surprise which looked like he had rather taken advantage of him and couldn’t help but be somewhat amused.

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