Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 78.1 From now on, he has someone to protect him

The Federation’s Special Talent Center.

After receiving a call from his teacher, Zhang Yu Fei immediately stopped what he was doing, left the laboratory and went to his office on the fifth floor. There, he turned on his office’s light brain, logged into the backend and began to retrieve information.

“My little junior is called….. Yan Hao right.” Zhang Yu Fei was Old Pang’s second disciple. He had also been very surprised to learn that his teacher’s new closed-door disciple had been mistakenly enrolled for the Special Talents Protection Program in the Pharmacy field by his parents.

This was his little junior, the disciple of the only two Master Mech Builders in the Federation. How could such a genius from the Mech Building Department be mistakenly enrolled for Pharmacy? Yan Hao’s parents definitely had to be extremely shortsighted.

“Found it.” Zhang Yu Fei found Yan Hao’s information in the backend and out of curiosity, clicked open the approval documents and was shocked to find that his little junior’s qualifications in Pharmacy really met the standards for the special talent protection program in the Pharmacy field.

“He studied Pharmacy in middle all the way through to high school and recently made a level 6 sedative on the Desolate Planet.” Amazed, Zhang Yu Fei couldn’t help but send his teacher a message.

“Teach, it can’t be that you are the one who snatched this my little junior from the Pharmacy Department, right? His resume is obviously one of that of someone from the Pharmacy Department.]

[Just do what I asked you to do, what’s all this nonsense for?]

Zhang Yu Fei wasn’t angry at being scolded. Instead, he laughed happily and exited the page, seizing his perusal of his little junior’s resume. However just as he was about to use his privileged access to delete Yan Hao’s name from the special talent pool, Yan Hao’s name disappeared from the database before him.

“Huh?!” Zhang Yu Fei made a light ‘huh’ sound as his fingers tapped the virtual keyboard a few times, pulling up the backend records, then he raised a brow. “It’s him?”

In the dormitory of the Mech Building Department, Yan Hao had just finished his call with Old Pang when he received a message from Sheng Heng asking him to come downstairs.

Coming out of the building of the dormitory, Yan Hao saw that Sheng Heng was already waiting for him outside. He hurried over, his whole being in a very good mood because he had just received assurance from his teacher that his senior brother worked at the Talent Center.

“Senior, I have something to tell you.” One guest didn’t bother two hosts. Since his teacher had said that he would ask his senior to help, then there was no need to bother Senior Sheng Heng. This way, Senior Sheng Heng wouldn’t have to owe anyone a favor.

“I have something to tell you too.” Sheng Heng said as well.

“Then Senior, go ahead first.” Yan Hao said.

Sheng Heng knew that Yan Hao was very worried about the ‘Special Talent’ issue, so he told him without hesitation: “Your Special Talent application has been rejected, but there is still an internal process that needs to be gone through in the talent center, so you won’t receive the official rejection notice until tomorrow. I was afraid you would be worried, so I came to tell you in advance.”

“It’s already been rejected?” Yan Hao was stunned.

“En.” Sheng Heng smiled.

“This fast?!”

“It wasn’t really a big deal to begin with. Do you think I’m quite powerful?” Sheng Heng asked.

“En.” Yan Hao had indeed really not expected that this matter would be resolved so quickly and smoothly.

“Then can you trust me a little more?” Sheng Heng asked him.

“I trust Senior a lot.” Yan Hao told him.

“I want you to trust me more.” Sheng Heng said in reply.


“If you run into any trouble again in the future, tell me immediately, I will protect you.” Looking straight into Yan Hao’s eyes, Sheng Heng said seriously and firmly, “We are partners, and I will protect you the same way you protect me.”

Yan Hao looked at Sheng Heng in a daze. Protect him? There was someone really willing to protect him?

“Xiao Hao, Xiao Hao, what’s wrong?” Sheng Heng’s expression suddenly turned flustered. “Why are you crying?”

Seeming to have just realized something, Yan Hao blinked, and it was unknown when his eyes had become full of tears, making it so that as he blinked again, another tear fell down.

“Xiao Hao?!”

“I’m crying?” Yan Hao seemed to have just noticed his abnormality at this time and raising his hand, wiped at his tears carelessly. “Strange, I’m obviously very happy.”

In an instant, Sheng Heng’s heart felt as if it was being squeezed hard, making him feel unbearably sad. He seemed to have guessed why Yan Hao was crying, but was also somewhat unwilling to believe it.

What experiences had Yan Hao been through in the past that had shaped his current personality?

Yan Hao’s emotions came suddenly and went away quickly. When he regained his composure and realized what he had just done, he was so embarrassed that he hated that he couldn’t find a hole to burrow into.

He had actually cried in front of Senior Sheng Heng.

“Senior, I’m….. I’m going back first.” Done saying this, he run back to his dormitory without even caring what Sheng Heng thought.

Sheng Heng didn’t stop Yan Hao. Instead, he looked up at the balcony of Yan Hao’s room. There, He Shao was chewing a jerky and right in the middle of looking down below when he suddenly made eye contact with Sheng Heng.

“!!” He Shao.

Sheng Heng’s senses were so keen that he could feel it the moment someone’s gaze fell on him. Hence he had sensed it immediately when He Shao appeared on the balcony to spy on him and Yan Hao.

Lifting his hand, he beckoned him over.

“?” He Shao pointed to himself.

Sheng Heng nodded.

Although He Shao was puzzled, he still turned around, went back into the dormitory then came downstairs.

“What do you want with me?” Although they had known each other for more than half a year, this was the first time they were having a private conversation.

“Can you tell me about Yan Hao’s family situation?” Sheng Heng asked.

“You don’t know?”

“I only know that Yan Hao and his family aren’t on good terms, but I don’t know the exact details.” Sheng Heng didn’t like prying into other people’s private affairs, let alone when Yan Hao had shown obvious signs of reluctance in regards to talking about his family, so he didn’t know much and hadn’t thought about delving deeper. It was just that the emotions Yan Hao had shown just now made him so concerned that he couldn’t help but want to understand clearly.

“Why do you suddenly want to ask about this?” He Shao asked, puzzled.

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