Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 21.1

He Shao already knew Yan Hao very well, he knew that he would not ask for help unless he had no other choice. Moreover, Yan Hao was already a god of learning in his mind and his calculating ability was the strongest he had ever seen, so whatever he wanted to calculate with the Super light brain must be something extraordinary.

At that moment, He Shao didn’t hesitate. He called his uncle, who was the deputy director, to ask for the right to use the Super light brain.

“Because we requested to use the Super light brain temporarily, my uncle couldn’t go through with the experimental procedure, we have to pay the usage fee.” He Shao was a bit embarrassed, because he thought his uncle could give them free access.

“I just need to use it for a short period of time. Besides, I should pay for the usage, so please help me apply for it temporarily, I am already grateful for this opportunity.” Yan Hao said hastily.

He Shao was relieved. Smiling, he walked with Yan Hao to the lab of the Mech Building Department. The lab of the Mech Building Department was a large building with ten floors, the first to the eighth floors were completely open for students to use with various types of laboratories inside and students could use them as they wished. The ninth and tenth floors, however, were the university’s confidential laboratories, and those who had access to them were basically professors of the university and their close disciples and as they were conducting the most advanced mecha research in the Federation, the lab naturally had the best equipment.

The Super light brain that Yan Hao wanted to use was on the ninth floor. If one didn’t come in with a teacher, they would have to apply online a month in advance to get permission to use it before someone would allow them in. There were also strict time limits for use. Once the time was up, even if one hadn’t finished their calculations, they couldn’t stay a moment longer.

With He Shao’s uncle’s special permission, the two of them went to the ninth floor and saw the staff who came to greet them.

“Are you He Shao and Yan Hao?” The visitor was a young male, wearing a silver and white uniform with the Federal University’s logo on it.

“Yes.” The two of them nodded their heads.

“Come on in.” After the man confirmed their identities, he swiped his card to activate the elevator then gestured for them to enter.

He Shao and Yan Hao stepped in without hesitation.

The man waited for the two to enter then pressed the button for the ninth floor. At the same time, he turned on his light brain and began to register them: “Since you have applied on a temporary basis, you can only use the Super light brain when others aren’t using it. “

“Then senior, how long can we use it?” This person looked young, so he was definitely not a teacher and someone who could work on the tenth floor had to be a graduate if not a student, so he had to call him senior.

“You guys are lucky. It just so happens that a group of calculations went well in the morning and ended half an hour early. So all together, you should be able to use an hour and a half.” The young man said.

“An hour and a half? Maybe we should come back another time.” When He Shao heard that the time they had was only one and a half hours, he was a bit anxious, worried that Yan Hao’s usage fee would be wasted.

Generally speaking, the calculations that could be done with the Super light brain were very large ones, and they were multiple formulas, with a slightly complicated formula taking nearly an hour to calculate. The rental time of a Super light brain was basically four hours. And now there was only an hour and a half, which was to say that Yan Hao only had two attempts at most. Moreover, the operation time of the formula had to be within forty minutes.

“No need, there’s enough time.” Yan Hao said with a calm expression.

”Then….. okay.” When He Shao saw Yan Hao’s face full of certainty, he couldn’t say anything else, but he thought to himself that if Yan Hao couldn’t finish his calculations this time, he would find a way to press his uncle to give Yan Hao a free pass again.

As they were talking, the elevator had already reached the ninth floor. The young man led the two of them to the front and they couldn’t help but look around, seeing many people in the same uniform as the young man busying around, each of them with at least two to three mecha parts in front of them, but as they were looking at them with great interest, the young man suddenly stopped.

“We are here.” He told them.

Yan Hao and He Shao looked up. An automatic door opened slowly, revealing a huge installed Super light brain.

The room wasn’t large, it was about 20 square meters, but most of it was occupied by the huge Super light brain with only a worktable placed in the middle with many pens and papers on it. It seemed to be for the staff to record.

The young man didn’t say much. After entering, he turned on the electronic light screen of the Super light brain then pressed a few times rapidly, as if he was entering a password. When he finished entering the password, the dormant Super light brain was awakened to reveal the super-control interface.

“The Super light brain is charged according to the length of time you use it. 10,000 star coins per minute, so the shorter you use it, the less star coins it will cost.” The young man continued, “Which one of you is going to scan the payment code? When you are done doing that, you can start using it.”

“I’ll do it.” Yan Hao went over hurriedly, turned his light brain and swiped it over a pattern.

The Super light brain immediately flashed all of Yan Hao’s information on its interface and it showed that from this moment on, for the next hour and a half, Yan Hao had the right to use the Super light brain.

The young man pressed the keyboard several times then finally brought up a formula interface. He told Yan Hao, “Enter the formula here, and the light brain will run itself.”

Yan Hao nodded his head to show that he understood.

“Is there anything else you don’t understand?” The young man asked again.

“No, thank you senior.” Yan Hao shook his head. He Shao had come with Yan Hao, so seeing that he didn’t have any questions, naturally shook his head as well.

“Alright, remember your usage time, because the light brain will automatically lock up when the time is up and delete your usage data. I’ll leave now, good luck to you.” The young man seemed to be a bit surprised, but he still gave a few words of instructions before leaving.

Everyone had their own formula and algorithm for the same goal, but before the parties concerned announced it to the public, outsiders couldn’t observe or ask. However, Yan Hao and He Shao were only freshmen this year and their formula might be more advanced among their peers, but for their predecessors working on the ninth floor, they were probably formulas that they had already solved. Hence many of the students who came here to use the Super light brain would ask the staff who brought them up to take a look and if they could give them some pointers, it would go a long way in helping them solve with correct formulas.

The young man knew that these two people had come in with Director He’s help, which was why he had asked if they needed any help, so he was surprised to hear Yan Hao say no. It had to be known, that few people would refuse this kind of help.

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  1. 10 000 per minutes IS SO EXPENSIVE 😬 Do The university really wanted people to breakthrough major problems with those kind of price !??! Like if someone really stay there 1h30′ they have to pay 90k 🙄😑😑

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