Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 12 Taking advantage

Sheng Heng pinned Cheng Wen Kang to the ground and rubbed him repeatedly until the little fatty begged for mercy and promised to return the two energy blocks he had just taken.

Sheng Heng came out of the mech’s compartment with satisfaction and looking at his little junior who had an expectant look on his face, walked over to him with a smile: “The energy blocks’ effectiveness has been measured.”

“Did you get it? What is the efficiency, is it over 60%?” Yan Hao asked excitedly, He Shao also looked over with some nervousness.

“Sixty percent?” Sheng Heng frowned, “You have such low expectations of yourself.”

When Yan Hao saw Sheng Heng frowning, he thought the energy blocks he had made weren’t up to standard and so was a bit disappointed: “This is my first time making an energy block. I might not have gotten some things right, but don’t worry, I’ll improve it after I ask the professor in next week’s lab class.”

Noticing Yan Hao saying so much when he hadn’t even talked about the efficiency data, Sheng Heng’s frown became heavier: “Little junior, you seem to like self-denial.”

“Huh?” Yan Hao was stunned, not understanding.

“I haven’t even said the data out loud yet, so how do you know you didn’t do a good job?”

“But you’re…. frowning.” Yan Hao whispered.

When Sheng Heng heard this, he was taken aback for a moment then smiled as he blamed himself: “It’s my fault, it’s my bad expression that scared you.”

He had just told Cheng Wenkang not to scare Yan Hao, yet here he was scaring him instead. Only, he had also discovered that his little junior was even less courageous than he had expected and seemed to have a low self-esteem.

Sheng Heng could almost conclude that Yan Hao must have grown up in a bad environment, otherwise how could such a bright and intelligent person, who could successfully enter the Mecha Manufacturing Department of the Federation University, be so sensitive and feel a sense of inferiority?

“This is the performance data of my three energy blocks, look.” Sheng Heng pulled up the performance report and showed it to Yan Hao.

After Yan Hao looked at it, his eyes slowly lit up.

He Shao, who was looking at the results with him was more excited than he was, his voice echoing throughout the training room as he grabbed Yan Hao’s shoulders and shook him frantically: “Performance 81.26% 83.65%, 86.77%. Hao Hao, look, the lowest is 81.26% and the highest is almost 90%. You’re a genius, a genius of geniuses, just your first time making an energy block and you made an expert level energy block. If you practice for a few more days, you’ll become a Master.”

Yan Hao was so shaken by the crazy He Shao that he couldn’t speak at all, finally Sheng Heng couldn’t stand it and grabbed He Shao’s arm, and grabbed Yan Hao’s shoulder with one hand, and saved him from his suffering.

Yan Hao looked at Sheng Heng with gratitude before saying: “It’s not that exaggerated. For an energy block, the more it advances, the more difficult it is to improve its efficiency. Not to mention 86.77%, even the difference between 89.99% and 90% is a huge gap.”

That was the essence of the difference between an expert and a master. It was a very big challenge.

“I don’t care, I just have a kind of hunch?” He Shao.

Yan Hao was a little amused and touched to see He Shao acting so unreasonably. He never imagined that one day, someone would be as happy with his success as he was with his own success.

“Alright, to make your hunch come true, I’ll practice hard.” Yan Hao said with a smile.

But once the words were out of his mouth, he suddenly froze briefly. He had always been someone who took his promises very seriously as he always did as he said, yet this time, he had made this promise so easily, as if it would not matter if he did not do it.

For the first time, it wasn’t to compare with anyone, nor to attract anyone’s attention, he simply wanted to do something without any burden on him.

With this in mind, the smile in Yan Hao’s eyes instantly grew stronger, like the surface of a shimmering lake, rippling gently.

As Sheng Heng watched from the sidelines, he smiled slowly at first, then his brow knitted slightly, a faint heartache rising inexplicably in his heart.

At this moment, Cheng Wenkang finally finished unpacking the energy pieces, and walked over to them with a grunt and a puff.

“Give them to me.” Sheng Heng stretched his hand, stopped it in front of Cheng Wenkang.

Cheng Wenkang’s face hurt, but he had to give in to Sheng Heng’s powerful force, and threw the energy block over with a huff. Sheng Heng was prepared for it, he caught it with one hand, and put it into his space button one by one.

“How about it? The effectiveness of these two energy blocks, is more than 80%, right?” He Shao asked.

Cheng Wenkang had already seen them screaming and jumping, so he knew that Sheng Heng had announced the efficiency of the energy blocks, hence he didn’t delay in presenting the test report: “One block is 82.15%, and the other is 85.06% ~”

“Haha, sure enough, all of them are over 80%.” He Shao was much more relaxed than before.

“Tick tock ~~”

At that moment, Yan Hao’s light brain suddenly rang. He looked at it curiously and saw that Sheng Heng had transferred 10,000 star coins to him. He immediately looked at it in surprise.

“The money for the energy blocks.” Sheng Heng said simply.

“But you transferred 10,000 star coins when we agreed that one level 4 energy block would be 1,000 star coins.” Yan Hao said.

As soon as he said this, Cheng Wenkang at the side immediately came to attention then looked at his boss with a shamelessly treacherous expression: “Da*n it, Heng Ge, that’s not fair, you’re buying an expert level energy block for 1,000 star coins? Little junior Yan, from now on, don’t sell him your energy blocks, sell them to me, I’ll give you 2,000 star coins a piece.”

“Scram!” Sheng Heng, furious that Cheng Wenkang was taking over his deal in front of him kicked him, then explained to Yan Hao, “Fatty is right, expert level energy blocks are more expensive than ordinary energy blocks. The market price for energy blocks over 70% is a 1,000 star coins, but for those over 80%, the price is doubled. That’s why I’m giving you 10,000 star coins. It’s not a mistake.”

Yan Hao understood as he listened to the explanation, but he still transferred 1,000 star coins back to Sheng Heng: “Material cost.”

Sheng Heng understood, this was the money he had used to help buy the materials. His little junior didn’t want to take any advantage of him, but how could this be okay? If he wasn’t willing to take advantage of him, how they get close in the future?

“I’m short of money recently, so I’ll sell you these five energy pieces at the market price, but next time I’ll give you a 20% discount.” Yan Hao added.

Sheng Heng, who was just thinking about how to make Yan Hao take advantage of him suddenly realized that he had taken advantage of Yan Hao instead and suddenly his expression turned complicated, the emotions in his eyes deep and meaningful.

“You’re giving me a 20% discount?”

“Yes.” Yan Hao nodded.

“For an expert level energy block that is double the price, you’re still giving me a discount?”

“Yes, as long as I make the energy blocks, you come and buy them all at discounted prices.” He had done the math, if he could maintain his current success rate, no, if he could maintain a success rate of over 60%, he would soon be making money, and a lot of it at that, so he was willing to give Sheng Heng, who had helped him a discount.

“Then…. thank you!” Sheng Heng responded happily.

It was okay if his little junior didn’t want to take advantage of him, he would take advantage of him. Anyway it was all the same as it would strengthen their relationship.

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