Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 58.2 Earning Points

The young man seemed to realize something and did his best to pull back his aura, “Sorry, I’ve just returned from a mission outside and haven’t adjusted yet.”

“It’s alright.” Yan Hao had already adjusted himself by this point. He had spent the last part of his last life at the Military Department’s sanatorium during which such soldiers full of fierce auras would occasionally come over to visit their comrades. One of the wounded patients he had been close to at that time had explained that soldiers killed the enemy in battle, struggled at every moment on the line of death and occasionally encountered a tide of zergs, so it was without fail that they would be red-eyed. That was why soldiers would have a humongous fierce aura about them that, even after they had left the battlefield, would take them a few days to adjust themselves in order to be able to get rid of it.

The wounded patient had even laughed at Yan Hao at the time, saying that with the way he was so timid, he couldn’t go to the front line to treat the wounded soldiers. They couldn’t have the pharmacist fainting in fear before the wound had even started to be treated.

When the young man saw that Yan Hao had adjusted his mind after just two words, a trace of surprise flashed across his eyes. Those who had come for the assessment this time were sophomores from the Federal University and they probably hadn’t been on a real battlefield yet, so to have this kind of composure, was already impressive.

“Junior, can you show me the energy blocks?” The youth said straight away without beating around the bush.


“Sorry, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Qin Hu, a fourth year student of the Mech Piloting Department at the Federal University, and I’m on a stranglehold clearing mission on the outskirts of No. 3 Desolate Planet.” Qin Hu said.

“Hello senior.” Yan Hao greeted him then hurriedly took out the energy blocks he had made, handing them to him, “These are the energy blocks I just made.”

“Just made?” Qin Hu glanced around the room. There were still tools on the table that Yan Hao hadn’t gotten around to putting away yet, “I need to test them, is that okay?”

“Sure.” Yan Hao said, “It just so happens that I haven’t tested them either.”

Qin Hu froze, and then was puzzled, “How can you be so sure that these three energy blocks have an efficiency of more than 82% if you haven’t tested them?”

“I could roughly estimate the range when I was making them, I just couldn’t pinpoint the exact value.” Yan Hao said in response.

Qin Hu looked at Yan Hao with suspicion. To be able to estimate the range of the efficiency whilst making an energy block, one would have to be at least a junior or even a senior and skilled in making a large number of energy blocks to be able to develop this skill.

Although he was skeptical, every mech warrior’s instinctive reaction was to take into consideration a mech builder’s feelings, so Qin Hu said nothing and took out the testing device he had brought with him and started testing the efficiency of the three energy blocks.

[Level 6 Energy Block, 82.33% efficiency]

When Yan Hao saw the numbers, he wasn’t in the least bit surprised. Qin Hu, however, was startled and subconsciously glanced at Yan Hao.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” Yan Hao asked.

“No.” Suppressing his surprise, Qin Hu continued to test the other two energy blocks, both of which were also between 82% and 83% efficiency, completely within Yan Hao’s expectation.

By this time, the way Qin Hu looked at Yan Hao had changed a bit and even his tone was a bit more polite than it had been a moment ago: “According to the market price, a level 6 energy block with an efficiency of 80% is 100 points and each additional percentage point adds 10 points, which means 120 points a block, so that makes it a total of 360 points for the three energy blocks.”

“That much?!” Yan Hao was taken aback by the price that was beyond expectation.

Amused by Yan Hao’s reaction, Qin Hu said with a light laugh, “I think it’s because you’re comparing the points to the exchange ratio of the materials room that’s why you think it’s more. In the base, level 6 energy blocks, especially level 6 energy blocks with extremely high efficiency are very scarce, so this price isn’t excessive.”

“Level 6 energy blocks are scarce?”

“Energy blocks with efficiency of more than 70% can’t be mass produced by machines and the number of mech builders is much smaller than mech warriors; additionally, this is a battlefield reserve planet, so the Federation won’t place a large number of mech builders here, which is why resources are scarce.” Qin Hu had the idea of currying favor with Yan Hao with the intention of buying more energy blocks from him, so he explained in detail, “Of course, there is no shortage of level 6 energy blocks with an efficiency of less than 70% here, but every time we go out on a mission, we have limited space in our space buttons and everyone wants to take more energy blocks along, so naturally, the higher the efficiency, the better. And most importantly, man-made made energy blocks contain a certain amount of mental energy, making attacks launched with such energy blocks far more powerful than those launched with ordinary energy blocks.”

“It turns out there’s so much more to learn.” Yan Hao had benefited a lot from his explanation.

“A mech builder is a crucial factor in determining whether a mech warrior would bring out his maximum power on the battlefield. Junior, you’ve just started your practicals with a partner from the mech piloting department, so you will learn all about this slowly.” Qin Hu reassured him.

“Thank you, senior, for telling me this.” Yan Hao said gratefully, “I’ll go and make some more energy blocks tomorrow to keep on hand so that when my partner comes back, I’ll give it to them.”

Sheng Heng hadn’t spoken to Yan Hao about this, so the resources that they had brought for this assessment had all been prepared by Sheng Heng himself.

I wonder if the energy blocks Senior Sheng Heng and Senior Cheng are using have a high efficiency, Yan Hao muttered to himself.

When Qin Hu heard Yan Hao say this, he became even more fond of the student in front of him. A mech builder who thought about mech warriors, how could he not have a good impression of him?

“If it’s convenient, can you sell me some more energy blocks?” Qin Hu said, “I need to go on another mission in three days and so want to have some more on hand. Your assessment this time is just an expedition to the Desolate Planet and there are mostly only level four zergs in this place. A mech with ten energy blocks of this level will be able to last until the end of the assessment.”

Yan Hao estimated his production speed and agreed readily, “Ok, when I finish making them tomorrow, I’ll give half of it to senior.”

“Thank you then.” Qin Hu hesitated for a moment then added, “Can we exchange communicator numbers?”

“Okay.” Yan Hao didn’t think much of it and gave his communicator number to him.

“I won’t bother you then.” Qin Hu excused himself then left.

Closing the door, Yan Hao beamed as he looked at the extra 360 points in his account, happy. He finally had money to spend.

“Selling privately gives almost double the points than what going to the base’s exchange place gives. The base is really shady. No wonder the senior said to go out and ask for more quotes when making offers, this price difference is too big. I have to be more careful in the future.”

Yan Hao wasn’t a businessman but he excelled at learning, and so from then on, he basically never got ripped off again as he sold his intellectual property again. Of course, this was something for later.

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  1. Ugh sometimes I’m so worried for our dear Xiao Hao that I want to give him all my EQ but thankfully he grows and learns from his actions.

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