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Chapter 39.2 Earning 500 million starcoins

Baby Bug: [Your useless thing is about to make the WT Group go bankrupt. Their company has filed a complaint against the website.]

Yan Hao was shocked: [Bankrupt? I didn’t want for this to happen. What should I do?]

Baby Bug: [The website has a rule that all information posted within the website must not harm others or cause unnecessary strife.]

At the thought of nearly bankrupting a company, Yan Hao panicked: [Have I broken the law?]

Baby Bug: [……]

Baby Bug: [If you had broken the law, the federal police would have been looking for you already. Your algorithm, although damaging to the WT Group, isn’t a crime. After all, your research on mimetic sensing was just a bit ahead of their company and was published without compensation. Legally, the WT Group can’t do anything to you, but by doing this, you have indeed harmed them and broken the website’s rules, so the site owner might kick you off the website.]

Yan Hao: [I don’t want to leave the website.]

Although Yan Hao had only browsed through the website for a day, he had gained a lot of knowledge that he couldn’t get elsewhere. He liked it there and didn’t want to leave.

Baby Bug: [The WT Group people are looking for you through the owner of the website, so if you can reach a settlement with the WT Group to resolve this issue and get them to voluntarily withdraw the complaint, it is possible that you won’t get kicked out of the website.]

Yan Hao asked hurriedly: [What would it take to settle this?]

Baby Bug: [In the situation you’re in now, unless you are able to provide an algorithm stronger than the one you released and sell it exclusively to the WT Group so that their company’s position in the market remains dominant and they recover this time’s loss, the situation won’t be resolved.]

He just needed to work out an algorithm that was stronger than the previous one? That was easy.

Yan Hao: [That’s no problem, give me half an hour and I can do it.]

Baby Bug was silent for half a minute before sending the message: [Half an hour?]

Yan Hao: [Yes. Actually, that algorithm could have been improved further, but it was so far away from what I wanted that I didn’t continue, but the concept has always been in my mind.]

Baby Bug: [Then add the WT Group R&D director’s account and talk to him about it.]

Then Baby Bug sent him another list of accounts.

After thanking him, Yan Hao added Du Tianqi as a friend, who accepted the friend request almost immediately and just as Yan Hao was thinking of how to apologize, a semi-long message arrived first.

Du Tianqi: [Mr. Ri An, I’ve finally gotten in touch with you. We have been anxious for the past two days. Could you please give me your communicator number? I have something very important to talk to you about.]

Communicator number? Yan Hao wasn’t very good at dealing with people and so was a bit resistant: [Sorry, can we talk online?]

Du Tianqi replied immediately: [Yes, yes, as long as you don’t disappear.]

When Yan Hao saw that the other side had agreed, he had a much better impression of Du Tianqi and his tension was greatly relieved.

The other side seemed reasonable and didn’t scold him for the trouble he had caused, but he was prepared to be scolded by the other side when they became good friends.

Yan Hao thought about what Baby Bug had just said to him and wrote quickly: [My friend told me that if I give you a better algorithm, this issue can be resolved. Is that true?]

When Du Tianqi saw this message, he first froze and then straight away his hand trembled with excitement as he typed.

Du Tianqi: [Yes, yes. This issue can be resolved as long as you are able to sell us a brand new algorithm exclusively; the price doesn’t matter. I just hope that you can provide us with the algorithm as soon as possible.]

Yan Hao: [I have the algorithm readily available. I can give it to you in half an hour.]

When Du Tianqi saw this message, he pushed open the door of the R&D department and went straight to the president’s office, where he had been reprimanded just this morning: “President, we’re saved.”

Wang Bohan was also in high spirits after he scanned the message log: “He can get it to us within half an hour’s time, which means he has a ready-made algorithm. This Ri An has really upgraded the mimetic sensing system to the eighth generation, but deliberately sent out the seventh generation to disrupt the market in order to sell it at a high price. Insidious, simply too insidious.”

Du Tianqi: “So what do we do?”

Wang Bohan: “What else can we do? Pay the right price and buy it.” Even if they knew that the price was set high deliberately, it was a life-saving algorithm, so they had to buy it no matter what the price was.

Du Tianqi: “And how much is the right amount to give?”

Wang Bohan gritted his teeth, “Three hundred million starcoins.”

Du Tianqi, fearing that Yan Hao would wait too long, immediately sent the amount: [Sir, we are willing to pay three hundred million starcoins for your algorithm.]

When Yan Hao saw this message, he was a little confused. It was obvious that he had done something bad, so why was the other side giving him money? Moreover it was three hundred million starcoins which could buy a level 3 mecha.

Yan Hao: [I was the one who caused the trouble in the first place, you don’t have to pay.]

It wasn’t that Yan Hao saw money as dirt, but he genuinely felt that he was the one who started this, so it was too much to take money.

Wang Bohan was furious when he saw Yan Hao’s reply: “This man is shameless. Three hundred million and it’s still too little, add another hundred million.”

Du Tianqi sent the message as instructed: [Mr. Ri An, our company is very sincere. What do you think of four hundred million?]

Yan Hao was even more confused: [I don’t want any money.]

Wang Bohan took a look. He was still not satisfied with this? He was so angry that he typed out himself: [Five hundred million starcoins!]

How come the more he refused, the more money he was offered?

Du Tianqi: [If you have no comments, please send the algorithm as soon as possible, it’s urgent!!]

Yes, they would talk about the money later, he had to send the algorithm to the person first.

Yan Hao: [In half an hour’s time, I’ll send it to you via the backend of the website.]

After saying this, Yan Hao went offline to write a new program.

Since he was the cause of this incident, Yan Hao felt very guilty, so he planned to follow the WT Group’s existing program and send the new system directly to them after upgrading it with the new algorithm. That way, they could take it over and use it straight away.

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