Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 19.2

“Let’s go. Aren’t we going to buy parts, what kind do you want?” Sheng Heng took the initiative to change the subject. Although his little junior’s shy expression was very cute, if he continued looking at him, he was afraid he would be scared away, “I don’t know as much as you do about medicines, but I definitely know which mecha parts are good better than you do.”

“Then, Senior Sheng please help me choose some of the parts.” Yan Hao said immediately.

“Of course, no problem.” And with these words, Sheng Heng put his arm around Yan Hao’s shoulders and led him away.

Cheng Wenkang followed after them hurriedly, but after walking a few steps, he realized that He Shao wasn’t moving. He couldn’t help but ask, confused, “He Shao, why aren’t you coming?”

“Coming for what? To become a light bulb?” He Shao asked through gritted teeth.

“A light bulb?” Cheng Wenkang turned his head in confusion, but after staring at the backs of Heng Ge and their junior for a few seconds, he suddenly realized, “ Oh! And here I was thinking that Heng Ge was being inexplicably passionate about junior Yan Hao. So that’s why.”

The more He Shao looked at him, the more angry he became. This was all because Sheng Heng could see that Yan Hao was innocent and easy to deceive. No, he had to protect Yan Hao, he couldn’t let him be deceived like that without knowing anything.

“Let’s go over there.” He Shao got up to chase after them but was pulled back by Cheng Wenkang.

“What are you doing, want to become a light bulb?” Cheng Wenkang asked the same thing he had asked back.

“What light bulb? Did Sheng Heng confess his love? Did Yan Hao say yes? Are they together?” He Shao asked three questions in a row.

“That’s why we should give them more opportunities. If we don’t act as a light bulb, they can develop faster in the dark.” Cheng Wenkang tugged He Shao in the opposite direction, “Come, let’s go upstairs.”

“Let go, you go by yourself.” He Shao struggled all the way but couldn’t break free because of his thin arms and legs.

“Huh, why did He Shao and Cheng Wenkang go over there?” After they had walked for a while, Yan Hao noticed that He Shao wasn’t behind them.

“Maybe there’s something else they want to buy.” Sheng Heng said lightly, “Anyway, we are all in the shopping centre. When we’ve finished shopping, we’ll contact them and go back together.”

“You’re right, He Shao also has something he wants to buy.” Yan Hao suddenly felt that he wasn’t a good friend. He couldn’t keep on asking He Shao to accompany him to buy this and that without paying attention to what He Shao wanted.

But He Shao had said that there was no need to apologise all the time between friends, so he would have to behave better next time. The next time, he would make sure to accompany He Shao on his shopping trips.

“What kind of parts do you want to buy?” As they entered the parts section, Sheng Heng asked in an audible voice.

“I want all kinds of parts.” Yan Hao said in reply as he looked at the wide range of lined up mech parts. He really wanted to buy every single one of them and assemble a real mech by himself.

“Then why don’t you just buy a mech?” Sheng Heng laughed.

“I’d like to, but mechs are too expensive.” A mech would cost hundreds of millions of star coins and he hadn’t saved up enough money yet, “Forget it, let’s buy an energy storage bin first, I’m learning to make energy blocks.”

As Sheng Heng looked at the expression of regret on his face, he couldn’t help but say, “Do you want a scrapped mech?”

“Scrapped?” Yan Hao’s eyes lit up, “You have a scrapped mech?”

“I used to have a mech that was so badly damaged that it turned to a scrapped one. It was a present from my family for my tenth birthday.” Sheng Heng said.

“A gift, then wouldn’t it have meaning to you?” Yan Hao was a little hesitant.

“If it can play a part in your journey to becoming a mech master, then it would have more meaning.” Sheng Heng laughed.

“Senior, you always say that. It puts me under a lot of pressure.”

“Then just take it as me asking you to help me fix it and the access to it, just think of it as a repair fee.” Sheng Heng said again.

“No problem, I will fix it properly.” Yan Hao himself hadn’t noticed that he always seemed to accept Sheng Heng’s proposals with ease.

“So, do you still want to buy the parts?”

“Yes, let’s buy the energy storage bin.” Yan Hao rushed out, energized.

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  1. Sheng Heng and Chen Wenkang real identities (their status, families, wherebout…) in Mc previous life and even now intrigued me…🤔

    Thank you for your hard work dear translator, your work is really appreciated ❤️

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