Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 49.1 Personal custom-made order

Because Sheng Heng arrived two days later than expected, Yan Hao was pressed for time to modify Black Soul. Luckily, Old Pang only asked him to help out every weekend after school started, so he had plenty of time to modify Black Soul.

Black Soul was a level 6 mecha, but Yan Hao’s mimetic system wasn’t perfect and could only reach the level of a level 5 mecha, so technically, this modification would reduce the performance of Black Soul. But this performance was for others, for Sheng Heng, who was proficient in manipulating a mecha, a level 5 mecha that didn’t require command operation was better than a level 6 or even a level 7 mecha.

However apart from the changes in performance, Yan Hao retained Black Soul’s weapon system, which meant that although Black Soul’s combat status was only at the level of a level 5 mecha, its weapon performance was still that of a level 6 mecha’s.

Because this was the first time Yan Hao was modifying a mecha, he had planned for it meticulously, already thinking about it when he had been writing the mimetic system, but what he had been most worried about was the replacing of the mecha core; after all, a mecha core made with a Tempest Stone was of a very high grade and required mental energy to sort out and fuse the parts.

He had initially planned to try it out on his own and then if that didn’t work, try to get help from a Senior or a teacher, but by chance, he had spent an afternoon assembling parts in Old Pang’s lab, which made him become much more proficient at channeling his mental energy during the assembly of a mecha.

Yan Hao spent a day rewiring Black Soul, and another half a day implanting the mimetic system into Black Soul’s system before finally replacing its original mecha core with that of one made with the Tempest Stone. When everything was done, Yan Hao used the light brain to check the wiring inside Black Soul to make sure that there were no problems before calling Sheng Heng to come over for a test drive.

Sheng Heng had been waiting for a long time, so as soon as Yan Hao informed him, he run over immediately. Cheng Wenkang and He Shao, who knew the news, didn’t lag behind, dropping whatever it was that they were doing to go over as well. In fact, for the past two days, none of the three of them had left the school in order to wait for this moment. They had all just been waiting idly in their respective dormitories.

“Senior, let me explain certain things to you.” After the modification of Black Soul, the cockpit had changed a bit, hence Yan Hao needed to explain it to Sheng Heng.

So saying this, Yan Hao stepped onto the lift to go to the cockpit with Sheng Heng.

There was a gap of about a meter between the cockpit and the lift, which was only a short leap for a mecha warrior, but difficult for a mecha builder who wasn’t very fit to jump to it from the ground.

“Huh, where’s the pedal? Is it stuck again?” Yan Hao pressed a red button on the side of the lift, but the retractable pedal was slow to come out.

“Senior, the pedal inside seems to be stuck, let me take a look.” Saying this, Yan Hao bent down to check it.

“There’s no need.” Sheng Heng’s long arm stretched out then he grabbed Yan Hao by the waist, and then with a leap of his body, carried him easily across the one-meter gap and into the cockpit.

“Yo.” Cheng Wenkang.

The boss was showing off his boyfriend skills.

“Tsk.” He Shao.

He was actually taking advantage of the situation.

After landing, Yan Hao was a bit confused then looking at the lift that was a meter away, started to wonder what to do when he had to get out. The lift was high and narrow, which meant he could easily fall over if he moved too much.

“Actually, it might be stuck because of a screw. We just have to tap it and it will be fine.” There had been a similar situation once before, when a small screw got stuck in the exit area of the treadle.

“Cough, I…… was a bit anxious to see the cockpit.” Sheng Heng said somewhat sheepishly.

Yan Hao had no doubts when he heard him say this, after all he had also been anxious, unable to wait to modify Black Soul when he had first finished the designs, so he understood Sheng Heng’s feelings at this time.

“Then let’s start now.” Taking Sheng Heng’s hand, Yan Hao went to the new console, “I didn’t change the original console of Black Soul, I just installed the Pami Radar on the right side– the Pami Radar is a mimetic operating system. The original console can still send commands, which means Black Soul is now in dual operation mode, so if there is a problem with the mimetic system, you can always switch to command operation.”

After all, this was the first mimetic piloting mecha, hence there were bound to be some bugs that he hadn’t anticipated, so Yan Hao kept the original console intact.

“This is the receiver ring. It is directly connected to the Pami Radar, which allows the mecha to move more accurately when mimicking. Here, put it on.” Yan Hao handed Sheng Heng a black bracelet.

Taking it, Sheng Heng put it directly on his right wrist, and seeing a button on the receiver ring, clicked on it subconsciously.

“Welcome to the mimetic piloting system, user please commence the binding operation first.” A mechanical electronic tone sounded from inside the cockpit.

“You will be able to use the system once the binding is complete. In order to prevent other people from being able to control Black Soul, I have restricted this bracelet to one person at a time, so if you want to bind it to someone else, you, the original user’s permission is needed to do so.” Yan Hao explained.

“In other words, only I can control Black Soul from now on?” Sheng Heng’s eyes lit up.

“En.” Yan Hao continued to explain while Sheng Heng started his binding to the bracelet, “Black Soul only has the performance of a level 5 mecha right now, so there are some difficult moves that Black Soul may not be able to do. However, I have implanted the military style fighting techniques set you demonstrated into Black Soul’s system, and with the data from this style, the mimetic system will be able to capture your movements better. If you happen to use it in the middle of a battle, Black Soul can complete more than ninety percent of it.”

Sheng Heng’s heart fluttered again, “In other words, even if Black Soul is only at level 5, as long as the system has the data from my fighting techniques set, it can still perform some difficult moves during the course of a battle?”

“That’s right, but I don’t recommend you do that. Too much data has been recorded, and the mimetic system relies too much on the internal data implanted in the system when doing calculations, which might give rise to deviation when you’re in battle.” Yan Hao said.

Sheng Heng understood immediately the moment he heard this. There were too many unexpected situations during a battle, hence the movements recorded in advance might not always work out on the spot.

“And,” Pointing to Black Soul’s original console, Yan Hao continued, “Black Soul’s body movements can be manipulated through the mimetic system, but it’s not the same when it comes to the use of thermal weapons which have no external switch and which can only be fired by command. This can’t be changed unless the whole weapons artillery is replaced completely.”

“It’s okay, it’s just the handling of weapons, it won’t be a strain on my fingers.” His hands just couldn’t operate a mecha for long, but the occasional switch wasn’t a burden.

“But Senior, switching back and forth between the two operations is going to take some practice.” Yan Hao told him.

“It’s not difficult, I’ll be very glad to do it.” Sheng Heng stared at the bracelet that had finished the binding, his eyes shining, “Xiao Hao, do you know, you’ve made my dream come true.”

Yan Hao smiled, “Then Senior your dream will have to be adjusted, because whose dream is that easy to achieve?”

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