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Chapter 95.1 Misunderstood

On the way back to school from the café, Yan Hao was lost in thought, completely immersed in his own world. Sheng Heng, on the other hand, didn’t bother him. He simply walked quietly on the outside of the sidewalk, keeping Yan Hao safely on the inside.

Walking forward in a daze, Yan Hao would occasionally glance at Sheng Heng, then his eyebrows would furrow, seemingly troubled, as if he was thinking deeply about something. Once he finished contemplating, he would just continue walking forward, head lowered.

Apart from being a bit puzzled the first time Yan Hao stared at him like this, Sheng Heng remained cool and composed throughout. He even felt a bit of joy and anticipation.

This was the prelude to this little guy finally being enlightened!!!

Moreover, judging from Yan Hao’s current reaction, it didn’t seem like he disliked him. Just this thought alone made Sheng Heng feel as if he was about to float in the air.

Sheng Heng’s guess wasn’t wrong. As they walked, Yan Hao was indeed pondering on the question that was strange to him, and that was, ‘Do I, or do I not like Sheng Heng?’

Yan Hao was an extremely focused and meticulous person. Be it in pharmacy or mech, once he began to think, he would easily drown in his own world, but this problem was too difficult. It was nothing like maths, as it was devoid of any logical connection. Feeling helpless, Yan Hao decided to go with the method, genuine knowledge comes from practice.

“Heng Ge.” He stopped abruptly.

“En?” Sheng Heng, who had been walking with him all this while, also had his mind filled with a myriad of thoughts, but seeing Yan Hao finally snap out of his thoughts, while he maintained a calm exterior, he was incredibly anxious on the inside.

Had his little junior finally figured it out?

Does he like me, or does he like me?

Why is he staring at me like that? Could it be he’s going to confess to me first?

The simple Yan Hao couldn’t tell from Sheng Heng’s calm expression that he was actually cold on the outside, but deep and passionate on the inside. He was embarrassed about what he was about to say, however his demeanor, in Sheng Heng’s eyes, had a different meaning.

He’s blushing! Could it be….

Sheng Heng’s fingertips trembled from nervousness.

“I…. I want to ask you for a favor, is that okay?” Yan Hao hesitated.

A favor?

Sheng Heng was slightly disappointed. “Why are you still being so polite with me? Just tell me what it is and I’ll definitely help you.”

Hearing Sheng Heng’s agreeing immediately, Yan Hao felt a surge of joy, then he went straight to the point. “I want to hold your hand.”

Hold my hand?

Sheng Heng’s passion, which had cooled slightly due to disappointment, was instantly reignited and even flared more intensely than before. “Of course.”

“You….. aren’t going to ask why?” Yan Hao asked, surprised.

“There’s no need.” Is there any reason needed for wanting to hold hands? It’s something I want to do every time we are walking together.

Chuckling lightly, Sheng Heng stretched out his hand, palm up, then placed it in front of Yan Hao in an inviting gesture.

In response, Yan Hao smile back then placed his own hand gently atop Sheng Heng’s and the moment their hands clasped, he even gave Sheng Heng’s hand an impulsive squeeze.

A slight smile played around Sheng Heng’s lips as his fingers closed around Yan Hao’s hand, enveloping it naturally.

Then they stood there, holding hands in the small grove outside the Mech Building Department quietly, Yan Hao’s gaze fixed on their intertwined palms while Sheng Heng’s gaze was solely on the person in front of him.

Sunlight slipped through the gaps in the treetops, dancing on Yan Hao’s brows and eyes as the leaves rustled, a mirror of Sheng Heng’s emotions– joyous and effervescent.

Suddenly, Yan Hao looked up, his eyes shining bright, his lips breaking into a soft smile as he looked at him, causing Sheng Heng to feel as though something had grazed his heart gently, a new sensation swelling inside him.

If I confess now, Xiao Hao would accept it, right?


