Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 71.1 Your big brother is Yan Hao?

Federal University, Pharmacy Department.

Sun Liang, the Freshman Class Advisor of the Pharmacy Department had just finished a class on pharmacy experiments and was on his way back to his office when he ran into Senior Class Advisor Luo Hai Ming. The two greeted each other with a smile.

“Professor Luo, are you going to see the department head?”

“Yes, I have a revised prescription that I want to show him.” Luo Hai Ming nodded.

“That’s great. I have one too, do you want to go together?” Sun Liang placed the lesson plan on his desk and took out a revised prescription from inside.

“Professor Sun, I remember you came up with a revised plan for the Cherry Blossom last semester. How did you come up with a new revised plan so quickly?” Luo Hai Ming asked curiously.

“It was a discovery made by one of my students. He replaced an old herb with a new herb that greatly improves the effectiveness of a sedative.” Sun Liang smiled.

“Is it Yan Fei again?” Luo Hai Ming guessed.

“It’s him.” Sun Liang nodded.

“I heard you’ve already taken him as your disciple?” Luo Hai Ming asked.

Smiling, Sun Liang nodded, “I haven’t taken a disciple for four or five years, it’s about time I took one.”

“You haven’t taken on any disciples in four or five years and no one is forcing you to. It’s just that you think this child has good talent.” Luo Hai Ming said in a bad tone. “Ever since this Yan Fei enrolled, you’ve been coming up with all sorts of improved prescriptions from time to time. Although not all of them are useful, the direction is still relatively accurate. These kinds of unique ideas are not something that ordinary people have. If this child is properly trained, he will surely achieve something in the future.”

“You’re just flattering me.” Sun Liang said modestly, but there was a hint of pride on his face.

As they chatted, the two arrived at the door of the department head’s office. They knocked on the door and after receiving permission, went in together.

Inside the office, department head Liao Zhengye was talking to someone. When he saw the two enter, he raised his hand to indicate for them to sit down then continued speaking with the person on the other end. After a few more words, he hung up the call.

“Professor Luo, Professor Sun, what brings you two here?” Director Liao asked.

“It’s nothing big. I just came up with an improved prescription and wanted to ask you to take a look.” Sun Liang said as he stood up.

Director Liao said with satisfaction as he looked at Sun Liang, “Professor Sun, you’ve been coming up with many interesting improvement plans recently. What kind of medicine have you improved this time?”

“A sedative.” Professor Sun said, “We replaced three materials in the original prescription and adjusted the proportion and now the sedative’s efficacy has increased by more than 20%.”

Director Liao took the formula, looked at it, then frowned and said, “The proportion hasn’t been calculated yet?”

“The proportion is complicated and takes time to calculate. I‘ve borrowed someone from the mathematics department and after the modeling is finished, it should be calculated soon.” Professor Sun answered.

“Since the proportion hasn’t been calculated, how did you come up with the 20% increase in efficacy?” Director Liao asked.

“We created a prototype based on the improved prescription and tested its efficacy and it did indeed increase by 20%.” Professor Sun said in reply.

“What’s the success rate?”

“Currently, it’s only 5%,” Professor Sun said.

“5%? Although the efficacy has been greatly improved, this success rate is too low.” Director Liao told him. “It’s better to wait until you and the mathematics department complete the modeling and calculation before we discuss it again.”

“I naturally know that, it’s just that this prescription was thought of by my student Yan Fei.” Sun Liang emphasized the name of his student.

“Yan Fei, that name sounds familiar.” Director Liao felt like he had heard that name somewhere before.

“Yan Fei is my disciple. During the first semester of his freshman year, he also came up with two improved prescriptions. It was also his idea to replace purple orchid with moon flower to make advanced sedatives, greatly reducing the production cost of advanced sedatives.” Sun Liang supplied.

Luo Hai Ming glanced at Sun Liang. He could see that Sun Liang had come over with this incomplete prescription because he knew that the research institute in the school was short on assistants and so wanted to use this opportunity to shine a bright spot so this Yan Fei could the research institute.

“Oh, it’s him. I have some impression of him. He’s a very talented student.” Director Liao thought for a moment then muttered, “Yan Hao?”

“Director, his name is Yan Fei, not Yan Hao.” Sun Liang thought Director Liao had misheard and so couldn’t help but remind him.

“I know, I just feel that these two names are similar.” Director Liao whispered again.

“Yan Hao? I also seem to have seen this name somewhere.” Luo Hai Ming, who hadn’t spoken until now suddenly spoke up.

“What’s special about this Yan Hao?” Sun Liang asked in confusion.

“This Yan Hao is also a student of our Federal University, but in the Mech Building Department.” Director Liao said.

“Mech Building Department, then it shouldn’t have anything to do with us.” Sun Liang said in response.

“There wasn’t initially, but the problem is that a student from the Mech Building Department was able to produce a pure level 6 sedative.” Director Liao looked at Sun Liang, “Professor Sun, does anyone in your class have the ability to produce a level 6 sedative?”

“Director, you’re joking, right? They’re just freshmen, it’s impossible for them to produce a level 6 medicine.” Sun Liang said without hesitation, “To produce a level 6 sedative, especially a high-purity one at that requires at least a level A mental energy and a very proficient control of it. Not to mention freshman, even senior students probably wouldn’t be able to do it.”

Luo Hai Ming nodded, “If it’s a normal level 6 sedative, our students can produce it, but a high-purity sedative? Currently, at most one person in our class can make it.”

“Yes. In our Pharmacy Department, only the senior students can barely produce something like this, but for that freshman from the Mech Building Department it’s already possible.” Director Liao marveled.

“How is this possible? If it’s true, then this person is a genius in pharmacy. Why didn’t he apply to our Pharmacy Department?” Sun Liang asked immediately.

“I didn’t believe it either, but it is definitely true. Recently, a team of second-year students from the Mech Piloting Department went to No. 3 Desolate Planet for an assessment and one of the teams encountered an attack from a level 6 mutant zerg. Coincidentally, the high level sedatives in the base had been requisitioned by the front line and there were no reserve high level sedatives in the base. At that time, it was Yan Hao and the base’s pharmacist who made the sedatives on the spot and cured those students. I just made a call to the base’s pharmacist and he also confirmed it in person.” Director Liao said. “This Yan Hao not only made a level 6 sedative, but after taking his sedative, there were no side effects.”

Sun Liang and Luo Hai Ming were both senior pharmacists and so were both aware of the common side effects of level 6 sedatives after taking them. The only way to reduce side effects was to increase the purity of the medicine.

“Ah, I remember!” Luo Hai Ming suddenly slapped his thigh.

Director Liao and Sun Liang looked at him curiously.

“And here I was wondering why the name Yan Hao sounded so familiar. He took the examination at our Pharmacy Department last year.” Luo Hai Ming said.

“What?!” Director Liao’s eyebrows jumped, “I remember that you and Professor Li invigilated last year’s entrance exams together. What happened then, why didn’t you two admit Yan Hao?”

“It’s not that we didn’t admit him, but that he abandoned the exams.” Luo Hai Ming said.

“Abandoned the exams?!” Director Liao’s eyes widened.

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