Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 82.1 The search for ores

As Yan Hao began to assemble his very first mech, Sheng Heng also embarked on his second field combat assessment.

“The location for the field assessment this time, is Planet B135.” Xiao Tianhan announced.

As soon as he said this, the classroom erupted into chatter.

“Planet B135 is a resource planet, with ore being its primary resource. The task for this assessment is for you to locate a piece of ore that your partner needs. You can discuss the specific type of ore with your partner, but of course, the higher the grade, the higher the score.” Xiao Tianhan continued.

The previous assessment on the desolate planet had been focused on mech warriors, designed to hone their combat skills against the zerg race. This time, however, the assessment would be focused on mech builders, tasking them with protecting their partners as they searched the resource planet for the ore they needed.

After making the announcement, Xiao Tianhan left the classroom and as soon as he did, the students immediately began to form groups to discuss their plans with their mech builder partners. Glancing at Sheng Heng, Cheng Wenkang asked him, “Our little junior seems to be quite busy these days. Will he have time to join us?”

“There’s no need for him to go.” Sheng Heng knew that Yan Hao had been busy learning to assemble a mech these days and so didn’t want to disturb him.

“But this is an assessment focused on mech builders.”

“Sheng Heng, do you want to team up with us?” Class president Sun Zhu asked Sheng Heng, suddenly approaching them.

Sheng Heng looked at him.

“I just heard you guys say that junior Yan Hao doesn’t have time, however you guys will need a mech builder when you set out, so why not join our team for now?” Sun Zhu continued.

If it had been in the past, Sun Zhu would have never made such an offer. After all, Sheng Heng’s combat power had only lasted two hours then, which would have made him a burden during field assessments. However ever since he had piloted the mimetic mech, his combat power had skyrocketed to become the best in the class. Especially after he had been able to fight on par with the top student Sima Ming Xuan from the third year during their way back from their assessment on the Desolate Planet.

“Then I’ll have you trouble you, class president.” Sheng Heng said with a smile.

“It’s no trouble at all.” Sun Zhu he he’d in reply.

Seeing Sheng Heng agree, there were many expressions of regret and disappointments on the crowd’s faces. If they had known earlier that Sheng Zheng wanted to sponge off a team, they would have also gone to ask him.

The depart date for the assessment was in three days, however before leaving, Sheng Heng made a special trip to go see Yan Hao to ask him about the type of ore he needed.

“Senior, you can just bring me any piece you find. As long as it’s something you find, I’ll like it.” Yan Hao said in reply. He had learned much about ores while studying mech parts building, however since he couldn’t go, no matter how much knowledge he knew, it was useless.

“I’ve heard other mech builders say that the ores to be found on the resource planet during this assessment will eventually be turned into mech parts for their partners, so the ores I’m going to find this time will eventually become parts of Black Soul.” Sheng Heng said with a smile, “Is there any way I can find good ore materials for Black Soul?”

Yan Hao was simply too innocent, because as soon as Sheng Heng finished saying this, he felt that his sentence made a lot of sense, and so said, “I heard from my master that good ores can absorb mental energy.”

“I understand.” Sheng Heng told him.

“Oh right, these are the energy blocks I prepared for you and Senior Cheng.” Saying this, Yan Hao took out the level 6 energy blocks he had stayed up all night making from his spatial button. There were sixteen in total, enough for both Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang to use until their return.

“Thank you.” Not standing on ceremony, Sheng Heng accepted them all.

“Senior, master says I’m making rapid progress, so when you return this time, you won’t need to buy new replacement parts for Black Soul anymore. I can help you fix them. This way, you can save a lot of money.” Yan Hao added elatedly.

“You’re even helping me save money.” The corners of Sheng Heng’s lips curved slightly, an indefinable emotion surfacing in his eyes.

“En.” Yan Hao nodded happily.

Black Soul was a Level 6 mech and parts for level 6 mechs were expensive, so it was no wonder Senior Sheng was also very happy to hear that he could save money.

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