Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 51.1 Stealing a disciple

After separating from Yan Hao, Baby Bug went back to the laboratory building. His teacher, Zhong Gao Xuan, was on the tenth floor of the lab building. As a past student of Federal University, Baby Bug was no stranger to the tenth floor of the laboratory building, which would have been his first choice after graduation if he hadn’t chosen to study under Old Zhong.

“Teacher.” Baby Bug entered the lounge that had been prepared specially for Old Zhong.

“You’re back. Did you see him?” Old Zhong was preparing for the afternoon open class, but when Baby Bug came in, he put the script he was holding down.

“I saw him.” Baby Bug said happily, “Teacher, I asked him. The WT Group thing was really just an accident, he didn’t want the 500 million starcoins at all. It was the people from the WT Group who wanted him to take it in order to get him to sign the sales contract. Ri An told them he didn’t want it, but the WT Group didn’t feel assured.”

Old Zhong was already impressed by Yan Hao’s talent, so when he heard this from his disciple, he couldn’t help but be convinced: “Then bring him to see me.”

“It’s already been decided. I’ll let him meet you when you’re done with your open class.” Baby Bug said happily.

“Is he attending my class?” Old Zhong asked.

“Of course he’ll be there. He’s probably in the auditorium by now, trying to get a seat.” Baby Bug had a good feeling about Yan Hao, and so couldn’t help but want to improve his favorability in front of his teacher.

Sure enough, when Old Zhong heard that Ri An had gone to the auditorium in advance to get a place in his open class, there was a satisfied expression on his face.

“Knock, knock.” There was a knock on the door.

Baby Bug rushed over to open the door to the lounge.

“Hello, Old Pang.” At the sight of the old man at the door, Baby Bug immediately stood at attention then bowed respectfully.

“It’s Little Eight.” Smiling, Old Pang nodded at Baby Bug.

“You’re here to see my teacher? Please come in.” Baby Bug hurriedly sidled out of the way.

Old Pang walked in, looked at his stubborn old friend who was still sitting on the sofa without looking up and laughed: “What have you gotten yourself into this time, that you’ve agreed to come and give a public lecture?”

“I can do whatever I want to do, what do you care?” Old Zhong huffed.

“All right, all right, all right, do whatever you want.” Old Pang was familiar with his temper and so didn’t want to argue with him. Walking in, he sat down opposite Old Zhong then said, “Little Eight, get me a cup of water.”

“Okay.” Baby Bug rushed over eagerly to steep the tea leaves in a pot of water for Old Pang.

“You’re shameless, what are you doing ordering someone’s disciple around?” Old Zhong shouted in anger.

“My disciples are all out of the school and now they aren’t around.” Old Pang responded cheerfully.

“Haven’t you taken on another one recently?” Old Zhong looked at him in askance.

The Mech Builder circle was just that big that even the little sign of disturbance that happened in regards to a master like Old Pang would spread in the circle. The circle was very curious about the new disciple he had suddenly accepted.

“Old Pang, have some tea.” Baby Bug brought the cup of tea to Old Pang.

“Thank you.” Old Pang picked up the cup of tea, took a sip, then smiled, “And here I was wondering why you’re suddenly giving an open class. You’re just curious about my little disciple.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Old Zhong grunted. He had come here mainly to meet Ri An. Seeing Old Pang’s disciple was just a by the way affair.

Baby Bug, who knew his teacher’s temperament of saying one thing but meaning another, took the initiative to ask, “Old Pang, I’m very curious about your young disciple. Rumor has it that he is your closed disciple?”

“That’s right.” Old Pang didn’t deny it. He hadn’t had a disciple for ten years and at his advanced age, he originally didn’t want to take on any more, but then he couldn’t help but be moved when he witnessed Yan Hao’s excellent talent, which was why he made an exception and took him on as his disciple, so it wasn’t wrong to say that Yan Hao was his closed disciple.

The moment Old Zhong lifted his eyelids, Baby Bug understood immediately: “Then I guess Old Pang’s closed disciple must be extremely gifted in some way.”

“He’s got good mental energy and can barely assemble the parts of a level 5 mech.” Old Pang said modestly.

“Old Pang, I heard that this closed disciple of yours is still a student, right? He hasn’t even graduated and he can use his mental energy to assemble level 5 mech parts, it seems his mental energy is better than mine……” Baby Bug praised.

“He is better than you because you’re lazy.” Old Zhong couldn’t help but scold, “I told you to practice more but all you know how to do is just burying your head to do maths and writing system programs. Even if you come up with a good program from researching it in the future, you’ll still have to put it in someone else’s mech for them to use.”

Baby Bug ducked his head, a little embarrassed.

How was it him scolding his disciple? He was clearly stating that Baby Bug’s talent was in mathematics and programming. This old man, he had been comparing himself to him all his life and now he wanted to compare disciples as well.

“Little Eight led the upgrade of the operating system for the level seven mech, right?” Old Pang complimented, “I’ve seen that system. After the upgrade, the operating instructions have been simplified by ten percent, a very impressive achievement for such a young man.”

“Old Pang you’re too kind.” Baby Bug said modestly, then couldn’t help but be amused when he sneaked a glance at his teacher and saw the pleased expression on his face.

These two were really something else. At their age, in addition to being masters of their craft, who would have thought that in private they would like to compare their disciples?

“Since you already know that I’ve taken on a disciple, you have to give him a meeting gift.” Old Pang suddenly said.

“I haven’t even met him yet, what kind of gift do you expect me to give?” Old Zhong asked in a bad tone.

“That can be easily arranged. I’ll get him here.” Old Pang sent Yan Hao a message.

Old Zhong didn’t stop him, thinking to himself that he was also going to take on a disciple himself later, so he would just give a gift now, then knock him down later by asking for a huge one in return.

The school auditorium.

Yan Hao rushed in hurriedly, and in the crowd of people, managed to see He Shao sitting in the corner.

“There are so many people.” Yan Hao looked at the scene in front of him in astonishment.

“A lot of people run here to take their seats without eating. I came late, so I was only able to get the corner seat that was left.” He Shao said.

“It’s fine, as long as we are able to hear.” Holographic projections were all that were used now, so it didn’t matter which corner of the classroom they sat, it wouldn’t affect their listening.

“Stupid, the only way to get a chance to ask questions is if you sit at the front.” He Shao himself had nothing to ask, but Yan Hao definitely did, “Didn’t you say you’ve hit a bottleneck after making the mimetic system for a level 5 mech? Old Zhong is an expert in this area, and he’s been doing research on simplified operating systems and mimetic piloting for decades.”

“There is no hurry, my mech knowledge now is still lacking. Old Zhong is a master, so my current problem is too easy for him. When I learn more, I will find the opportunity to ask him for advice.” Yan Hao told him.

“That’s also true. Old Zhong and Old Pang have been friends for many years, so you will definitely have the opportunity to meet him later.” As soon as He Shao said this, the terminal on Yan Hao’s wrist went off and a message came in.

Yan Hao took one look at the message, and the expression on his face instantly became complicated.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that his expression wasn’t right, He Shao moved over, took a look at the message and Immediately let out a ‘wow’, “My mouth must be enlightened 1Someone’s mouth being enlightened means that the person’s words are particularly effective in that what was said before really happens afterwards.”

On the miniature virtual screen, there was a message from Old Pang: [Come on over, I want to introduce you to someone].

“Then…. I’m going?” Yan Hao stood up.

“Go, go, go, hurry up and go.” He Shao waved his hand, motioning that he should hurry up.

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