Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 45.2 Pami Radar

“It’s okay, you can watch it for a while if you want to. It’ll take me a while to assemble the radar anyway.” Zhou Xiong laughed.


“This Pami Radar was given to me by my teacher for research and I took it apart earlier but don’t worry, give me ten minutes and I can put it back together.” Zhou Xiong said as he placed the box containing the parts in his hand on the table.

When Yan Hao heard that he was going to assemble it, he felt a little itchy and couldn’t help but whisper a request, “That…. Senior, can I take a look at it? It’s okay if I can’t.”

“Pfft~, junior, why are you so timid? I haven’t refused yet, yet you’re saying it’s okay if you can’t. Do you want to see it or not?” Zhou Xiong teased.

“Ah, I….” Suddenly embarrassed, Yan Hao flushed red.

“Alright, I won’t tease you anymore. You can come and watch if you want to.” When Zhou Xiong received a call from his teacher yesterday asking him to bring Yan Hao up to the tenth floor to get the Pami Radar, he knew his teacher thought highly of Yan Hao. Otherwise, it was just a radar, something he could just send down himself, so why bring him up? This was obviously a way to let this youngster get a taste of the atmosphere on the tenth floor. That was why he had explained so much on the way.

This junior brother was probably going to be his little junior in the future.

“Thank you, senior.” Extremely flattered, Yan Hao thanked him.

“Here’s an instruction manual for you to follow while I assemble it. You can’t learn how to make a Pami Radar yet, but knowing the assembly process will help you understand how the radar works….” Zhou Xiong intended to give Yan Hao a boost, so he didn’t rush to assemble it. He took out the dozen or so bits and pieces in the box and explained their functions to Yan Hao before beginning to assemble the parts.

Halfway through the explanation, Zhou Xiong’s light brain terminal suddenly rang. Taking a look at it, he let out an oops: “I forgot, I ran a data with the Super light brain this morning. Now that it has finished running it, I have to go down to get it. Junior, wait for me here for a while, don’t wander out.”

There were too many secrets on the tenth floor, so even though Yan Hao was specially approved by Professor Qin, he could only stay in Professor Qin’s lab.


After Zhou Xiong left, Yan Hao sat where Zhou Xiong had been sitting before and continued to read about the remaining parts in the manual. Zhou Xiong had explained with great care, detailing the function of each part, but for Yan Hao, who was a better learner than normal, it was more efficient to just read the manual. After all, this was only an assembly process, not a production process and there wasn’t much to pay attention to and be careful about.

As he read the manual, Yan Hao gradually became fascinated and thinking he was downstairs in his own lab, couldn’t help but pick up the software on the desk and start to assemble it. Yan Hao’s hands were very dexterous because as he read the instructions, his hands kept moving, with the sound of ‘clicking’ coming from the lab from time to time and in no time at all, Yan Hao had assembled about seven to eight parts.

“The reason why the Pami Radar is different from ordinary radars is because it can sense mental energy, so halfway through the assembly, the builder needs to use mental energy to channel it internally.” Yan Hao took another look at the manual and after confirming that the channeling route in his head was fine, picked up the ninth part.

‘Click’. The ninth part was pressed in, followed by the tenth, eleventh and finally, the last part.


“Aren’t you going to test it?” Suddenly, an old, low voice rang out above Yan Hao’s head.

Taken aback, Yan Hao jumped up from his chair a mile high: “I’m sorry….”

“What a funny child. I’m the one who scared you, why are you apologizing to me?” An old man in a white coat with white hair and a kind face laughed.

“I…. shouldn’t have touched anything, I’m sorry.” Yan Hao didn’t know who the old man was, but he was certain he was a researcher on the tenth floor, moreover it was only after he was woken up by the old man that he suddenly realized that he had unknowingly assembled the Pami Radar.

Realizing this, Yan Hao’s face turned white. What if he had broken it? Senior Zhou Xiong trusted him so much yet he had tampered with his things.

“Aren’t you Qin Ren’s disciple?” The old man was surprised.

“I…. I’m a student of Professor Qin. My name is Yan Hao.” Yan Hao answered.

“Not a disciple but a student?” The old man pondered for a moment then asked, “Are you one of the new students Qin Ren is taking this year?”

Many of the teachers here in the institute were professors at the University, and he remembered that Qin Ren was taking freshmen this year.

“Yes.” Yan Hao admitted obediently.

“A freshman? This is a Pami Radar you’ve put together; you haven’t learnt it yet, right? Did you put it together by reading the instructions?” The old man asked.

Yan Hao’s head was lowered in shame as he handed it over: “Sorry, I…. will pay for it.”

“Heh heh heh…… don’t be nervous, Qin Ren isn’t so petty. If the Pami Radar is broken then it’s broken, you won’t have to pay for it.” The old man assured him.

If He Shao was here, he would have shouted, ‘Rich tyrant! This Pami Radar is a priceless item that can’t even be bought outside.’

“Besides, I just watched you as you assembled it very smoothly, so it might not necessarily be broken.” The old man said in a soft voice, “There’s a device over here, bring it over and let’s test it.”

It was only then Yan Hao had some courage to look up when he heard the old man say this. He ran hurriedly to the device with the radar.

“Put it up.”

Doing as he was told, Yan Hao put it up.

The old man tapped on the device, causing it to start up and with a beeping sound, two big green letters finally flashed on the display of the device: up to standard.

“It really is ‘up to standard’.” There was no surprise on the old man’s face.

“It’s not broken?!” Yan Hao exclaimed.

“The assembly of the Pami Radar isn’t that difficult. The hard part is that during the assembly process, you need to use your mental energy to guide the internal wiring of the radar so that it can sense the mental energy when it is in use and react quickly.” The old man complimented, “You, young man, are very good at mental mastery for your age. Have you practiced it before?”

“Yes.” Hadn’t he? He had practiced for over ten years in his previous life.

“Even if you have practiced, this natural talent is rare, what is your name?” The old man asked.

“My name is Yan Hao.”

“Yan Hao, a freshman.” The old man stroked his beard and at Yan Hao’s puzzled gaze, smiled and turned to leave the lab.

Not long after the old man left, Zhou Xiong returned from outside with a package in his arms and asked, “Junior brother, did Old Pang come in just now?”

Yan Hao guessed that Old Pang might be the old man who had been in here just now and so nodded his head.

“Did Old Pang say anything?” Zhou Xiong asked.

“He seems to be looking for the professor.” Yan Hao said in response.

Zhou Xiong let out an oh, and then his eyes trembled when he saw the radar on the testing device: “The Pami Radar has been assembled?”

As Yan Hao was about to explain, he heard Zhou Xiong say, “Old Pang helped you assemble it? Old Pang really likes to give advice to juniors. You are lucky to have met him on your first visit.”

Then Zhou Xiong dropped the parcel in his hand on the table, went over and put the tested Pami Radar directly into Yan Hao’s hand and said, “I just went downstairs to pick up a parcel. I thought I would waste your time, but now it’s fine, you can just take it and use it. Come on, I’ll take you downstairs.”

“Oh, okay.” Dazed and confused, Yan Hao was escorted into the elevator by Zhou Xiong.

As Yan Hao went back to the lab with the Pami Radar, he was still thinking about what had just happened. It wasn’t broken and he was the one going to use it. It was a bit close, so he guessed that was okay. Forget it, he would give it a try first and then think of something else if it didn’t work.

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