Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 77.1 The Pharmacy Department comes to steal someone

At half past five in the afternoon, inside the office building of the Mech Building Department.

The Head of Department, Gongsun Xi was reviewing the teaching plans for the semester.

“Knock, knock.” Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Pinching his nose, Gongsun Xi looked up a little tiredly, “Come in.”

The door opened and a middle-aged man in his fifties, wearing an ancient Earth-style tunic and a pair of black-framed glasses, walked in.

“It’s dinner time and you’re still busy.” The man smiled.

“Director Liao?” Gongsun Xi was surprised. “What brings you to the Mech Building Department?”

“I’m here to invite you to dinner.” Director Liao stood in front of Gongsun Xi’s desk.

“You crossed half the campus from the Pharmacy Department to our Mech Building Department without even giving me a heads-up just to invite me to dinner?” Gongsun Xi asked, suspicious.

“I also have something to discuss with you.” Director Liao smiled, the two words ‘eagerly attentive’ written on his face.

At this point Gongsun Xi wasn’t just suspicious, he began to be wary. For someone who could become the head of a department at the Federal University, he had extraordinary achievements in his respective field and was usually very proud and even spoke to others in a condescending manner, so why had he suddenly become so polite with even flattering thrown into the mix?

“I can’t just eat this meal carelessly.” Getting up, Gongsun Xi made him a cup of tea then handed it to him personally. “I’ll get indigestion if you don’t explain what’s going on clearly.”

“Look at what you’re saying.” Taking the cup of tea, Director Liao didn’t continue to make a fuss about inviting him to dinner. After all, it had just been a courtesy invite. “I came this time because I want someone.”

“Want someone?” Gongsun Xi was surprised. “You guys are going to a desolate planet to pick medicine? You could have just sent a message through a communicator for this. Why did you have to come all the way here?”

The pharmacy department held two field teaching courses every year where they would go to a densely vegetated planet where students could search for and discover medicinal herbs and to ensure the safety of the students, the Mech Department would always send students to protect them.

“You’ve said it yourself, sending a message through a communicator would be enough for that issue, so why would I come just for that?” Director Liao went straight to the point. “I want Yan Hao.”

Yan Hao?!

Gongsun Xi was very familiar with this name and it could be said that in the past two weeks, he’d had a strong impression of the name Yan Hao twice. The first time was when he found out that Old Pang had taken a disciple from one of the first year students of his Mech Building Department and the second time was when he learned that a first year student from the Mech Building Department had produced a highly pure level six sedative during the assessment on the desolate planet.

“You want him to transfer to your Pharmacy Department?!” Gongsun Xi guessed Director Liao’s intention.

Director Liao nodded.

“Director Liao, I’m afraid this might not be appropriate.” Gongsun Xi told him.

“Director Gongsun, you must have heard about Yan Hao’s creation of a level six sedative on the desolate planet. Moreover, this child studied pharmacy in middle through to high school and his first choice when applying for university was to apply to our Pharmacy Department. It was only because he was quarreling with his family that he applied to your Mech Building Department.” Director Liao continued, asking him, “Putting such a good seedling who is excellent when it comes to pharmacy in your Mech Building Department would be a waste, don’t you think?”

“Heh heh.” Gongsun Xi laughed in Director Liao’s face.

This shameless guy. After seeing a good seedling, he immediately wanted to pull him into his Pharmacy Department and so had even made up lies about Yan Hao quarrelling with his family. And what did he mean by ‘putting such a good seedling who was excellent when it came to pharmacy in his Mech Building Department was a waste’? Who dared to make Old Pang’s disciple a waste?

“Yan Hao belongs to our Mech Building Department so don’t get any ideas.” Gongsun Xi’s tone became impolite.

Before coming, Director Liao had inquired about Yan Hao’s situation in the Mech Building Department and so knew that Yan Hao’s grades were good and that he was always second in class. When Director Liao first heard this, he had been surprised. After all, Yan Hao had studied only pharmacy before, so for him to achieve such good grades after switching to Mech Building halfway through was very astonishing.

“I know Yan Hao’s grades in the Mech Building Department are good, but in the end he only has a background in pharmacy. His good grades now are solely because he has strong mathematical skills and your Mech Building Department mainly studies energy formulas in the first year, which is why he can barely keep up. However as the mech knowledge imparted becomes more and more advanced, his weak foundation will gradually be exposed and he won’t be able to keep up then.” Director Liao added, “What’s more although this child is quarrelling with his family now, he has always wanted to return to the Pharmacy Department in his heart.”

“How do you know he wants to return to the Pharmacy Department? If he wants to return, why doesn’t he submit a transfer application himself?”

“If he didn’t want to return to the Pharmacy Department why would he specially study the production method for making an advanced sedative after transferring to your Mech Building Department?” Director Liao added, “The formula model for this advanced sedative came out only after he joined your Mech Building Department.”

Frowning, Gongsun Xi said directly, becoming impatient with Director Liao’s argument, “Enough, say no more. Let me just tell you one thing: I won’t let Yan Hao go, so go do whatever it is you need to do.”

“Director Gongsun, I didn’t come empty-handed to take him away.” Director Liao told him.

“??” Gongsun Xi looked at him in surprise.

Lowering his head, Director Liao tapped the screen of his light brain twice with his finger: “I just sent you an email, take a look.”

Gongsun Xi opened his mailbox in confusion, then saw the email in it. However after clicking it open, he jumped up from his chair with a ‘hua’.

“What’s going on?!”

“The Federation’s Special Talent Protection Program for someone in the pharmacy field.” Director Liao emphasized the first three words. “Actually, with this document, I can request for Yan Hao’s transfer directly through the school’s internal channels, but I thought it would be better to come and talk to you in person.”

“This isn’t possible!” Gongsun Xi exclaimed with a ghastly pale expression.

“Director Gongsun, Yan Hao is a rare genius for our Pharmacy Department, but for your Mech Building Department, he’s just an ordinary student.” Director Liao still wanted to persuade him.

“Ordinary student my ass!” Gongsun Xi slammed the table in anger. “He is Old Pang’s disciple!”

“What?!” This time it was Director Liao’s turn to jump up in shock.

“You dare to snatch Old Pang’s disciple?!” Gongsun Xi asked.

“….” Even if he had ten times the courage he wouldn’t dare. “But….. but…..”

“What’s with this Special Talent Protection Program? Where did it come from? Is it real?” Gongsun Xi questioned, puzzled as to why Yan Hao, who had already become Old Pang’s disciple would still apply for special talent protection in the pharmacy field. Even if he was to apply for anything, it should be for special protection in the Mech Building field.

Moreover the date showed that it had just been approved today. If Yan Hao wanted to return to the Pharmacy Department, why didn’t he just submit a transfer application instead of making it so complicated? Subconsciously, Gongsun Xi felt that there was something wrong with this Special Talent Protection Program.

“Of course it’s true. This was issued to me directly from the Special Talent Protection Program Center, and applying for special talent protection requires individual….” Director Liao suddenly paused, a sentence that Yan Fei had said a few days ago flashing through his mind.

[We can apply for the special talent protection program. My parents have already applied…..]

“Could it be that this wasn’t authorized by Yan Hao?” Director Liao murmured in a daze.

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