However just as Sheng Heng opened his mouth, his hand was suddenly left empty. Yan Hao had pulled his hand back, a relieved expression on his face as he said, “Sure enough, I misunderstood.”

“Misunderstood?” Sheng Heng stared at his empty palm, unable to return to his senses for a while.

With a smile, Yan Hao explained, “Back in the café, my heart suddenly started racing and my face became hot. It was very strange.”

Sheng Heng listened quietly.

“And then I went to wash my face in the washroom and there was this couple…..” As he thought about the scene he had witnessed in the washroom, his fair face flushed crimson.

“I heard them say that when one falls in love, holding hands will make you blush and cause your heart to race and well, I was blushing and my heart was racing, so….. I started to wonder if maybe I liked you.” At this point, Yan Hao looked somewhat embarrassed as he kept his eyes lowered, not daring to look at Sheng Heng. In contrast, when Sheng Heng heard this, his heart started pounding wildly, as if it might burst at any moment.

“So, I thought of doing an experiment. I’d hold your hand and see if I got that same blushing, heart-racing feeling I had just now. If I did, it would mean I liked you. If I didn’t, it would mean I didn’t.” Yan Hao looked up, a joyful expression on his face as he revealed his conclusion, “And, having held your hand for so long just now, I didn’t blush and my heart didn’t race, so sure enough, I misunderstood.”

In that moment, the world fell silent.

Sheng Heng’s heart, that had been on the verge of bursting, was instantly frozen by a devastating chill.

Misunderstood? How come he had misunderstood?

“Heng Ge, we’ve arrived at my dorm, so I’ll head back first.” Emerging from the grove, they were right beneath the dorm building. Waving at Sheng Heng, Yan Hao turned to leave, but he had only taken two steps when his arm was yanked back violently, and with a sudden pull, was dragged back.

With red-rimmed eyes, Sheng Heng pressed Yan Hao against a tree trunk, panting heavily, an angry expression on his face that Yan Hao had never seen before. It was as if he wanted to devour him on the spot.

“Heng Ge, what’s….. what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” Yan Hao asked worriedly.

Sheng Heng ignored him, his gaze fixed in a dead stare on Yan Hao’s red lips that kept opening and closing as he spoke. In his mind, reason and impulse were battling.

“Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him hard, s*ck on his tongue, so he can’t say those words you don’t want to hear.” Impulse coaxed.

“No way, our little junior is so timid, he’d be scared out of his wits.” Reason admonished.

“But he admitted it himself, he blushes because of you, he’s starting to understand. But that hand holding experiment of his, how the h*ll can it make him blush or make his heart race? Kiss him, kiss him directly so it will make him blush. This way won’t he get it! If you don’t kiss him now, it’ll be harder to get him to be enlightened later.” His impulse argued.

In the end, impulse won out.

Sheng Heng suddenly leaned in, causing Yan Hao to shrink back a little instinctively, but there was a tree trunk behind him, Sheng Heng in front of him and Sheng Heng’s iron-like arms on either side of him. Trapped, he couldn’t move. At first, he found it strange, then he was worried if Sheng Heng was sick, but then slowly, the atmosphere around them began to change.

“Thump, thump! Thump!”

Suddenly, Yan Hao heard his own heart beating, getting faster and louder, and in this moment, Sheng Heng’s face was closing in slowly.

“Ge ge.” Not knowing what to do, Yan Hao placed both hands on Sheng Heng’s chest as he cried out instinctively, his big eyes filled with apprehension and unease as he looked at Sheng Heng weakly and helplessly.

The ‘Ge ge’ brought Sheng Heng back to his senses, and when he saw the unease in Yan Hao’s eyes, he went pale. Stepping back hurriedly, he didn’t stop until he’d taken a full three steps back.

“I’m sorry, I…..” I what? I didn’t mean to?

In his mind, impulse was still shouting at him fiercely, telling him to not let go of this golden opportunity. If you’re a man, just go for it.

“I have to go.” Not daring to stay, Sheng Heng run away as if he was fleeing, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

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