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Chapter 40.1 Every piece of your research is money

Half an hour later, Yan Hao sent the written program directly to Du Tianqi.

Ri An: [I wrote the program directly, so it should work directly on the upgrade of the old system. If you still have problems, you can contact me directly.]

After sending the message, Du Tianqi didn’t reply immediately. Yan Hao waited for two minutes, and when he saw that there was no message, he exited the website. However after exiting, he changed the alert app he had set up by hand so that messages from the website would also appear via a pop-up screen, so he could receive messages from the website right away.

Once this was done, Yan Hao continued with his research and in a short while, was once again in a state of forgetfulness.

At the same time, Du Tianqi was in the R&D department testing the new system with his boss. They had been waiting in the R&D department since Yan Hao promised to give them the new algorithm in half an hour in order to verify that Yan Hao’s algorithm was correct so that they could write the eighth generation of the system and upgrade the whole network at the first opportunity. But when they saw that what Ri An had sent over wasn’t an algorithm but a whole set of embedded system programs, they were all confused.

“Quick, move a machine over here.” As a scientific researcher, Du Tianqi was much more direct, hence the moment he saw the program, he had his assistant move an experimental robot over. A light brain was then used to connect to the robot’s core program for the new system implantation.

Yan Hao wrote this program, which was done on top of the original system and didn’t change the program of the original system extensively. To use a metaphor, the program of the sixth generation mimetic system was like a hollowed-out circle with many gaps in it, and each piece was filled in to make the program work better. The algorithm that Yan Hao posted on the web before, written in the right way, could fill in a small piece of the gap, but the program that Yan Hao had given them now, on the other hand, could be taken and used to fill a much larger gap.

“System upgrade successful.” A member of the group reported back.

“How long did it take?” Du Tianqi asked.

“Twenty minutes in total.” The member of the group reported.

“Twenty minutes.” If this program worked, then they could be the first to complete the 8th generation system upgrade before a rival company, “Run a test on the system.”


In the next two hours, the people from WT’s R&D department tested the upgraded system on all fronts and then found that this upgraded system not only had a faster computing speed, it was also able to complete much more complex dynamic simulations. It allowed the system, which could only support five dynamic motion capture at the same time before to increase to fifteen dynamic motion simulations.

This was a staggering number, after all, no one other than a dancer would be able to change more than fifteen movements in a row at the same time. In other words, the eighth generation mimetic sensing system could already accommodate the simulation of all everyday movements, as long as they weren’t particularly delicate micro-manipulations.

“Head of Department, the test performance is out.”

“What’s the percentage?” Du Tianqi unconsciously held his breath. Actually, during the robot simulation test just now, he already had a rough value in his mind.


98.5%. This value represented the fact that the probability of bugs appearing in this system after it was launched was extremely low, showing that this program had been written perfectly.

Although Wang Bohan was the president of the WT Group, he wasn’t good at R&D, so although he could see that the system was good, he needed Du Tianqi to tell him how it was. However after waiting for a long time and seeing that Du Tianqi was still staring at the pile of programs on the screen of the light brain, he finally couldn’t help but ask, “Engineer Du, what is the result? Does the program work?”

“It works. Not only does it work, we can even upgrade it before other companies upgrade their systems.” Du Tianqi exclaimed.

“We can still update the system before they do?!” Wang Bohan was a little unable to believe it.

“Yes, we can.” Du Tianqi explained, “What Ri An published online before was just a key algorithm in our system. Other companies wanting to upgrade their systems will have to write a system program that matches their company’s product before they can upgrade it and this process takes time. But what Ri An has just given us is not an algorithm but a set of embedded programs. That means that we can simply embed this program directly into our original system and the upgrade will be done automatically.”

“An immediate upgrade?” Wang Bohan’s eyes widened.

“Yes. The 8th generation system is already inside this robot, so we just have to retrieve it and upload it to our company’s server within Starnet and through this server, all of our company’s robots that have been sold or haven’t yet been sold, will be able to be upgraded online simultaneously.” Du Tianqi said, “As long as this program is exclusively held by us at WT, we will still be the industry’s leader.”

Wang Bohan was silent for a moment before he said, “I will have the legal department draft a contract to ensure that this system is exclusively held by our company only and that we are determined not to let this Ri An sell this program to anyone else again. Also, try to get on good terms with him so that if he makes any breakthroughs in future research and needs to sell it, he would consider us first.”

