Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 73.2 Bias

“Yan Fei, you’re still in the lab after coming back.” A voice suddenly echoed from the doorway.

Turning around, Yan Fei saw his high school classmate Wu Mingchuan: “Mingchuan, how come you’re here?”

“My mom sent me some food, so I thought to bring you some.” Wu Mingchuan raised the parcel in his hand.

“Thank you.” Yan Fei thanked him.

“You’ve been spending a lot of time in the lab lately, I haven’t seen you go out much.” Wu Mingchuan said.

“I can’t help it, my latest improved formula requires data and I’m worried about how to get it.” Yan Fei told him.

“It turns out it’s like this. Why don’t you eat first? After eating, you’ll have the energy to think.” Wu Mingchuan unwrapped the food from the parcel and handed it to Yan Fei.

“Thank you.” Yan Fei took a bite then complimented, “Auntie’s cooking is still as good as ever.”

“If you like it, I’ll have my mom make some more for you.”

“No need to go to the trouble.” After eating a few bites, Yan Fei continued to worry, “University is indeed different from high school. How did I not realize before that it was so difficult to measure and calculate data for an improved formula?”

“Wasn’t it Yan Hao who used to do all the calculations?” Wu Mingchuan said off the cuff.

“!!” Yan Fei’s head snapped up.

“Yan Hao might not be as talented as you when it comes to making medicine, but he’s excellent at maths.” Wu Mingchuan told him. “Whenever you improved a formula, the teacher would ask us to calculate the concrete data of the formula together. At that time, Yan Hao was always the first to calculate it, as if once he calculated it, he was just as good as you, but medicine isn’t maths. It relies on talent, not arithmetic.”

“….” Yan Fei looked down, “It was my big brother who calculated it for me before.”

“Yes, don’t you remember? Every time you improved a formula, Yan Hao could calculate the specific and exact values the next day. At the fastest, he could calculate it in one afternoon.” Wu Mingchuan paused and then said, “But having said that, Yan Hao’s maths is indeed very strong, stronger than the students from the math department that Professor Sun called over it seems.”

Looking at the glassware on the experiment table, Yan Fei had a plan in his heart.

Dormitory of the Mech Building Department.

Yan Hao was reading a book when a call suddenly came in. He glanced at it casually, but then immediately froze in shock.

A large word flashed on the display screen of his light brain, indicating the identity of the person on the other end of the call.


Seeing this word, Yan Hao was momentarily stunned.

Yan Hao had never understood the favoritism his parents showed towards Yan Fei in the previous life and he still didn’t understand why they doted on Yan Fei so openly when he was obviously also their child. If in his childhood he had fought for his parents’ affection, then as he grew older, his competition with Yan Fei had become a habit. It seemed as though the only way they could feel that he existed was if he excelled over Yan Fei.

In the last few years of the previous life, Yan Hao’s relationship with his family fell apart completely and he finally accepted the fact that his parents would never love him and so slowly, he cut off contact with his family. And once he stopped contacting them, his parents also seemed to have completely forgotten about him. Which was why after his rebirth, when his parents didn’t send him any living or school expenses and didn’t call him at all the entire semester, he didn’t find it strange.

But why…. was she suddenly calling?

As Yan Hao was lost in thought for a while, as the call wasn’t answered, it cut off on its own.

Yan Hao looked at the disconnected call and he didn’t know why, but he slowly breathed a sigh of relief, but just as he was about to breathe it out, his communicator rang again.

“Why aren’t you answering the call?” He Shao, holding a glass of water, had come to stand behind him at some point, “Your mom? She’s finally remembered you?”

He Shao and Yan Hao had been roommates for a semester and this was the first time He Shao had seen Yan Hao’s mom call him.

Biting his lips, Yan Hao tapped the screen lightly, answering the call.

“Yan Hao, why didn’t you answer my call earlier?!” A sharp accusing voice came through as soon as the call was connected.

This accusing voice was extremely familiar to Yan Hao, but the brows of He Shao, who had gone to sit on the other side of the room, furrowed unconsciously.

“I was….. reading, I wasn’t paying attention.” Yan Hao replied.

“Reading? Fine, I just transferred three million starcoins to your account, that should be enough to cover your living expenses for a year, right?” The woman asked?

“There’s no need….”

