Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 88.1 Yesterday it was senior, today it was Heng Ge

After a good night’s sleep, Sheng Heng’s mental energy had recovered to about 70%. Although it couldn’t be said that he was completely refreshed when he woke up, he was still full of energy and when Yan Hao entered the ward with breakfast and called out ‘Heng Ge’, he became even more vigorous.

“Tsk, tsk.” Unable to stand the sour smell this early in the morning, Cheng Wenkang went to hide in a corner.

“Heng Ge, did you feel any headaches or instability in your mental energy last night?” Yan Hao asked.

“No, I slept very well.” Sheng Heng replied with a smile as he sat at the dining table to eat the breakfast Yan Hao had brought him.

“Then it seems there shouldn’t be any problems.” Yan Hao sighed in relief. “This is the first time I’ve made this kind of medicine. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely confident.”

In the previous life, Yan Hao had made this medicine many times without any mistakes. However none of those people had mental energy as strong as Sheng Heng’s, so this time, Yan Hao had only been 90% confident.

“How about… you check it again yourself?” Thinking of the intimate forehead-to-forehead examination Yan Hao had done yesterday to check the damage to his sea of consciousness, Sheng Heng couldn’t help but let his imagination run wild. Of course, if there were a few more ‘accidents’ or something along those lines, as well as a few more kisses, maybe his little junior would suddenly become enlightened?

Sheng Heng’s thoughts about Yan Hao were practically written on his face; probably everyone in the world could see it except for Yan Hao himself. When Cheng Wenkang, who was standing nearby heard this, he immediately saw his boss’s ‘sordid’ intentions and couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“There’s no need. If you didn’t have a headache last night, then there shouldn’t be any problems.” Yan Hao shook his head.

Sheng Heng’s face turned green: Damn it, if I’d known earlier I would have said I had a headache.

“Pfft!” Cheng Wenkang couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Sheng Heng glanced at him coldly and Cheng Wenkang stopped laughing immediately. He coughed twice then said, “Teacher Xiao delayed our return because of your injury. Now that you’re healed, let’s go back and report in a while.”

The assessment period this time was seven days, and they were originally supposed to board the spaceship to return to Capital Star Planet yesterday. However because of Sheng Heng’s injury and the fact that Cheng Wenkang had told their class teacher Xiao Tianhan that Yan Hao would be arriving in two days to treat Sheng Heng’s injury, Xiao Tianhan and the students in the class had decided to stay for two more days to wait for Sheng Heng to recover before returning together.

“There’s no need to rush.” Wiping the corners of his mouth, Sheng Heng stood up. “There’s still something that hasn’t been taken back yet.”

Cheng Wenkang paused then remembered, “You mean the phantom beast?”

“Where is it now?” Sheng Heng nodded and asked.

“Sima Mingxuan handed it over and it’s now under special guard at the base. Soon, people from the Pharmacy Research Institute will come to collect it.” Phantom beasts were a federally protected species and Federal rules stated that any discovery of a wild phantom beast had to be reported to the Federation and entrusted to a specialized department for care and breeding.

However, rules were one thing and human greed was another. If it wasn’t for the fact that it couldn’t be hidden, who would hand it over honestly to the Federation? Cheng Wenkang was almost certain that if it weren’t for so many witnesses that day, Sima Mingxuan would have definitely claimed it for himself.

“What did Sima Mingxuan say when he handed it over?” Sheng Heng frowned.

“He said we discovered the phantom beast together.” When Cheng Wenkang thought about this, he felt both angry and aggrieved. “That guy is too shameless. We were the ones who discovered and capture that phantom beast. He failed to catch it and even injured you but now he has become a co-discoverer.”

Cheng Wenkang had been furious, but at that time, apart from the two of them, there had been no other evidence that could prove that he and Sheng Heng had captured the phantom beast. Moreover at the time, he had been so concerned about Sheng Heng that by the time he learned about the situation, it was already too late to do anything.

Sheng Heng understood immediately when he heard this. Since the phantom beast had been seen by many people that day, it had to be handed over to the Federation. Instead of waiting for Sheng Heng to come and claim the phantom beast later, Sima Mingxuan had decided to submit it first in order to take credit for the discovery and had even reported their names, leaving outsiders with a good impression while making it difficult for Sheng Heng to cause trouble for him. It was quite a clever move.

“It’s true that we captured it, but we might not necessarily have been the first to have discovered it.” Sheng Heng told Cheng Wenkang.

“You mean… they knew about it all along?”

“Phantom beasts are indeed rare, but not nonexistent. As long as certain conditions are met and certain rewards are provided, the Federation will exchange a portion of phantom beast blood for those in need every year. The three major families also exchange a certain amount of phantom beast blood annually. However over the years, no one has ever heard of anyone’s mental energy being raised to the S level. Furthermore, the higher one’s mental energy level is, the less likely they are to use the phantom elixir carelessly, as improper use may even lead to a decline in their mental energy level.” Sheng Heng speculated. “Sima Mingxuan’s initial mental energy level was A+, which was already very high. He wouldn’t dare try it without some level of confidence.”

“You mean…. Sima Mingxuan has obtained a phantom beast before and it’s very likely that it happened here?” Catching on quickly, Cheng Wenkang understood immediately.

“Sima Mingxuan has already been through this assessment before, so he has no reason to come back to Planet B135, let alone bring Yan Fei along.” Although there was no evidence, Sheng Heng was almost certain that Sima Mingxuan had come for the phantom beast.

“But he has already handed the phantom beast over and according to the rules, he can also get some of the phantom beast’s blood.” Cheng Wenkang said, unreconciled.

In order to encourage people to hand over phantom beasts, the Federation offered rewards to those who submitted or discovered them. Anyone who submitted a phantom beast voluntarily would receive 10 milliliters of phantom beast blood for three consecutive years and could apply for a pharmacist from the Federation’s Pharmacy Research Institute to help them refine the phantom elixir.

Of course, the cost of requesting a pharmacist to refine the elixir needed to be paid for separately, but most pharmacists wouldn’t refuse the use of wild phantom beast blood to make phantom elixirs. As a result, it also provided an easy opportunity to easily invite high level pharmacists.

After listening for a while, Yan Hao vaguely recalled certain things. He remembered that in the previous life, the first time Yan Fei had refined the phantom elixir, its effectiveness had been better than others’. And because of this, elite talents from all walks of life who wanted to improve their mental energy would specifically request that Yan Fei make phantom elixirs for them. Over time, Yan Fei gained considerable prestige in the Federation.

Yan Hao had also refined phantom elixirs a few times back then, but no matter how he adjusted the proportion of the herbs and even improved the formula based on the mental energy map of the recipient, the elixirs he made were never as good as Yan Fei’s. He could never understand nor figure out the reason why, so he eventually had to admit, albeit reluctantly, that his talent in medicine making was indeed inferior to Yan Fei’s. Now it seemed that the reason why Yan Fei’s phantom elixirs were better than others’ back then might be due to this wild phantom beast?

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