“Yes.” Du Tianqi understood Wang Bohan’s intentions. The algorithm that Ri An had previously published online was, in essence, Ri An’s personal intellectual property. This intellectual property was something Ri An could sell for money or publish for free, so although WT Group had been anxious and angry before, there was nothing they could do to Ri An. However, once a contract was signed, the intellectual property would be sold to the company and Ri An would not be able to publish it.

The contract, however, only covered this one system. If Ri An later developed a better algorithm, he was still free to publish it for free or sell it to another company, and in order to prevent something like this from happening again, they had to have a good relationship with this Ri An.

WT Group moved quickly and within half an hour of making sure that the program was alright, the five hundred million starcoins and related contracts were ready. Going online, Du Tianqi contacted Yan Hao immediately.

Du Tianqi: [Mr. Ri An, the five hundred million starcoins has been transferred to your backend account.]

Yan Hao froze for a moment when he saw the message, but he opened the website backend and found the five hundred million starcoins that Du Tianqi had transferred into it. All he had to do was click on the end of the long string of numbers to withdraw it and then the huge sum would be transferred through the website and into his private account for his disposal.

Ri An: [As I said, that system just now was just compensation, there’s no need for money.]

If Ri An had said before that he didn’t want money, Du Tianqi would have understood it as the other party deliberately inflating the price, but now that the system program had been given to them, it was a bit strange to say this.

Could it be that the other party really didn’t want money?

Hesitant, Du Tianqi reported this issue to the president, Wang Bohan.

Wang Bohan thought for a moment then said decisively, “Whether he really doesn’t want the money or not, this money must be paid. Only if the money is paid and the contract is signed will the program belong 100% exclusively to WT Group.”

Having received the instructions, Du Tianqi started to reply to Ri An: [Mr. Ri An, your system has been of great help to our company and so we have to pay you for your services for the sake of reason. At the same time, we need you to sign a contract to guarantee that the system is exclusively licensed to WT Group].

He even needed to sign a contract?

When Sheng Heng agreed to help him sell the energy blocks, he had also signed a contract with him. At that time, Sheng Heng had also instructed him not to sign contracts indiscriminately as when it came to those, he had to read every word carefully.

Ri An: [Can I see the contract?]

Du Tianqi: [Of course, I will send you the electronic file.]

Next, a text-like contract was sent to him and when Yan Hao clicked on it and saw that it was a hundred pages long, he gasped.

The contract he had signed with Senior Sheng Heng before was clearly only a few pages long, so why so many pages? The more pages there were, the more information there was. He didn’t dare sign it indiscriminately, he had to get help to look at it.

Ri An: [I’ll get back to you after I’ve read it.]

Du Tianqi: [Naturally, but please do it as soon as possible, after all, we can only upgrade our system if you sign the contract.]

He had to sign a contract before they could upgrade the system? Was it that much of a hassle?

Yan Hao opened the contract and looked at it carefully, reading every word of the legal terms and conditions, but he couldn’t tell whether it was reasonable or not. After reading a dozen pages, Yan Hao gave up, thinking to look for someone to ask for help.

“I wonder if Senior Sheng has gotten off the airship.” Yan Hao’s first thought was of Sheng Heng.

During interstellar voyages, light brains and communicators were blocked from communications and could only be reconnected if they’re users were off the spaceship. Senior Sheng Heng’s hometown seemed to be S Star Planet. Yan Hao opened the interplanetary flight schedule, compared the flight time, calculated the time and found that Senior Sheng should have gotten off the spaceship by this time.

With that in mind, Yan Hao dialed Sheng Heng’s communicator and within a few moments, the call was answered.

Sheng Heng’s handsome face appeared on the virtual screen, his expression a little astonished, but more so pleasantly surprised: “Xiao Hao.”

“Senior, have you arrived home yet?” Yan Hao asked.

“I’m on my way, just a little longer.” Sheng Heng had just gotten off the spaceship and was sitting in the car his family had sent to pick him up.

“Then… then are you tired?”

Sheng Heng suddenly let out a laugh, “You have something to ask me, don’t you?”

“You can tell?” Yan Hao was a little embarrassed.

From the way you look, it’s hard not to tell, isn’t it?

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