Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 8 The god of learning’s run over.

According to He Shao, before learning how to make level 4 energy blocks, you have to start with the level 1 Energy Blocks, which was why he bought five pieces of the level 1 energy blocks first.

“The level 1 and the level 2 are pretty much the same, so once you learn how to make the level 1, you’ll be able to do the level 2 and once you’ve mastered it, it’s much more easier to learn how to make level 3 energy blocks.” He Shao put the materials for the level 1 energy blocks on the workbench in the dormitory. One for him and one for Yan Hao.

“You know the formula, you’ve read about the principles of energy compression, so you’ve got it all figured out.”

“Yes.” Yan Hao nodded seriously.

“In fact, once you have mastered the formula and principles, you can do it yourself so how about you try it out yourself, and then I tell you what you need to pay attention to?” He Shao had no experience as a teacher and was afraid he wouldn’t be able to teach him, hence he just allowed Yan Hao try it himself so that he would correct any problems he found.

“Okay.” Yan Hao nodded, put his head down and fiddled with the materials he had on hand and the first thing he picked up was a star particle.

In the universe, every star contained a great deal of energy, and every day there were stars that died from explosions. In the interstellar age, whether it was a spaceship, a mech, a planet shield, or a space station, the energy requirements for each item of equipment were enormous, and the planet’s own energy sources alone wouldn’t be able to provide for such an enormous energy drain, but thousands of years ago, a great scientist had a great idea, and that was an attempt to collect energy from the expended stars of the universe.

After a long period of research, the scientist succeeded, and he used a special substance to seal the energy of the stars that exploded, something that was later called star particles. But the energy was very unstable, hence mankind created a second seal, so the process of making the energy blocks was to unseal the energy, to stabilize it, and to supply the mechs with energy smoothly.

Yan Hao first used a tool to measure the energy contained in the star particles he had purchased, then used a formula to calculate what he needed to do to unseal them, and finally began to unseal them.

When an energy machine created an energy block, it wrapped a huge energy shield around the unsealed energy and then recompressed it. But the energy of a level 1 energy block wasn’t very huge, and most mech builders had mental energy, hence they could use their own mental energy instead of the energy shield to encapsulate the unstable energy.

Mental energy was released by a mech builder himself, so the energy shield created by the mental energy was much more sensitive than the energy shield created by a machine, hence there was no need to recalculate with formulas and no need to keep track of data, as even subtle changes in energy could be felt by the builder.

Making high-level medicine also required mental energy, so Yan Hao was very skilled in the use of mental energy, hence he hardly felt any difficulty in sealing the unstable energy in the energy block.

It only took about ten minutes.

Yan Hao was relieved. He felt that he had done well, but he wasn’t sure as this was the first time he had made one, so he looked up and asked He Shao, “What do you think? Was it a success?”

He Shao stared blankly at the shaped block of level 1 energy with a glass of juice in his hand.

What did he think?

Was it a success?

F**k, he actually completed it in ten minutes. This was faster than when he had made one for the first time!

“Cough, it was quite… successful. You’re not bad at controlling your mental energy.” Yes, that’s right, that was why Yan Hao did it faster than him. It was definitely because he had stronger mental energy than him.

“It’s good that it was a success. Is there anything that needs improvement?” Yan Hao asked, eager to learn more.

Improvements? You’re even more precise than the people in the instructional video. What improvements?

“No need. For a level 1 energy block like this, it’s not difficult for a learning god like you so let’s just make a level 3 energy block.” To cover his embarrassment, He Shao handed Yan Hao the juice he had prepared for himself, not having the time to drink it, “Drink the juice first, I’ll go get the level 3 materials.”

They didn’t buy any level 3 materials on the way out, but He Shao brought some with him when he came to school for practice. He had been planning to wait to teach Yan Hao in a few days, but looking at the way things were going, he wouldn’t be surprised if Yan Hao was able to make level 3 energy blocks.

