Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 74.1 Enlightenment

Yan Hao was determined not to go back to study medicine, but others didn’t think so. The next morning, Yan Hao and He Shao were about to go to class when they ran into Yan Fei who was waiting for them at the door of the dormitory.

Yan Fei had apparently been waiting for quite some time as he held a bag of breakfast in his hand. Seeing Yan Hao come out, he greeted him with a warm smile, calling him ‘big brother’ affectionately.

“Big brother, you haven’t had breakfast yet, right? I bought this for you, it’s still hot.” He said to Yan Hao.

Yan Hao dodged sideways and kept a distance of more than three steps from him, asking warily, “What are you here for?”

“I tried calling you, but you didn’t answer, so I came here directly.” Yan Fei’s voice was weak, devoid of any complaints, but anyone who heard it could feel the grievance in it.

And right at this time, was the period when students were getting up to go to class, hence the students going and coming couldn’t help but look at them curiously. Compared to Yan Fei’s pitiful appearance, Yan Hao’s expression was much uglier. There was no hiding the dislike on his face as well as the faint anger and as more and more people around looked at them, Yan Hao’s expression became uglier. With such polarized expressions, people who didn’t know the situation would think that Yan Hao was bullying Yan Fei.

Good heavens, such a high level of sophistication. With his Yan Hao’s EQ, a hundred Yan Haos wouldn’t be Yan Fei’s match. There had only been three sentences uttered just now, two from Yan Fei and one from Yan Hao and the scene of the domineering big brother bullying his kind little brother had already been established firmly. It was a good thing they were in the dormitory of their Mech Building Department, otherwise if they had been in the Pharmacy Department, where Yan Fei had more acquaintances, Yan Hao would have been accused wrongly to death.

D*mn, was this how this green tea had played his Yan Hao in the past?

“I say, have your brains been eaten by zergs? Didn’t Yan Hao say it yesterday? He has blocked you. Do you know what it means to be blocked? It means he doesn’t want you to contact him anymore. Just yesterday and you’ve forgotten what happened. With a disabled brain like this, how were you able to get into the Federal University?” Yan Hao was only good at math problems, not arguing. While he, He Shao was the exact opposite. He excelled at arguing. If math problems were as easy as arguing, he would have been first in a matter of minutes.

“This classmate….. this is a matter between us brothers, I hope you won’t interfere.” Yan Fei pleaded weakly.

“Brothers? It’s just you who thinks that way, right? If Yan Hao really considers you a brother do you think he would have blocked you?” Turning his head, He Shao looked at Yan Hao and asked, “Hao Hao, do you still consider him a brother?”

Yan Hao shook his head firmly and after he finished shaking his head at He Shao, as if afraid that Yan Fei hadn’t seen it, told him, “No.”

“Big brother, didn’t mom call you on the communicator yesterday?” Yan Fei asked anxiously. He didn’t believe that if he mentioned their mother, Yan Hao could still act unconcerned.

Sure enough, Yan Hao’s expression really changed, his angry expression gradually turning cold: “Yan Fei, what do you want to do?”

Yan Fei was overjoyed in his heart, saying to himself, sure enough, it worked. But on the surface, he still looked like he was doing this for Yan Hao’s benefit as he emphasized, “Big brother, mom hopes that you continue studying medicine.”

“Is that what you told her?” Yan Hao laughed coldly.

“Mom is worried about you. She thinks that after studying medicine for six years then suddenly switching to majoring in mech building is too big a gap and not suitable for you.” Yan Fei said.

“So, it’s mom who wants me to go back to studying medicine and not you wanting me to go back?” Yan Hao asked.

“Of course, I also hope for that.” Yan Fei’s gaze flickered imperceptibly as he continued, “When we brothers used to go to class together, mom and dad would often ask about our studies and every time they bought something for us, they would buy it in duplicate. Do you remember, on our first attempt at adjusting basic potions, mom and dad drove us to buy the medicine supplies for us…..”

Letting out a ‘puff’ sound, Yan Hao suddenly burst out laughing.

“Big brother?” Yan Fei froze, looking at Yan Hao in surprise and bewilderment, not sure how to interpret Yan Hao’s reaction as it wasn’t what he had expected.

“Was this all I was after before?” In the past, he had always tried to get their parents attention and so had worked hard to perform well. However, when he realized that even topping the class wouldn’t get him the attention he wanted, he felt that perhaps his performance wasn’t noticeable enough. So, he deliberately failed one level, deliberately ended up in the same class as Yan Fei and deliberately studied the same major as Yan Fei, hoping that his parents would finally see how he was better than Yan Fei.

However he soon realized that people’s hearts were fickle and that those who didn’t like you would never like you no matter what you did, no matter how well you performed. And in their eyes, all the effort you put into trying to impress them would only make you look ridiculous.

Despite his hard work and efforts, all he got was a casual handout from his parents whenever they bought something for Yan Fei, which was why no matter how many times he came in first in class, no matter how much higher his score was than Yan Fei’s, Yan Fei was never sad or discouraged. Instead, he remained strong and optimistic and not arrogant or dispirited. On the other hand, the image he had hoped to project was instead misinterpreted as materialistic and disgusting.

Based on what was Yan Fei this way? Because he looked down on him in his mind.

Why had he himself been like that at that time?

At this moment, looking back at his past self, Yan Hao still couldn’t understand why he had been stuck in this and even thrown so many years into it.

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3 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. Thank you for posting! The characters & the story are so good!

    Arrrg, it’s clear why YH held onto the hope of gaining his parents’ love and affection for so long – it was manipulated by YF. I’m convinced that YH is observant enough that he’d have realized his parents’ indifference long ago, unless of course, he was continuously fed breadcrumbs of hope by a scheming younger brother.

    I really feel like YF has crossed into a whole new level of evil here – he’s no longer simply discrediting someone who’s trying to get the better of him – he’s intentionally manipulating YH into doing his work. Worse, he’s using the bait of parental love to emotionally blackmail YH into doing calculations that YF will eventually take credit for. It’s emotional slavery. Thank goodness YH has realized that he can’t make his parents love him – which means he can finally see the bait for what it is: the deception of empty promises wrapped in self-delusion.

    Now get out there & go grab yourself some real love YH – you deserve it!

  2. Because you were a child in an abusive situation who was desperately seeking the bare minimum care and affdction you should have had

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