Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 1.1 Rebirth

Yan Hao looked at the professional application form in front of him in a daze, and after a moment, his expression turned complicated and mocking. He wasn’t mocking others, but himself at this moment.

He had been accepted to the Federation University with the first ranking in the Z Star High School Examination, and he had been offered all the majors in the Federation University, but he chose Pharmacy because his brother, Yan Fei, had grown up with the ambition of majoring in Pharmacy .

Yes, it was not his major, but his brother Yan Fei’s.

He and Yan Fei were brothers from the same parents, but his parents have loved his brother more ever since they were children. Anytime his brother failed an exam, his parents would comfort him carefully, while they did nothing when he came first. Anytime his brother was sick, their parents would took time off work to be with him, but when he was sick, they wouldn’t even say hello.

Yan Hao didn’t understand why he and his brother were so different, so he became angry and upset and started to compete with his brother in every way. Whenever his brother Yan Fei wanted to do something, he would do it too, and did it better.

However it was clear that he was the one who did better, but he was never recognized by the people around him. His parents, teachers and classmates all looked at him with disdain, saying that he was jealous, selfish and liked to steal from others.

Only until his death did Yan Hao understand why he had worked so hard but was never as good as his brother Yan Fei.

Because he lived in a book called [The Great Pharmacist], where his brother Yan Fei was the main character, and he was the vicious male counterpart to set up the main character’s goodness, the cannon fodder to make the main character’s gong appear to beat up his face and swipe goodwill in front of the main character’s shou. So no matter how good he did, under the protagonist’s powerful aura, he could only ever be cannon fodder.

No matter how good he was, in the eyes of his parents, friends, classmates and teachers, he was never as popular as the main character.

He didn’t know why he could still wake up when he had already died under the psychic power riot, and he even had the memories of the book in his head, but since he had been reborn, Yan Hao had no intention of being cannon fodder again.

Since Yan Fei was the main character, the chosen one, if the cannon fodder was destined to be unable to compete with the main character, then he wouldn’t compete with him.

If people didn’t like him, then they shouldn’t like him.

He should never waste his life for others.

Yan Hao closed his eyes fiercely, tore up the application form he had filled out and got up to leave the examination hall.

“This student, where are you going? Have you finished mixing your medicine?” The invigilator saw Yan Hao get up and leave and asked.

Yan Hao subconsciously gripped the glass bottle in his hand. With his entrance exam results, he could go straight to any major at the Federal University, with the exception of three majors, namely, Mecha Piloting, Mecha Building, and Pharmacy.

These three majors, in addition to requiring a certain level of mental strength, also require a certain level of foundation. In other words, students who wanted to apply for these three majors had to start being exposed to them during their junior high years. When Yan Hao was in secondary school, he originally chose Mecha Building, but because Yan Fei chose Pharmacy, he chose to repeat a year in order to prove that he was better than Yan Fei and switched to Pharmacy.

Thinking about it now, he realized how foolish he was back then . In this life, he could not repeat the same mistake.

“Teacher, I can’t mix it so I won’t take the exam, I want to try my luck in another major while there is still time for the major selection test.” Yan Hao quietly put the medicine he had already finished mixing in his hand and put it away in his pocket.

“Oh, I understand, then go quickly.” When the teacher heard that Yan Hao had found out that he wasn’t good at pharmacy and wanted to change his major, he didn’t dare to stop him, for fear of delaying his exam .

“Thank you, teacher.” Yan Hao thanked him politely and left the examination room at a brisk pace.

At this moment, a young teacher brushed past Yan Hao and looked at the direction he had left and asked his colleague, “Finished mixing the medicine so quickly? Where’s the medicine he made, let me see it.”

“You mean that student just now? He didn’t mix it and said he wasn’t cut out for Pharmacy so is going to take another test.” The invigilator laughed.

“How can that be?” The young teacher was shocked, “That’s Yan Hao, the first student to enter this year’s Pharmacy exam. He even made this level three soothing medicine when he was in junior high .”

“Then why didn’t he take the exam?” The two teachers looked at each other .

He wasn’t taking Pharmacy but rushing off to take another exam, and it seems that the only major they were holding an exam in conjunction with today was Mecha Building.

Was Yan Hao going to take Mecha Building? It was even harder than Pharmacy. If one didn’t study it systematically in junior high, you wouldn’t be able to pass it.

The invigilator was right, Yan Hao was indeed going to take the mech building test. When he first started junior high, when he wasn’t considering Yan Fei’s free choice of major, his first choice was Mecha building. He really liked mech building, so much so that he secretly taught himself about mechs while still being strong in pharmacy. He liked it so much that when he was disliked and at a low point in his life, the only way he could be happy was to pick up the parts and put together a mech model.

Since he had decided not to compete with Yan Fei in this life, and not to force himself to please anyone, Yan Hao decided to do only what he liked.

The more he thought about it, the more excited Yan Hao was. His footsteps gradually lightened up and then he ran at a fast pace, through the pathways between the buildings, and with the memory of his last life, he ran fast past a few Building departments .

“Senior.” Yan Hao remembered the directions of several Building departments and also remembered that the examination of the Mecha Building Department was on the same day as Pharmacy, but he couldn’t remember exactly which classroom the examination was in, so he pulled a passing student by the hand and asked anxiously, “May I ask where the professional examination of the Mecha Building Department is?”

The teenager who was grabbed stared at Yan Hao’s face for a few seconds before raising his hand to point in a direction, “The red teaching building in front, the first floor.”

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