Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 34.1 Take your clothes off

The first-year courses in the Mech Building Department were mostly theoretical, and the only hands-on exercises were simple part assembly and energy block making, so the final exams were completed in three days. Exams would be longer in the second year, when they learned about mech building.

The school gave almost two months off after the final exams, and most students chose to go home, so He Shao had already purchased his spaceship tickets.

“Hao Hao, are you sure you won’t come home with me?” Before leaving, He Shao was trying to persuade Yan Hao to go back with him.

“Didn’t we already discuss this? I’ll stay in school during the holidays.” Yan Hao shook his head.

“But everyone has left. I don’t want to worry about you being alone at school, what if you get bullied?” Ever since he met Yan Hao, He Shao found that he worried like a mother, always feeling that if he wasn’t careful, his child would be bullied.

“I’ll basically stay in the lab, I won’t get bullied.” Yan Hao assured him.

“That’s why I’m worried. When you start experimenting, you forget to eat and sleep.” He Shao was even more uneasy, asking himself in his heart, how many people in this world would forget to eat and sleep?

“I’ll set an alarm clock and remind myself to eat three times a day.” Yan Hao pushed He Shao out, “It’s ten o’clock, if you don’t go, you won’t make it to the spaceship.”

“Then remember to eat.”

Yan Hao pushed He Shao to the hover car outside the school before he was able to get rid of He Shao’s nagging. The feeling of being nagged was new and warm to Yan Hao. He had seen his parents nagging Yan Fei before and and each time, Yan Fei would always laugh and then dislike them for being annoying. At that time, he hadn’t understood why Yan Fei would laugh when he felt so annoyed.

Was it because of this warmth?

When Yan Hao saw the hover car leave, he turned around to walk towards the school but after a short while, he caught a glimpse of two familiar figures coming out of the school entrance.

It was Yan Fei and Wu Mingchuan.

“Big brother.” Yan Fei took a few quick steps to meet Yan Hao when he saw him.

Yan Hao had no choice but to stand still.

Wu Mingchuan followed as well with a look of disgust in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

“Are you going back today too?” Yan Fei asked.

“I’m not going back.” Yan Hao headed.

“You’re not going back?” Yan Fei’s eyes widened, obviously surprised by Yan Hao’s answer, “It’s been almost six months since you’ve been home, big brother, don’t you want to go home?”

Yan Hao wanted to say that he didn’t want to go home, that he didn’t need to go home, but he knew that if he said this, Yan Fei would have a long list of words waiting for him and by the time he finished his list of words, he would have somehow become wrong again. The logic behind that was something Yan Hao couldn’t understand.

He Shao had instructed him not to fight when he was away, and not to also fight when Senior Sheng wasn’t around.

“I’ve got something to do, I’m not going back.” With that, Yan Hao headed for the school grounds.

“Big brother.” Yan Fei grabbed Yan Hao to prevent him from leaving, “What could be more important than going home? I haven’t seen you for half a year, and our parents miss you.”

Missed him?

Yan Hao’s eyes flashed with mockery as he turned to Yan Fei, “I’m not going back because I can’t afford to buy a spaceship ticket.”


“A ticket to Z Star costs three million starcoins and I can’t afford it.” Yan Fei said.

“Is it that you’ve spent all your money? It’s okay, I still have some left, I’ll buy it for you.” Yan Fei said immediately.

“I have to go to work. Mech Building Department needs a lot of money to buy parts, our parents don’t give me money, so I have to earn it myself. Therefore not just this holiday, but every holiday from now on, I have to stay here and work to buy parts.” Yan Hao continues.

This time not only Yan Fei, even Wu Mingchuan, was stunned.

When Yan Hao saw that they were silent, he took the opportunity to break away from Yan Fei’s hand, tugged his arm away and walked quickly towards the school, covering his heart as he walked, unable to help but feel a little excited: I spoke back, I spoke back to the main character, I won an argument.

“Mingchuan, what does my big brother mean by that?” Yan Fei looked at Wu Mingchuan with a confused expression.

“I think he wants to get the attention of auntie and uncle in a different way. He knows that the jealousy act is disgusting, so he has started to act pitiful, trying to make auntie, uncle and you feel guilty. Look at you, just look at how you’re so upset.” Wu Mingchuan said angrily, “I only thought he was a bad person before, I didn’t expect him to have such a scheming heart. Come on, let’s leave him alone and go back by ourselves.”

With that, the two of them hailed a hover car on the roadside and headed for the port.

The final exam of the Mech Piloting Department was a practical test, so it was much longer than the Mech Building Department’s. By the time Sheng Heng finished his exam, the Mech Building Department’s final exam had already been over for two days.

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  1. Seriously, I keep being impressed by how they can twist words to suit their own thinking.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Lol, with level of mental gymnastic they use to justify their abusive behaviour, if they ever let their minds participate in Olympic Gymnastic, I’m certain they will get full-score gold medals.

  3. Is WMC secretly a villain with a system or something? Otherwise, who would be capable of continuously inverting black and white to such a degree? I kinda want to see SH kick him in the back hard enough to cripple him. Maybe then he’d learn his place and finally figure out that meddling in other people’s lives can have consequences.

  4. obviously Wu Mingchuan is jealous of Yang Hao. there is no other way to describe the fact that he constantly attacks Yang Hao. such disgusting people should disappear from the face of the earth. Only such envious people ruin other people’s lives. Disgusting.

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