“What there’s no need? If there was really no need, you wouldn’t have gone to your little brother to say that we didn’t give you money and spewing that we forgot about you. It’s not as if you don’t know how busy your father and I are at work. If you need money don’t you know to call to ask for it? Ever since you were little, every time you asked for it, didn’t we give it to you?”

Yan Hao was silent and didn’t say a word, but He Shao next to him was almost about to explode with anger. If it wasn’t because he estimated that she was Yan Hao’s mother, he really wanted to jump up and curse.

Was this f*cking what a mother was supposed to say?

Compared to He Shao’s anger, Yan Hao was much more relaxed. All the feelings of adoration he had held towards his parents, had already been exhausted in the previous life.

“You called just to transfer money?”

“There’s one more thing.”

Sure enough.

There was an unsurprised expression on Yan Hao’s face.

“I heard from your little brother that you went to study Mech Building?” The woman said with a frown, “After crying and disturbing in your first year in middle school that you wanted to study pharmacy, how come you have suddenly changed to Mech Building in university? Hurry up and switch back to Pharmacy!”

“I am already a student in the Mech Building Department, I can’t switch back.”

“Your little brother begged his teacher, plus your previous grades in pharmacy were okay, so the head of the Pharmacy Department is willing to give you another chance. Your little brother will come to see you tomorrow. Follow him to meet the head of the Pharmacy Department.”

Sure enough, it was Yan Fei.

“Take a look at your little brother, he even went to beg his teacher for your sake and take a look at yourself, at how you used to treat him.”

“I don’t want to study pharmacy anymore.” Yan Hao told her.

“What nonsense are you saying? You’ve studied pharmacy for six years in middle and high school, what else can you do if you don’t continue studying it? Do you still want to rely on your family to provide for you like you do now after you graduate from university?”


“That’s that then, I’m hanging up.” The person on the other end hung up after saying this sentence.

“Why did she just hang up?!” He Shao roared as he stormed over. He had been listening to the whole conversation and had been barely able to control himself at first, but then he became so angry as he continued to listen that his blood pressure shot up and just as he was about to run over to argue with her, she suddenly hang up.

“She was done saying what she had to say I guess.” Yan Hao laughed.

“Finished saying what? She…. what did auntie’s call just now mean?” He Shao, for Yan Hao’s sake, addressed her as auntie.

“I guess it’s because I didn’t pay attention to Yan Fei this afternoon. He must have said something to them.” Yan Hao speculated.

“That little brother of yours is too scheming. What the h*ll?” He Shao pah’d, then asked, puzzled, “But why does he want you to go to the Pharmacy Department?”

Yan Hao shook his head. He wasn’t very clear about this. Without him, this vicious male lead, wouldn’t Yan Fei be able to walk more smoothly? Why did he want to make him go back to the Pharmacy Department again and again?

Could it be that it was the power of the plot?!

Thinking this way, Yan Hao was even more determined not to go back to the Pharmacy Department.

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6 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. Heh, once scheming scum, always a sceming scum. Even if he isn’t aware of it or is hiding it, he manipulated his parents to pressure HaoHao to go to pharmacy to make his own life easier, not for HaoHao’s supposed happiness. And he probably never even thought to, I don’t know, ask for his help?? Honestly, scheming scum is beyond saving. 🤬🤬🤬
    Though I do wonder about the bias sometimes. 🤔

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Yan Fei is really a foolish, spoilt child isn’t he? He thinks that if his brother is ‘where’ he’s supposed to, the status quo would go back to what it was. But even if Yan Hao was in the pharmacy department – he’d be there to study pharmacy. Mathematical proof and calculation isn’t in his job description. He’d still not give Yan Fei what he wants.

  3. God, Yan Fei is so annoying. He finds out that he can’t do the maths that makes him a genius pharmacist nd he IMMEDIATELY decides to try to force his brother to come back and do the maths for him. Is there no introspection???? Is there no thought that this might be a majorly shitty thing to do?????

  4. Zero introspection or thought to improve, just immediately wants his big brother to come back and do all the difficult parts for him

  5. I stand by what I commented in the previous chapter. that sorry excuse of a brother is the vicious one.

    also, what’s with the way these people think aiya. just because a person tells you bad things about another, you’d look at that other person badly as well without even checking for yourself whether the person’s really good or bad. aren’t some of these characters supposed to be extremely smart. they really sent themselves off as pawns by that yan fei guy 💀

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