Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 9.2 I’ve never had friends

“No, you…..” He Shao still felt that something was wrong. How come he and Yan Hao weren’t on the same page? “Have you ever been in a similar situation before?”

“I’ve been a good student since I was a kid and things that my classmates had to learn two or three times, I learned once. Some of my classmates asked me how I learned it, and I told them I learned it after watching it once. When they heard that, they said I was trying to show off. Every year, the comments I would get from my teachers at school were also admonitions to be modest and not to be complacent about my accomplishments.” Yan Hao smiled bitterly.

When had he started to be labeled as such?

He remembered. It seemed like the first year when he had changed to pharmacy. There had been a theory test and he had scored a 100% easily. When his classmates came and asked him how he studied, he had answered truthfully that he didn’t study, he had just listened to the lectures in class during the day. Not happy with his answer, his classmates said that he was showing off because he had gotten a perfect score on the test.

But Yan Fei studied hard for a week, took a book full of notes, got 95% but was praised by their classmates and teachers for his diligence and hard work. After another parental bias, Yan Hao really didn’t understand and asked Yan Fei: “Why is it that I clearly did better than you, but our parents, teachers, and even our classmates like you better?”

This questioning was seen by a classmate, and since then, he was labeled as a selfish person who was jealous of his brother and who loved to show off. And although Yan Fei wasn’t as good as he was in theory, he had a great talent for innovation in pharmacy, so when there was a special pharmacy in practice, Yan Fei always scored better than him.

And every time, everyone around him would come up to him and taunt him, saying look, didn’t you fail this time.

As he didn’t like being taunted, he studied hard and got first place every time, and then when Yan Fei didn’t do well and was disappointed and was being comforted by their teacher, classmates and parents, he would go over to him and say, “I’m first again.”

But now that he thought about it, he was really stupid. What was the point of saying ‘I’m first again’? Just to see Yan Fei feel bad for a moment?

Yan Fei was the main character of this novel, hence in this novel, no matter how hard he tried, his parents’ eyes would never fall on him. Not to mention that Yan Fei only came second in the exam, even if he was second to last, he would still have the love and recognition he could never ask for.

“What kind of stupid school did you attend? From teachers to students, so from childhood?!” He Shao was shocked. “Their own school has a god of learning like you, the future master of mecha building. Even if they didn’t provide for you, they still excluded you? Are they stupid?”

Although Yan Hao didn’t say anything about being ostracized, if he couldn’t guess from the way Yan Hao had apologized to him just because of a joke, then he was a little blind.

“Hao Ge, ignore them. You’re too intelligent to bother with the mentally handicapped. They were just plain jealous, and when you become a mech master, you had better not mention your shitty old school when you appear on the federal news. What bullsh*t! “ He Shao cursed.

“They were jealous of me?” Yan Hao stared.

“Of course. They were obviously jealous of your high IQ and your learning capability. Think about it, they worked so hard, went home and studied until 2:00 in the morning, but they couldn’t catch up to the few minutes you spent in class, so they were jealous of you. But they just couldn’t get ahead of you no matter how hard they tried, that’s why they kept slandering you. They’re a bunch of narrow-minded trash, ignore them.”

“So, Yan Fei was jealous of me too?” Yan Hao whispered.

“Huh, what did you say?” He Shao didn’t hear.

“It’s nothing, I just figured out some things.” Yan Hao smiled happily, “He Shao, thank you.”

I actually had something that the protagonist envied, but once I was so intent on getting what the protagonist had, I lost sight of what I really had.

“How come you’re so unreasonable? How can friends always say thank you.” He Shao scratched his face uncomfortably.

“I’ve never had friends, so if I don’t do something right, please bear with me.”

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7 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. Thank you for the chapter!!!

    Yan Hao is a really great friend who gives great advice: They’re a bunch of narrow-minded trash, ignore them.

    So true…

  2. He is so cute 🙁 Im so sad he got treated that way! Also how cute is it that he said that last sentence! WHes such a, good friend

  3. Now that we’re on this topic, it brought me some memories. I’m not as smart as him, but I also didn’t study for tests, specially in high school. I prefer listening in class, and read a bit more after. I can pass my exams this way, but I don’t get the highest score, so it’s good when I want a low key status in class. But when I answered Math questions, I always had the highest score. I just did the same. Listen to class and do my homework. The homeworks were difficult, but with that, I got to enjoy solving them because they were like puzzles. I really enjoyed solving Math problems, but after an exam, seeing that I got most of it correctly, I couldn’t celebrate or look happy because I’d make my classmates feel bad. The first thing I’d do was to hide my paper even if I really wanted to see my wrong answers and know how else could it be solved. Fortunately, my classmates in college celebrated for me whenever I scored more than half of the test items. Haha. All of us majored in math, so this might be the reason why they’re more accepting. However, I can still feel that there’s a wall between us. They think too highly of me. When I failed, they’d cheer me up, but I know that they’re disappointed. Still, I want to experience being troubled by a Math problem and work on it together with my classmates, and finally solve it together. I’m not an Olympiad type of ‘genius’ in the first place, so I’d rather dream of being an average student. Too bad, my time is up on being a student.

  4. I was also a no-study monster back in high school. I got pretty amazing grades without much effort at all just by listening in class and doing the assignments. I did take notes during class, but I never really ended up using them, so it was just a mechanism for me to re-parse the information while it was being presented. Turns out I have an attention deficit disorder and listening and taking notes in class was literally the limits of my ability to study in school. I managed to breeze through all the way until I hit Optical Physics and Modern Physics 2 in college before I encountered complex enough formulas and difficult enough concepts that my ability to assimilate information by listening and taking notes proved to be inadequate. I mean, when the formulas are composed of other formulas and the actual formula, fully expanded, takes up a third of a page, it kinda makes sense that I would fare poorly against it.

    Long story short: don’t be like me. If you find that you legitimately lack the ability to focus on something long enough to study effectively, don’t just ignore the signs. Get tested for an attention deficit disorder early. Even a mild case can heavily impact your ability to succeed academically. As a reminder, people who suffer from ADD and ADHD often experience hyperfixation, meaning that they can focus intently for prolonged periods of time on a singular stimulus. Do not mistake this ability for a lack of evidence for a disorder. Hyperfixation is typically reserved for subjects which you are innately interested in and cannot be readily controlled, thus it is often not a particularly constructive feature despite how useful it sounds.

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