Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 57.3 Level 6 Energy Blocks

Yan Hao had originally planned to make three more energy blocks while it was still dark and then use one to pay for the rent and the remaining two to exchange for materials, but after hearing the bearded man’s words, he changed his mind and decided to try to make a master-level energy block.

As the bearded man had said, an energy block with an efficiency of more than 80% was several times more difficult to make than one with an efficiency of 70%, and not only did the calculation of the value need to be more accurate, the channeling of mental energy also needed to be more precise. When Yan Hao was done making the first energy block, he took a look at the time and saw that it was already an hour and a half later, which was more than the time it had taken to make the previous two energy blocks. However, considering that this energy block could be exchanged for ten copies of materials, two more than the previous two blocks combined, it wasn’t a loss.

“I’ll practice again when I get back tonight so I’ll be faster.” Seeing that it was getting dark, Yan Hao packed the rest of the materials then used the testing device to measure the efficiency of the energy block.

[Level 6 Energy Block, 82.36% efficiency]

“It’s over two percentage points, so if I take it to the materials room to collect the materials, I can get two more.” Yan Hao calculated secretly, then felt that it was a pity to use it to pay for the rent. However, thinking that he would have to live there, he accepted the fact that he would have to lose a little bit. He would just have to wait until he had the remaining three copies of materials to use in exchange for materials.

If he had been at school, Yan Hao wouldn’t have been so ‘calculative’. It was because money couldn’t be used in the base and he could only use it in exchange for points. Furthermore, because he wasn’t very good at repairing mechs, he could only buy off-the-shelf mech parts to replace the damaged parts, which meant he had to earn more points.

Holding the energy block, Yan Hao walked towards the dormitory. As soon as he entered the lobby on the first floor, a robot greeted him and asked in an electronic voice, “Hello, student Yan Hao, do you want to make an exchange for a dormitory?”

The robot had sensed his terminal, which was why it called out his name at once.

“Yes.” Yan Hao replied hurriedly.

“Please put the energy block needed to make the exchange into the built-in space.” A space the size of an energy block suddenly appeared within the robot’s chest cavity.

Yan Hao put the energy block in and the robot immediately began to test it: “Level 6 energy block, 82.36% efficiency, can be used in exchange for 15 days’ rent.”

Fifteen days, he couldn’t stay here for that long.

After thinking about it, Yan Hao asked, “Can I exchange it for two rooms?”

If he could exchange it for two rooms, then one room could be reserved for Senior Sheng Heng.

“You can.” The robot answered.

“Then I’ll use it in exchange for two rooms.” Yan Hao said.

“Exchange successful. Room 306 for eight days, room 307 for seven days, please enter the terminal number and bind the room permissions.” The robot said.

Yan Hao quickly entered his terminal number, but he didn’t know Sheng Heng’s terminal number, and thinking that Sheng Heng might already be fighting outside at this time, he didn’t dare send a message directly to ask, so he discussed it with the robot, “I can’t remember my friend’s terminal number, so can I just bind it to mine?”

“Yes, two rooms can bound to one terminal, after which you can share the permissions yourself.” The robot answered then the system began to operate, binding the two rooms together to Yan Hao’s terminal.

At the same time, an option of whether to share appeared on his light brain and Yan Hao naturally clicked share without even thinking about it.

After the binding was successful, Yan Hao went upstairs to his room.

At the same time, in a jungle not far from the base, the sophomores of the Federal University were exploring a jungle.

Although Xiao Tianhan hadn’t given the students time to rest at the base, he wasn’t so cold-blooded as to forbid them from resting, so after completing an hour of exploration, he chose this jungle and allowed them to camp in the wilderness. When the students had finished setting up camp, Xiao Tianhan left, telling them that he would let them walk the rest of the way on their own and that they could send out a distress signal if they were in danger and only then would he show up to help.

The students sat around the campfire in twos and threes, ranting about how cold-blooded the school was.

“I didn’t sleep well on the spaceship and this time I’ve been asked to come straight to do the practical assessment. The school is too strict.”

“Who told you not to sleep.”

“You think I didn’t want to? I can’t sleep when I’m on a spaceship.”

“That’s a disease, it needs to be cured.”

