Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 104.1 Pillow talk

The battleship flew forward for a short distance before meeting the three other mech warriors who had been left behind by Sheng Heng and Qiu Zi’an and joining them, the battleship sped all the way back to the base.

Sheng Zhuo hadn’t seen Sheng Heng, his little brother in a long time, so after a brief exchange, he entrusted the soldiers who had returned with the group to Qiu Zi’an then left with Sheng Heng.

“When did you arrive?” Sheng Zhuo had been fighting on the front lines and so was unaware of Sheng Heng’s arrival.

“A week ago.” After the school holidays, Sheng Heng had returned home to see his mother first, then came here straight.

“Have you seen father?”

“No, he’s gone to inspect other bases and hasn’t returned yet.” Sheng Heng shook his head.

However General Admiral Sheng was aware of his arrival at the base. As it was a military stronghold, without special approval, even as the son of an Admiral, Sheng Heng couldn’t come and go freely.

“Do you want to join the reconnaissance team or the patrol team?” Sheng Zhuo asked him.

“!!” Sheng Heng suddenly stopped in his tracks. “You’re willing to let me go to the battlefield?”

“Just reconnaissance or patrol, you’re still too young for the actual battlefield.” Sheng Zhuo smiled.

How could he not know what Sheng Heng was thinking? Coming all the way here during the holidays, was it not to gain combat experience? He had done the same when he was younger, even starting in high school, coming to the base during summer and winter vacations to participate in simple battles. If it wasn’t because Sheng Heng’s hands were injured, he would have done the same thing.

“Thank you big brother.” This was really a pleasant surprise..

“But once your mech is damaged in any way, you have to withdraw. Black Soul was modified by your….. boyfriend. Nobody here can repair it.”

At the mention of his little brother’s boyfriend, Sheng Zhuo felt a mix of sadness and happiness. Really a case of bittersweet.

“Okay.” Sheng Heng agreed readily. After all, his main purpose in coming this time was to deliver the phantom elixir to his big brother. Being able to join the reconnaissance team was already an unexpected delight.

The two brothers talked for a while before heading to the base’s cafeteria together. Sheng Zhuo had been on the battlefield for over half a month, surviving solely on nutrient fluids the whole time, and his first order of business whenever he returned to the base was to eat in the cafeteria. And it wasn’t just him; because shortly after they sat down, the soldiers who had just returned with them on the battleship also started coming over.

And when they saw the two brothers, they greeted them warmly. Aside from their Regiment Commander, they held a favorable opinion of Sheng Heng as well. After all, they had just witnessed Sheng Heng, piloting a level 6 mech, defeat a level 8 zerg single handedly. There weren’t many level 6 mech warriors in the base who could accomplish this.

“Beep, beep.”

All of a sudden, Sheng Zhuo’s light brain sounded, causing his brows to furrow.

“What’s wrong?” Sheng Heng asked with concern.

“It’s nothing. The military medical office notified me for a routine check-up.” Sheng Zhuo said in reply.

“A routine check-up? Big brother, are you injured?” Sheng Heng asked anxiously.

“No, it’s just a routine check-up.” Then seeing Sheng Heng’s worried expression, he explained further. “After the zergs suddenly mutated, they gained mental energy shockwaves, catching us off guard, causing many people to suffer mental attacks. Although they later took advanced sedatives, the Pharmacists at the military medical office are concerned about potential risks, which is why soldiers with mental energy levels A or above are required to undergo mental energy related checks every time they return from a mission.”

Sheng Heng understood, “Then I’ll accompany you later.”

Looking at him, Sheng Zhuo hesitated for a moment, then nodded without refusing.

After they were done eating, the two of them headed towards the military medical office. The military medical office was an eighteen story integrated hospital, equipped with the Federation’s top tier medical facilities, as well as excellent pharmacists trained by the Sheng family.

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