Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 31.2

“…. “I f*cking queued up in the canteen and stayed for less than three minutes, who eats so fast? This guy, he was probably obsessed with studying mechs again that he had even forgotten the time.

“You come down first, I have something to ask you.”

“Oh.” Yan Hao put his tools down and descended from the ladder slowly, “What is it?”

“Are you Little Cutie?” He Shao asked.

“?” Yan Hao blinked, then blushed slowly, “You …. you don’t talk about me like that.”

Yan Hao, who lacked compliments in his previous life had fallen prey to a problem, and that was he was now particularly prone to blushing and being shy when being complimented in this life.

“…. “D*mn, this was a misunderstanding. He Shao coughed and corrected, “I mean, is your nickname online ‘Little Cutie’?”

It was only then that Yan Hao reacted and understood that he had just made a fool of himself. He shook his head in embarrassment, “No, I don’t have a nickname.”

“Then were you the one who developed the recipe announced by the Ministry of Military Affairs today?” He Shao asked then went on to Starnet to show Yan Hao the medicine recipe.

Yan Hao was surprised when he saw it, “Huh, did the Ministry of Military Affairs announce it so soon?”

“You really are Little Cutie!” Yan Hao’s words were a disguised admission.

“….” Yan Hao looked over at He Shao.

“I mean, this Master Pharmacist Little Cutie.” He Shao knew Yan Hao had misunderstood again and hastily pointed out the line underneath the recipe to Yan Hao, “The Ministry of Military Affairs said that this recipe was made personally by the one who cracked and improved the previous Advanced Sedative Data Model, Master Pharmacist Little Cutie. Doesn’t that mean that you are ‘Little Cutie’?’

Holy sh*t, whoever came up with that name was brilliant.

“The recipe is mine, but I didn’t ask them to give me that nickname.” Yan Hao was so ashamed seeing the words ‘Master Pharmacist Little Cutie’ that he didn’t dare to read them out loud.

He Shao thought for a moment then asked, “This formula was published from the Ministry of Military Affairs’ website with the help of Senior Sheng Heng, right?”

“Hmm.” Yan Hao nodded his head.

There we go, the case was solved. He was almost certain that this nickname had been given by that one surnamed Sheng who had ulterior motives.

“It’s really a villain’s design that is obvious to all.” He Shao scolded in a small voice, then asked, “When did you come up with such a recipe?”

“It was the last time I went to help Senior treat his hand injury ….” Yan Hao then gave He Shao a detailed account of the process.

“In that case, it’s indeed a good idea to publish it on Starnet for free. But ….” He Shao looked at Yan Hao and complained half-heartedly, “Why didn’t you tell me about such an important matter? I still got the news from Starnet like everyone else.”

To be honest, He Shao had been a little uncomfortable in his heart when he’d heard the news in the canteen. After all, he considered he and Yan Hao to be good friends already, so it hurt him a little that for such a big event he had to read the news from Starnet together with other people. But he also knew deep down that Yan Hao wasn’t obliged to tell him everything.

He Shao wasn’t someone who hummed and hawed. If he was uncomfortable he would just said so, and when he was done, that was that.

“Then …. I’ll definitely talk to you in advance if there’s something like this again in the future, I’m sorry.” Yan Hao assured.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, what’s the point of apologizing.” With this apology, he caught He Shao a little off guard instead.

“I did, you’re my friend, I shouldn’t have made you get the news online like everyone else.” Yan Hao said seriously.

“Ai-ya, I was just ranting off the cuff, you shouldn’t take it too seriously.” He Shao regretted it. How could he have forgotten that Yan Hao was an overly serious cub? He shouldn’t have whined like that.

“It’s not right.” Yan Hao shook his head, saying persistently, “Just like Yan Fei and I are both mum and dad’s children, but mum and dad won’t remember me for anything they do, and every time, I get upset inside. This time it’s my fault, I won’t do that again, He Shao, I want to be friends with you all the time.”

“….” He Shao was stunned, then suddenly his eyes were a little sore. A little touched and a little distressed, he told him, “I understand, but you don’t have to tell me everything, like secrets and stuff, you don’t have to tell anyone. But if it’s something like today, which the entire Federation is aware of, you have to tell me in advance.”


“I ran back in a hurry just now when I heard the news; I didn’t even bother to eat, you have to treat me to dinner.” He Shao moved over and put his arm around Yan Hao’s shoulders.

“Okay, I’ll treat you to a big meal.” Yan Hao happily agreed.

“You said it yourself, let’s go!”

Inside the Mech Training room.

Cheng Wenkang was looking at Sheng Heng with an expression of disdain on his face, “Boss, you picked this name, didn’t you? ‘Little Cutie’, you really came up with a great name, but did our little junior agree to it?”

“Shut up.” Sheng Heng was calling someone in the military with a slightly foul expression. How could he possibly give his little junior such a nickname and announce it to the public? Even if he wanted to call his little junior little cutie, that was something he would do behind closed doors, how could he allow others follow suit like that?

The moment this was announced on Starnet, everyone in the federation would be calling Yan Hao Little Cutie. Just thinking about it made Sheng Heng unhappy.

“Hello, Sheng Heng, what is it?” A mellow male voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Uncle Yue, what’s with that nickname online?” Sheng Heng said through clenched teeth.

“Oh, that nickname, isn’t it because we had to release the recipe to the public? Although you said it should be anonymous, we can’t not have a nickname right? So I made one up myself.” Uncle Yue said.

“Then how did you pick such a nickname.”

“Oh, it’s kind of related to you.” Uncle Yue laughed, “I asked you before what kind of person Yan Hao was, and you said he was a very cute junior. When my men came to ask me what nickname was appropriate, I was inspired by these words and came up with this nickname. Apt, right?”

“Change it for me!”

Apt my a**, no, it was apt but wouldn’t his little junior be harassed all over Starnet this way? This was absolutely intolerable.

“I’ve already published it, I can’t change it.”

“Change it now!”

“That, I’m a little busy.” After saying that, his uncle hung up, exasperating Sheng Heng who almost smashed the light brain terminal.

He didn’t know if his little junior would be angry when he saw this nickname.

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