“F*ck off.”

There were also people who envied the mech builders.

“It’s better being a mech builder. I just contacted Xia Liu and he said they are all already living in the dormitory.” Xia Liu was the mech builder who belonged to the team of the student speaking.

“A level 6 energy block is needed in exchange for a dormitory. Just now Bai Heng also sent us a message, asking us to kill more zergs for points, otherwise the material costs for repairs won’t be enough.” Before Xiao Tianhan left, he had popularized the rules of points in the base for them.

“Us too.” Almost every mech warrior had received a request from their team’s mech builder to earn points.

“And here I was wondering why this time out, our teacher only asked us to survive in the wilderness for seven days and only asked that we not return unless our mechs were destroyed or our energy was depleted, but didn’t give us the task of killing the Zerg Race? Now it seems that this is a task disguised for gaining points.”

They couldn’t just go out on an assessment trip and not earn money for the repair of their own mechs, right?

Listening to his classmates’ complaints, Cheng Wenkang subconsciously looked at his terminal then asked Sheng Heng, “Boss, why didn’t our little junior send us a message asking us to earn points?”

Sheng Heng was also wondering the same thing. He had just looked at his terminal, but noticed that he hadn’t received a message from his little junior.

When the mech warrior sitting next to Cheng Wenkang heard his words, he asked out loud, “Does that little junior you brought with you know how to make level 6 energy blocks? I’ve heard that level 6 energy blocks are something they learn in the second half of freshman year, and it’s only the beginning of the school year, so I don’t think he’s learned it yet. If he doesn’t have a level 6 Energy Block, he won’t even be able to live in the dormitory.”

“Right, boss, does our little junior know how to make level 6 energy blocks?” Cheng Wenkang also asked.

Sheng Heng frowned. Although he had great confidence in Yan Hao, a level 6 energy block was something he hadn’t learned how to make yet, and he also didn’t know if Yan Hao knew how to make it.

With a ‘hua’ sound, Sheng Heng stood up and raised his hand to call out Black Soul.

“Boss, what are you doing?” Cheng Wenkang asked.

“I’m going to kill some zergs.” One point for a level four zerg, so three points would cover a day’s rent.

“You’re going to earn rent for our little junior?” Cheng Wenkang understood immediately.

The rest of the students also noticed it. They would have also done the same thing if they had been in his shoes. What’s more mech warriors themselves had an obligation to provide a good resting environment for the mech builders who accompanied them, and even if that wasn’t the case, with the talent that Yan Hao had shown before, they would have done everything possible in order to enlist him. Although level 5 energy blocks weren’t rare, he was only a freshman and yet had reached the Grandmaster level. With such talent, he would become a very powerful mech builder in probably less than two years.

Sheng Heng responded with an ‘hmm’ and was about to leave when his light brain terminal suddenly rang.

Yan Hao?!

Sheng Heng clicked on it hurriedly, and then his entire body turned wooden.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that Sheng Heng had suddenly stopped moving, Cheng Wenkang went over to take a look and then he shouted f*ck out loud.

The others looked over curiously and asked what was wrong.

“Our little junior has rented a dormitory for boss too, and it’s for seven days.” Cheng Wenkang shouted like a ghost.

At once, a series of f*ck rose one after another in the jungle.

As the saying went, there was no harm without comparison. They were all mech builders, but their mech builders had only sent them messages that they should to earn more points, while someone’s mech builder even thoughtfully helped him rent a dormitory. This was to give Sheng Heng a place to rest when he went back to recuperate. Not only was he taking care of the mechs, he was also taking care of the mech warriors.

Cheng Wenkang thought about it then clicked his light brain terminal. He checked back and forth then asked, “Where’s mine?”

“Our little junior didn’t just rent a dormitory for you, right?”

Sheng Heng looked at him with an extraordinary glow from the depths of his eyes then sat back by the campfire with a pleased look that was obvious to everyone.

Cheng Wenkang waited for two minutes, but there was no news about a rented room from Yan Hao, so he could only reassure himself, “Maybe this dormitory is a double room.”

“Go rent one yourself.” Sheng Heng glared at him.

“……” Cheng Wenkang.

Isn’t it just three points? I can earn it and then just rent one myself.

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