Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 50.1 The meeting of the online friends

Back in the dormitory, He Shao was still exclaiming in admiration at the scene he had just seen.

“Hao Hao, could it be that with this mimetic piloting system, I can pilot a mech too?” Every teenager had the dream of piloting a mech in his heart, and He Shao was no exception.

“Normal piloting shouldn’t be a problem.” Yan Hao said.

“Then I’ll get a mech too, and you can help me modify it later, okay?” He Shao said excitedly. He didn’t ask for much, it didn’t matter if it was a level 3 or 4 mech, he just wanted to have a taste of piloting a mech.

“You can modify it yourself, I can teach you.” Yan Hao said.

“I won’t learn that.” He Shao shook his head.


“The mimetic system is your work, I can’t learn it. Besides, even if I do, I won’t make any new breakthroughs, so I might as well just let you modify it for me.” He Shao explained.

“That’s true. With the time I would use to teach you, I could have modified several mechs.” Yan Hao nodded approvingly.

“You brat, are you making fun of me for being stupid?” Laughing, He Shao threw a pillow at him.

Yan Hao laughed and ducked out of the way. The two of them laughed and giggled for a while until He Shao suddenly noticed a box. He exclaimed: “I almost forgot, your package. You’ve been working on Black Soul in the lab for the past two days that I haven’t had a chance to give it to you yet. I looked at the time and saw that the package was sent over a month ago. Take a look and see what’s inside.”

Yan Hao had indeed forgotten about this package during this time. He unwrapped the package and inside it was– a black metal box. When he opened the metal box, a chill emanated from it first, then a burst of green light.

“A Tempest Stone?!” He Shao shouted in shock.

Yan Hao also recognized the Tempest Stone, which he had done research on when he had decided to replace the mech core within Black Soul, and so naturally knew how rare it was.

“Baby Bug gave me a Tempest Stone?” Yan Hao muttered, “Isn’t this something that’s hard to buy?”

“Of course it’s hard to buy, you need to be a Mech Building Master of level 8 or above to be able to buy it, Professor Qin isn’t even qualified to buy it. What kind of person is your online friend that he’s so generous?” He Shao couldn’t help but touch the Tempest Stone, “Such a big piece, it must have cost at least tens of millions of starcoins.”

“He might have sent it to the wrong person, I’ll ask him.” The two had exchanged addresses earlier and also exchanged communicator numbers, so Yan Hao looked for Baby Bug’s communicator number and made a voice call.

The communicator rang for about ten seconds before it was answered, a clear male voice sounding on the other end of the line.

“Ri An, what made you call me?” Baby Bug was obviously surprised.

“I received the package you gave me.” Yan Hao said.

“Package? Did you just receive it? I remember it was sent through mail for over a month now.” Baby Bug had been very busy during this period of time. Because Yan Hao had solved the math problem, the research lab had also been extremely busy, as the research they were doing had progressed ahead of schedule.

“I had been in the lab before, I just opened it today to look at it.” Yan Hao said with some embarrassment.

“Oh, I understand, I understand.” Baby Bug assured him.

“Baby Bug, did you send the wrong mail?” Yan Hao asked.

“The wrong mail? You haven’t received the Tempest Stone?” Baby Bug asked.

“…… ” Looking at the equally dazed He Shao, Yan Hao asked, “You really sent me a Tempest Stone? “


“A Tempest Stone is such a valuable thing, how can I accept it?” After confirming that Baby Bug had sent the right mail, Yan Hao wanted to return it.

“It’s originally your win, so you should have it.” Baby Bug told him.

“My win?”

“It’s the math problem I told you about the last time. I made a bet with my junior brother. I bet that you could solve it and he bet that you couldn’t, and the stake was the Tempest Stone,” Baby Bug told him.

“But it was a bet between you and him.” Yan Hao said.

“That math problem you solved last time has helped our lab and this piece of Tempest Stone is the payment.”

“But you’ve already given me the payment.”

“What sort of payment is one hundred starcoins?”

“You also sent me the basic information of the mimetic mech, that is enough.” Yan Hao felt that the basic information Baby Bug sent him on the mimetic system was worth much more than the math problem he had solved, so he couldn’t accept the Tempest Stone.

“That was given to you by my teacher. The Tempest Stone is my own payment to you.”


“No buts, I might need your help with a problem later, so regard this Tempest Stone as my payment in advance. Besides, you’re going to become a Mech Building Master, could it be that you don’t want the Tempest Stone?” Baby Bug asked.

The Tempest Stone was the best material for making mech cores, and no Mech Building Master would be too short of it, so of course Yan Hao wanted it.

“Then I’ll accept it, and if you want my help with a problem in the future, feel free to call me.” Yan Hao didn’t continue to reject it.

“Alright, but my teacher is coming over so I’m hanging up now.” With that, Baby Bug hung up.

“Teacher.” Baby Bug called out respectfully.

“Hmm.” The old man nodded, then asked with concern, “How are you holding up?”

“Teacher, I’m fine.” Baby Bug puffed out his chest. Even his teacher was holding up, so how dare he, a student, leave early?

“There are still two days left then this research will be over. You will be given two days off then.” The old man promised.

“Thank you teacher.” Baby Bug expressed his gratitude.

“Yes, how is that online friend of yours doing?” The old man suddenly changed the subject.

“Ri An?”

“Didn’t I ask you to send him a copy of the information before, does he understand it?” With the help of Baby Bug’s online friend, the laboratory had finally made progress on the research that they had been stuck on for half a year, putting the old man in a very good mood, hence every now and then, he would think of this Ri An who was extremely talented in mathematics. Although this Ri An was a bit materialistic, he was indeed a rare talent, so if he had any questions, he wouldn’t mind answering them.

“I haven’t heard him mention it.” Baby Bug shook his head.

“You haven’t heard him mention it, which means he understands it?” So it seems that Ri An was not only gifted in math, but also in Mech Building.

“Or maybe he’s just completely clueless.” Baby Bug laughed, “He’s only a freshman this year and still learning about making energy blocks and mech wiring diagrams. The information you gave me touches on mech internal system modifications, so he probably won’t be able to get through it for a while.”

“What?!” The old man’s eyes widened, his voice abruptly going up a level, “You’re saying he’s only a freshman?”

“Ye….. yes.” Baby Bug was frightened.

“Are you sure?”

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