“You’ve just learned how to make a level 1 energy block, and as you should have noticed, there are two main aspects to making an energy block. One is in the process of unlocking the energy, the constantly changing energy data, and the constant application of formulas. And the other is the compression, which requires precise mental control.” He Shao took a piece of the material and pushed it to Yan Hao, “There are about a thousand unstable energy points in the level 3 energy block, and it requires a lot of calculations, so we need a light brain to assist in the calculations.”

Immediately, Yan Hao turned his light brain on and then quickly entered the formula for calculating the level 3 energy block, and after sensing the level 3 star particles, entered the raw data into the formula. All this took only a minute.

“……” When Yan Hao said he had a good grasp of the formula, it turns out he wasn’t kidding.

“Then, just like before, try it out first and if there’s a problem, I’ll point it out.'” He Shao said.


Yan Hao was a bit unable to wait as he picked the material for the level 3 energy block up and started making it.

It took at least half an hour to make a level 3 energy block and five minutes into when he started, He Shao who was watching from the side noticed Yan Hao staring at the unblocked unstable energy mass and understood that he was trapped by the unstable points that had suddenly grown to a thousand and that he needed some time to digest it.

After stretching, He Shao decided to take the time to go downstairs to the vending machine to get some snacks to fill his stomach, so he went out without disturbing Yan Hao. There were a lot of snacks in the vending machine, so He Shao picked a few at random, paid for them, and turned around to walk back, tearing open the packages as he went. But when he walked back to the dormitory and pushed the door open, with a ‘wow’ sound, the snacks fell out of his hands.

Standing at the door, he pointed to the things in Yan Hao’s hand with a shaking finger as he asked, “What are you holding in your hand? What’s in your hand?”

Yan Hao was stunned: “A level 3 energy block. Did I make a mistake, did I not succeed?”

Yan Hao couldn’t help but check the energy block in his hand again. The energy in it had stabilized. Could it be that he didn’t control it when compressing it and wasted too much energy?

“You did it?” He Shao rushed forward.


“You made it with the materials I just gave you?”

“Ye…. Yes.”

“You finished it in less than 15 minutes?”

“It took 13 minutes and 50 seconds.” Because pharmacists had to pay close attention to time when they were mixing medicine, Yan Hao was very sensitive to time, hence from start to finish, he had subconsciously glanced at the time.

“You… you…. how long did it take you to calculate?” Could it be that Yan Hao’s mind control had reached the level of a master and he used one minute to compress the energy?

“Two minutes.” Yan Hao said.

“In two minutes you calculated the energy changes of a thousand unstable energy points?” He Shao exclaimed loudly.

“There aren’t that many.” Yan Hao explained, “Although there were a lot of unstable points after the energy was unblocked, there is a pattern to the variation in the data of these unstable points so I spent about five minutes looking for the pattern, and then I applied the formula and calculated it, and once I calculated the data for one of the unstable energy points, I was able to deduce the other unstable energy points.”

“So what you’re saying…. is that once you get the pattern down, you’ll be able to make it in a shorter amount of time?

“If you want to make one just like the one I have, you can cut it down by three to four minutes.” Yan Hao said critically after thinking about it.

F**k you!

“Yan Hao, tell me the truth. Did you ask me to teach you how to make energy blocks just to humiliate me?” He Shao trembled as he grabbed Yan Hao’s arm.


“Tell me!!!!” He Shao went completely crazy.

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  1. Thanks so much for the chapter! I’m really loving this novel. So happy that Yan Hao is finally being appreciated for his talents.

    I found it so funny that the time to make a level 1 energy block is just like pouring a glass of juice while a level 3 is like buying a few snacks from the vending machine, such a great juxtaposition….and now I’m craving snacks…

  2. It’s difficult to be a normal person next to a study god. I’ve accidentally made some of my friends in high school feel inferior when I broke the grading curve. The worst part is that they knew for a fact that I completely lack the ability to study, so I did all of that just from listening during class and doing the assignments. But don’t worry, physics in college still kicked my ass all the same, so even if someone can make you feel inadequate during compulsory education, it is very likely that they’ll hit a wall somewhere during higher education. I made it to modern physics 2 and optical physics before my inability to study inevitably doomed my prospects in that field.

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