Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 57.2 Level 6 Energy Blocks

“Captain.” Yan Hao didn’t know how to address the bearded man, so he could only address him by his rank.

“Why are you back so soon?” The bearded man couldn’t help but frown when he saw Yan Hao. He had only been out for an hour, right? So why had he come back so soon? It couldn’t be that both materials had turned to scrap, right?

Could it be that he had made an error in judgment this time?

“I’m here to make an exchange for materials.” Yan Hao told him.

“You’ve finished making them? Let me have a look?” The bearded man reached his hand out towards Yan Hao.

Yan Hao handed the two energy blocks over hurriedly.

Taking them, the bearded man felt them for a moment then glanced at his colleague. Understanding his glance, his colleague turned to take out a testing device.

Seeing the testing device, Yan Hao couldn’t help but feel a little panicked: were there performance requirements for the energy blocks used for exchange? He didn’t know if his energy blocks would meet the requirements.

The moment he was done making them, thinking that both energy blocks were to be exchanged for materials, he didn’t test them and brought them over directly.

“Are the efficiency of the energy blocks enough to meet the requirements? What is the qualification point?” Yan Hao asked nervously.

The bearded man replied casually, “77%.”

When Yan Hao heard this, he became even more nervous. 77% was close to master level, and this was his first time making a level 6 energy block; moreover he hadn’t done his best just now for the sake of speed.

The colleague snorted with laughter, but didn’t expose the bearded man. Instead, he took the testing device and started testing the first energy block. After a ‘di’ sound, the test results appeared: [Level 6 Energy Block, 78.11% efficiency].

The colleague was stunned, as was the bearded man holding the energy block. After glancing at each other, they looked at Yan Hao in unison.

Yan Hao also saw the test results and breathed a sigh of relief: fortunately, fortunately, it had passed.

The two men had just tested the first level 6 energy block he had made, but if the first one had passed, then the second one would definitely pass as well.

The bearded man and his colleague withdrew their gaze then went on to test the second block and after a ‘di’sound, the test results were displayed: [Level 6 energy block, 78.92% efficiency].

There was a brief silence in the materials room. Although the bearded man had high hopes for Yan Hao and thought that he could produce an energy block with an efficiency of over 77%, the speed of producing two blocks in just over an hour was a bit terrifying. With an average of less than forty minutes for one block, even with his mental energy, he could barely manage to channel the instability in it, let alone use his light brain to do the calculations in the meantime.

“I, have passed, right?” Seeing that they were slow to move, Yan Hao couldn’t help but remind them.

The two of them looked at each other, the expressions on their faces complicated.

“Ahem, barely passable.” The bearded man said in response.

His colleague couldn’t help but roll his eyes at this: a 77% efficient energy block and you call this barely passable?

“Then can I exchange them for three more materials?” Delighted, Yan Hao asked hurriedly.

“Of course you can.” Not to mention three copies, energy blocks with more than 75% efficiency could be exchanged for an extra copy of materials.

Saying this, the bearded man took out four copies of the materials from inside and handed them over to Yan Hao.

“There seems to be an extra copy.” Yan Hao reminded.

“Cough, for an energy block with an efficiency of 78%, you can receive an extra copy.” The bearded man told Yan Hao.

“Why?” Yan Hao asked.

The bearded man’s colleague looked on in amusement: let’s see how you’ll explain.

“Here’s the thing.” The bearded man’s eyes twinkled, a plan coming to mind, “In order to encourage mech builders to produce energy blocks with better efficiency, our base has set up a reward system. For energy blocks that have an efficiency of more than 77%, every percentage point increase in efficiency can be exchanged for an additional material.”

En, this was a very good explanation, it was flawless.

Yan Hao’s eyes lit up, “Then that means with an efficiency of 79%, one can receive five copies of materials and with an efficiency of 80%, one can receive six copies and so on?”

“That’s not all.” The bearded man said immediately, “If you can produce a master-level energy block, you can use it in exchange for ten copies of the material at once, and for every percentage point after that, you can use it in exchange for two more copies of materials.”

The first rule he said concerning the 77% efficiency was a trick by the bearded man, but this latter rule was true at the base. There was a qualitative leap in the efficiency of energy blocks over 80%, which was equivalent to ten energy blocks of 70% or more.

“Ten copies?” Yan Hao looked down at the four copies of the material in his hand and began to calculate in his mind: four copies would be enough to receive forty copies of the material, and if he made them again, he would have enough energy blocks to exchange for points.

“Then if the energy blocks that have an efficiency of more than 80% are used in exchange for the dormitory, can they be used in exchange for a few more days as well?” Yan Hao asked.

“Of course. An energy block with an efficiency 80% is enough for you to stay until the end of the assessment.” The bearded man thought for a moment then added, “A 77% or more can also be used in exchange for three days’ rent.”

“Thank you, I understand.” Yan Hao thanked him then left with the materials in his arms.

When the bearded man saw him leave, he immediately turned to his colleague and said, “You owe me a meal.”

“OK.” The colleague responded with a smile, “But why did you trick the kid into asking for information about energy blocks with an efficiency of more than 77%?”

“Who said I tricked him? I gave him all the copies of the materials I was supposed to give him.” The bearded man said, unconcerned. “Besides, I said that so he can make serious efforts to improve the efficiency of his energy blocks, which is also good thing for him. What if he’s really able to make a master-level level 6 energy block?”

“You’re saying this so confidently, should we bet again? Let’s see if he brings in energy blocks with efficiency of more than 80% next time.” The colleague proposed.

“Sure. I bet that he won’t.” The bearded man immediately said.

“Heh, don’t you have faith in him?”

“Even if I have faith that he can make one with an efficiency of 78% today, I don’t have faith that he can make one with an efficiency of 80% tomorrow. We are both mech builders, so it isn’t as if you don’t know how hard it is to exceed an efficiency of 80%.” The bearded man retorted.

His colleague glared at him then didn’t say another word.

“Ey, do you still want to bet?” The bearded man provoked his colleague.

His colleague was also someone who had a temper. He said immediately: “I’ll bet, and I’ll still use a meal. I bet that he can get over 80%.”

Anyways it was just a meal and wouldn’t cost much money. He’d just consider it as having fun.

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