Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 116.2 Selling the token of love

“Senior, are you about to go to the front line soon?” In the Mech Piloting Department of the Federal University, starting from their third year, their professors would intermittently send students to front lines where the situation wasn’t very critical. Then when it was their senior year, when they had accumulated some experience, their professors would no longer interfere with their choices and would let them choose the battlefields they wanted to go to.

And the students of the Federal University, who were almost all the Federation’s young elites, would go to the high-risk front lines in advance to practice, with many of them becoming enlisted soldiers and with even a minority receiving ranks in various Legions before graduation. Of course, there were also those who were killed in battle who couldn’t return to attend their graduation ceremony.

“Yes.” The senior didn’t hide it.

“Where are you planning to go?”

“Planet S-12.”

“The base of the War God Legion.” Planet S-12 was one of the planets where the War God Legion was stationed, and it had the danger level of four stars.

Smiling, the senior asked him, “Do you think it would help if I say I’m going to join the War God Legion in case Junior Sheng Heng doesn’t agree?”

“…..” Cheng Wenkang.

Not waiting for him to respond, the senior’s eyes swept over the mech behind him then he praised, “Nice mech. New purchase?”

“Yes.” The moment his mech was spoken of, a proud look appeared on Cheng Wenkang’s face.

“Your particle cannon doesn’t seem to have been changed.” The senior continued.

“It’s new and not broken, so why should I change it?” The minute Cheng Wenkang finished saying this, he suddenly reacted. This guy was saying indirectly that he also wasn’t using the energy block converter.

“It seems it’s really a token of love.” The senior said as if he was only just now believing it.

“…..” What was this sudden feeling as if he was being stabbed in the heart?

On the other end, Yan Hao was talking to Sheng Heng, explaining the situation briefly.

And after hearing the explanation, Sheng Heng said almost immediately, “Sell it to him.”

The fact that Yan Hao called him to specifically discuss this with him meant that he actually wanted to sell it, and Sheng Heng also felt that it would be a waste to use the energy block converter as just a token of love.

“En.” Yan Hao nodded, however he wasn’t very happy.

“What’s wrong, not happy?” Sheng Heng asked.

“Senior, I’ll make something else just for you later.” Yan Hao told him.

Sheng Heng was stunned for a moment, then burst into laughter. His little junior thought he had wronged him by selling their token of love as a commodity to someone else.

“Why are you so cute?”


“Compared to you making something especially for me and me hiding it, I would rather everyone know that you made it for me. That way, everyone in the world will know about our relationship, so that no one will come and try to snatch you away from me.” Sheng Heng said with a satisfied expression on his face.

“No….. no one will snatch me away.” Yan Hao’s face was red as he said this.

In his previous and current life, only Sheng Heng had this kind of thought towards him, and….. and it was him who took the initiative to pursue him back.

“……” Do you have some misunderstanding about your own charm?

However Sheng Heng also didn’t bother to explain. As long as his little junior remained oblivious, he wouldn’t have any love rivals. Thinking about it, all the times he had been abused because his little junior wasn’t enlightened had now become his fortress.

Since there was someone still waiting, they didn’t talk for too long, so ending the call, Yan Hao walked back, only to meet the senior’s hopeful expression. Yan Hao didn’t keep him guessing, nodding directly, “I can sell it to you.”

“Thank you, I want two, no, four.” He would keep a pair as backup.

“I also want four.”

“I want two.”

“And me…”

Suddenly, seven to eight people popped out from nowhere and surrounded Yan Hao immediately.

All of them had come specifically for him, their main goal the energy block converter because they knew very well in their hearts that it was difficult to get Yan Hao to pair up with them, and that it was even more difficult to get Old Zhong to make a mimetic mech for them. So after thinking about it, they concluded that the pair of weapons on Black Soul’s shoulder was their best hope.

Hence, while the senior had been negotiating with Yan Hao, they had been listening in secretly on the side. Then seeing that the deal was successful, scrambled over to place their orders.

“So….. so many?”

And the crowd, thinking that Yan Hao was too busy, told him that they didn’t mind paying a deposit first, afraid they would lose this opportunity.

After a brief moment of panic, Yan Hao calmed down slowly then tried to explain, “The energy block converter, simply put, is a modification of the energy block circuit, but at the same time it also causes a reduction in energy, so the power won’t increase by much. If a level six mech is fitted with a level eight weapon, its power output will only be a little stronger than level seven weapons, but it will consume the energy required by a level eight weapon.”

Seeing the crowd’s confusion, Yan Hao added quickly, “The reason why Black Soul’s weapons are so powerful is because his pair of level eight particle cannons are stronger than ordinary level eight weapons.”

The expressions of the people in the crowd showed that they understood after hearing this, however they didn’t hesitate for long. One by one, they said firmly, “We’ll buy it. Having the power of a level seven weapon is good enough.”

“That’s right, I want two pairs and one pair for my friend.”

“You’re even buying for your friend. We who are lining up haven’t bought ours yet.”

“Give them to me first, I’m leaving school for the front lines next week.”


As soon as the people around heard that Yan Hao was actually selling the energy block converter that could be fitted to advanced weapons, some of those who had money rushed over to buy it regardless of whether they could use it immediately or not, and there were also some who had already partnered with Yan Hao’s classmates that took the backdoor directly.

“Xiao Hao, this is my new partner. Sell him a pair too okay?”

“…..” Yan Hao

In the end, Yan Hao could only add their contact information one by one, and it was only after he said that he would go back to evaluate the price then give them a quote later that they dispersed gradually.

After this incident, Yan Hao didn’t want to stay any longer, afraid he might disturb his classmates, so he said goodbye to He Shao then after asking Professor Qin for permission, went back to his dormitory.

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