Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 109.1 A way to cure

Right away, Sheng Heng told Yan Hao about Sheng Zhuo’s mental energy problem then said, “Big brother’s situation is unique, in that he can’t really leave the battlefield for recuperation, so the only solution is to find a way to stabilize his condition. But the base’s pharmacist isn’t adept at treating the sea of consciousness, so I was hoping you could help me contact Grandmaster Wen.”

Hearing that Yan Hao had some connections with the Grandmaster Pharmacist Old Wen, Sheng Zhuo was surprised, “Xiao Hao, you know Old Wen?”

“I helped Old Wen with some data calculations once.” After Yan Hao finished saying this, he suddenly remembered something and asked, “Senior, you haven’t given the phantom elixir to big brother?”

“Phantom elixir?” Sheng Zhuo looked at Sheng Heng in confusion.

Sheng Heng shook his head, “I initially planned to give it to him, but then there was a problem with big brother’s sea of consciousness, so I didn’t.”

Before advancing one’s mental energy with a phantom elixir, the user needed to recuperate for a period of time in order to allow their mental energy reach its most optimal and stable state. Because it was only in this state, that they could ensure that their mental energy wouldn’t react adversely to the stimulating effects of the phantom elixir. Before this, Yan Hao had even warned that the after-effects of progressing from A+ mental energy to S level would be severe. Hence, Sheng Heng hadn’t dared use it on his big brother.

“You brought me a phantom elixir?” Sheng Zhuo caught the crucial point.

“Previously, I obtained some wild phantom beast’s blood by accident, then thanks to Xiao Hao, I was able to request the help of Old Wen’s direct disciple, Xia Tianyi, to make it using the most recent improved phantom elixir formula. Xiao Hao said the chances of it advancing one’s mental energy level are very high. Moreover, Sima Mingxuan has also used the blood of a wild phantom beast to advance to the S level.” Before this, Sheng Heng hadn’t been able to contact Sheng Zhuo who had been out on missions, which was why he hadn’t told him about the phantom elixir until now.

Sheng Zhuo was aware of Sima Mingxuan’s advancement to having an S level mental energy and as they had both at one point had the same A+ level mental energy, Sheng Zhuo had envied him secretly more than once. So hearing Sheng Heng say that the phantom elixir he had brought might help him upgrade successfully, an intense light instantly sparked in Sheng Zhuo’s eyes. However it faded just as quickly.

As Sheng Heng had just mentioned, there was a problem with his sea of consciousness, so he wasn’t fit to take the phantom elixir. Maybe after a long period of rest, it could be possible. But he couldn’t afford to leave the battlefield for a complete two year rest.

“Let’s use it as a merit reward for the corps.” Sheng Zhuo adjusted his emotions quickly.

A phantom elixir capable of giving one a smooth advancement from A+ level mental energy was an unparalleled allure for warriors. He couldn’t use it himself, but he could offer it to others within the corps who had made remarkable contributions to the Federation and to the corps. It could even be used to attract some outstanding mecha warriors with A+ level mental energy who wanted to advance to the S level.

“Big brother.” Sheng Heng looked at his big brother disapprovingly.

“Among the three major corps, our corps has the least number of level nine mecha warriors. With this bottle of phantom elixir, perhaps we can have one more.” Sheng Zhuo said with a smile.

He could have also been promoted to being a level nine mecha warrior, but his mental energy had been unstable recently, so it would have to be delayed.

Hearing this, Sheng Heng clenched his fists quietly. If his hands weren’t injured, big brother wouldn’t have so much pressure on him.

“That….. can I see big brother’s mental energy map?” Yan Hao, who had been listening quietly to the two brothers, raised his hand quietly when he saw the atmosphere becoming tense.

“Big brother?” Sheng Heng looked at his big brother immediately.

“Xiao Hao is family so of course he can.” Sheng Zhuo agreed without hesitation, “But my mental energy map can’t be taken out, you can only look at it it here.”

With that, Sheng Zhuo was about to retrieve his latest mental energy map test from his light brain.

“If it’s possible, I would like to test it myself.” Yan Hao added.

Although Sheng Zhuo found it strange, he didn’t ask any questions. Anyway he was staying at the base for the time being and had nothing else to do, so it wouldn’t hurt to make time for another check, “Okay, but it has to be in the evening. I have a meeting later.”

Thus both parties agreed to test his mental energy map at the hospital at nine o’clock in the evening.

After that, the three of them split up to do their respective tasks. Then at eight-thirty in the evening, Sheng Heng went to pick Yan Hao up in advance then the two walked together towards the base’s hospital. Because of Sheng Zhuo’s special status, the hospital had arranged a separate test room for him, a room which was also equipped with one of the base’s Pharmacists. This pharmacist, a level eight pharmacist from the base, was in charge of Sheng Zhuo’s condition.

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