Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 79.2 Discarded parts

Finishing the last soup dumpling in his hand, Old Pang wiped his hands with a napkin then continued the previous conversation by asking Yan Hao, “What’s your connection to Major General Sheng’s family?”

When he took Yan Hao as his disciple, he had asked Professor Qin, who told him that Yan Hao was just an ordinary student without any backing. But now, within a short time of becoming his disciple, he had become involved with the Sheng family? As a teacher, Old Pang felt the need to give Yan Hao a heads up.

“My partner’s name is Sheng Heng.” Yan Hao replied.

“Is he the student whose mech you helped modify?” Old Pang had a vague impression of Sheng Heng.

“En.” Yan Hao nodded.

“When did you get to know each other?”

“When I just entered as a freshman.”

“What’s his relationship with Major General Sheng?” The Sheng family was a large clan, but not every member of the Sheng family could influence the Federation’s government, especially a purely academic agency of the government like the Federation’s Special Talent Center.

“I don’t know.” Yan Hao shook his head, “Senior Sheng Heng has never spoken to me about his family.”

“Then has he made any suggestions to you, like joining the military after graduation?” Old Pang asked him.

“No.” Yan Hao shook his head.

“So you two are just partners?” Old Pang asked.

“We’re also friends.” Yan Hao answered.

“Xiao Hao, it’s good to make friends and form partnerships during your school years, but I don’t want you to get involved in political struggles.” Old Pang said bluntly, “You have great talent and under Old Zhong and I’s guidance, you’re the most likely person who will complete the mimetic mech. If one day the mimetic mech is launched, I hope it will belong to the entire federation, not to any particular power.”

Between Old Pang and Old Zhong, one was a free scholar and the other worked for the Federation; the two weren’t affiliated with any power or involved in any political struggles. They were both level ten mech builders and were the only two in the entire Federation. If either of them were to belong to any power, the combat effectiveness and influence of that power would inevitably undergo a significant change. If in the future, Yan Hao, who combining the strength of the two of them belonged to any power, then the situation in the Federation would definitely change.

“Teacher, I’ll remember.” Yan Hao promised.

“Good.” Old Pang said with satisfaction. “You can bring your partner over tomorrow when you come, I’ll take a look at his mech and help you make some modifications.”

“Really? Senior Sheng Heng will be very happy to hear this.” Yan Hao said with delight.

Smiling, Old Pang stood up, “Come with me.”

Yan Hao followed Old Pang to the warehouse of the laboratory, where he pushed open the door to reveal various parts that had clearly been arranged neatly by someone. They continued to walk inside until they stopped at a corner.

“These parts here are all broken.” Old Pang pointed to a pile of parts piled up in the corner, saying as he did so, “Most of these broken parts are level seven or below because the school gets professionals to recycle and reuse parts above level seven, so there are none above that level here. These parts have been accumulated by your senior brothers and I over the years. You will stay here for the next six months.”

His eyes widening, Yan Hao looked at the pile of broken parts.

“You studied pharmacy in high school.” Old Pang had just found out about this yesterday and to be honest, he had been a little surprised in his heart. “The time you spent learning mech was too short and your foundation is weaker than I thought, so for the next six months, teacher will help you rebuild your foundation.”

“You can disassemble these broken parts at will for you to familiarize yourself with the various parts of a mech and I’ll give you a chart of mech parts for cross reference as well. If you have any questions, look at the chart first and if you still don’t understand, you can come and ask me.” Old Pang continued, “You can ask me any question, but you can’t ask the same question twice.”

“Teacher, I can disassemble all these parts?” Learning mech was very expensive because the mech parts were too expensive, so the mountain of parts before him, even though discarded, were still very valuable.

What’s more, these parts had been accumulated by his teacher and senior brothers for over ten years and they covered a large range and variety of parts that one might not even be able to buy outside, so this was an even greater source of wealth for Yan Hao.

“They are all just scrap metal, you can disassemble them and play with them as you please.” Old Pang said generously, however he could tell from Yan Hao’s excited expression that his little disciple knew what was what and had already realized the value of these parts.

“So…. I can only come to the lab to disassemble them during the two days of the weekend?” Yan Hao asked tentatively.

Chuckling, Old Pang waved his hand grandly, “If you like, you can take some back to disassemble at home.”

“Thank you teacher. Then can I start now?” Yan Hao was eager to get started.

“Go ahead.”

With Old Pang’s permission, Yan Hao sat in the pile of parts immediately, his eyes lighting up as he picked a part at random, “This is the axle of a mech…..”

Smiling, Old Pang watched him for a while then seeing that Yan Hao’s attention was completely on the parts and no longer on him, this teacher, he turned around, feeling gratified even as he shook his head.

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