Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 53.2 Simultaneous Discipleship

“When a mech is in combat, weapons are very important. Generally speaking, mechs below level four are equipped with long range weapons; very few will be equipped with melee weapons while all mechs above level five will have extra…..”

“Bang bang!”

Just then, the door to the lab was suddenly hit loudly and Old Zhong’s voice rang out from outside the door, “Old Pang, open the door!”

Then there were a few more bangs and the occasional persuasive voice of Baby Bug could be heard.

In this situation, Old Pang naturally couldn’t go on, so he stopped and gestured to Yan Hao to open the door while he himself went to the side to drink his tea leisurely.

Old Zhong waited for the door to be opened then rushed inside. When he saw Old Pang drinking tea, his face turned green: “You shameless old man, you actually dared to take advantage of me given a lecture to drink your disciple’s tea first.”

Old Pang was stunned then looked down at the cup of tea he was holding. He realized immediately that he had misunderstood, but he didn’t explain and continued to drink his tea with a smile on his face.

“Old Zhong, have some tea.” Just then Yan Hao also poured a cup of tea for Old Zhong and brought it over.

Old Zhong had just been about to get into it big time with Old Pang when he saw his favourite disciple bringing him a cup of tea. His eyes turning, he reached out, took the tea and drank most of it with a tilt of his head: “Alright, I’ve drank the tea. From now on you’re my disciple.”

Yan Hao froze. What, what should he do?

Baby Bug, who came in afterwards also had a look on his face that spelled out, ‘this also works?’

“Teacher?” Yan Hao looked at Old Pang for help.

“Hmm?” Old Pang and Old Zhong looked over at the same time.

“……” Yan Hao.

Yan Hao had been despised by two, even more people at the same time, but he had never been fought over by two people at the same time like this. If he had been despised, he would have ignored them and left, but both of them thought highly of him and had taught him a great deal.

“Enough, you’re scaring the kid.” Old Pang, seeing Yan Hao’s pitiful look that showed that he was at a loss for words glared at Old Zhong angrily.

“Then let’s do rock-paper-scissors and whoever wins will get the disciple.” Old Zhong didn’t want to argue with Old Pang either.

Yan Hao couldn’t let the two fight over him any more. He had to make a choice.

“Old Zhong,” Yan Hao thought for a moment then eventually gathered the courage to walk up, “I am grateful that you think highly of me, but I have already worshipped my teacher.”

In Yan Hao’s perception, Old Master Pang was the teacher who had said to his face that he would take him as his disciple and he was also willing to accept him as his teacher. As for Old Zhong, although he may have meant it too, it was too late.

“……” Old Zhong’s already blue-black face turned completely black like the bottom of a pot.

“Hahaha…..” Old Pang, however, laughed out loud, feeling relieved.

“You…. very good.” Even if Old Zhong thought highly of Yan Hao, he had already said this, so why would he still ask cheekily, irregardless of his prestige that he should be his disciple? “Ba Yun, let’s go.”

Baby Bug had a complicated expression on his face as he glanced at the upset and guilty Yan Hao, but without saying anything, he turned around and followed Old Zhong out the door.

“Wait a minute.” Old Pang suddenly shouted out to stop Old Zhong.

“What, you haven’t laughed enough?” Old Zhong asked coldly.

“You are always so quick-tempered, I don’t know how your disciples are able to stand you.” Old Pang didn’t wait for Old Zhong’s expression to change, bringing out his suggestion hurriedly, “Let’s take him as our disciple together.”

As soon as he said this, the three people in the lab were all a little surprised.

“What do you mean?” Old Zhong asked.

“You’re right, Yan Hao is really talented in mathematics and mimetic piloting systems. If he can study under you, he can grow even faster.” Old Pang said, “So, let’s take him as our disciple together.”

Yan Hao’s eyes lit up. If he could worship both masters, then Old Zhong wouldn’t be angry.

“Heh.” Old Zhong laughed coldly, “What do you take me for? After being despised you still want me to rush to be his master? Am I, Zhong Gao Xuan, a level ten Master Mech Builder and the Director of the Federation’s National Research Institute, this cheap?”

The light in Yan Hao’s eyes dimmed gradually at the sound of Old Zhong’s sneer.

“Teacher.” Baby Bug tried to persuade him.

“Shut up and walk.” Old Zhong was about to step out the door.

“Yan Hao has already independently researched and modified a level five mech and this mech, uses a mimetic piloting system.” Old Pang added calmly.

Old Zhong’s foot faltered as he stepped out the door, then he pulled it back and sprinted to Yan Hao: “Where’s the mech?”


“The level five mech you modified.” Old Zhong roared.

Twenty minutes later, Sheng Heng was summoned to the tenth floor of the lab to come and show off his mech, Black Soul.

Old Pang and Old Zhong, two of the top guys in the Mech Building world dove in head first and studied the level five mech up and down, inside and out for a long time.

Old Zhong looked at Old Pang before walking up to Yan Hao and ordering bullishly, “You …… report to my place twice a month.”


When Old Zhong heard Yan Hao’s ‘huh?’, he became angry and wanted to slam out the door again. What, did this kid want him to beg him?

“What huh, call him teacher.” Baby Bug said hurriedly.

“Teacher Zhong.” Yan Hao responded extremely quickly this time, calling him Teacher with great delight.

It was only then that Old Zhong’s expression eased up a little and a not-so-subtle ‘hmm’ came out of his throat.

The four of them couldn’t help but laugh at his arrogant expression, but the only one who dared to laugh out loud was Old Pang.

Sheng Heng was happy for Yan Hao from the bottom of his heart as he looked at Yan Hao who was surrounded by Old Pang and Old Zhong as he stood in the corner. To be taken under the tutelage of two level ten Mech Building Masters at the same time, Yan Hao’s future was almost destined to be beyond the reach of others.

But what about him?

Sheng Heng looked down at his hands. How was he going to stand beside him if he was only a level five mech warrior?

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  1. Dude if you pursue him and win his heart, well know little cutiie sincerity and devotion (a bit of dependency infortunaly)even if you were to stay a level 5 he would loved and support you !

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