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Chapter 38.2 Sheng Heng’s arrangement

Having eaten, Yan Hao went back to his research but on the website Apollo where he had just uploaded the algorithm, the one he had eliminated, a commotion was happening.

[This equation, it seems, is the algorithm for the latest mimetic sensing system.]

[It doesn’t look like it. It seems to have been changed to be a bit more arithmetic, at least tens or even a hundred times more than before.]

[I don’t think there is a mimetic sensing system for this algorithm on the market yet. Who uploaded it? Did he accidentally send up the company’s R&D secrets by mistake?]

The website Apollo was a place where a bunch of cutting-edge gurus in their respective fields discussed their knowledge with each other. This website was a well kept secret on Starnet that one had to have a recommendation from a member within the site to be able to access it. But despite the niche, it was also a modest public platform where people exchanged knowledge but never published anything that exceeded the current technology of the Federation.

Take this algorithm published by Yan Hao for example. The best existing mimetic sensing system was done by the WT Group, which just upgraded the mimetic sensing system inside their intelligent robots last month, but this algorithm published by Yan Hao could upgrade the mimetic sensing system again, and if a rival company of the WT Group got this algorithm at this time, they could immediately produce a batch of higher-end intelligent robots and in this way, the robots that WT Group had just finished upgrading would be turned into a batch of waste with incalculable losses. One bad operation and WT Group could go bankrupt.

What’s more, if one didn’t sell this information to the company one worked for, but made it public online, it was just looking for trouble.

[Is there anyone from the WT group on the website?]

[Their R&D director seems to be a member of our website, but he’s not online at the moment.]

[Holy sh*t, look at his last question. He was asking about the mimetic sensing system, but that algorithm is just plain old. How come he didn’t even know that common algorithm but after only three days, he’s worked out a new one?]

[The entire R&D department of the WT Group only upgrades their system once a year. Good lord, the moderator did it in three days?]

[It must have been posted by mistake. Does anyone know this moderator called Ri An? Tell him to come and delete it.]

Yan Hao’s nickname on the website was Ri An, a simple splitting up of his surname.

Yan Hao was concentrating on his code and wasn’t on the website at all, so naturally he didn’t know that an obsolete algorithm that he had casually uploaded would probably put a certain intergalactic company on the verge of bankruptcy.

At half past six, there was another knock on the door of the laboratory and this time, Yan Hao opened it quickly.

“This time you opened the door quickly.” The delivery man, still the youth from earlier was subconsciously surprised to see that Yan Hao had opened the door on time, having expected another half-hour knock.

“I….. set an alarm for 6:30.” To remind himself, Yan Hao set a small program directly within his light brain. Once it reached 6:30, no matter what he was doing at the time, the light brain would automatically pop up on the screen and overwrite all the previous data to remind him so that he would see it immediately.

“Then I’ll come back tomorrow morning at 8:30 and knock on the door.” The youth informed him.

“Lunch is at half past twelve?” Yan Hao remembered that this was the point at which it had been delivered at noon.

“That’s right. Three meals a day, I’ll deliver them all.” The youth said as he handed over his dinner, “Can I have the thermos from before, I want to take it back?”

“I’ll get it.” Yan Hao went back and returned the thermos from the afternoon to the youth.

Then telling him that he would see him tomorrow, the youth left.

Yan Hao closed the door and sat down at the table to lay out his meal, which he took out one by one, only to find that there was more for dinner than there had been for lunch. On one of the boxes, there was a sticky note with the word ‘midnight snack’ written on it.

Senior Sheng even prepared a snack for him?

Touched once again, Yan Hao put the midnight snack back into the thermos dutifully, reminding himself to eat it when he was hungry in the evening.

After dinner, he plunged himself into the sea of data and after a refreshing swim, he didn’t even remember that he had a midnight snack left until the lights in the lab suddenly went out and he came back to his senses with some dismay.

Why did the power go out? Was it a malfunction?

The whole lab was dark, with only the virtual screen still glowing with a blue eerie light.

Using the light brain, Yan Hao found the Federal University’s logistics department’s number and called them on his communicator to report the power outage in his lab.

“Lab 1003? Yan Hao? Rented the lab for two months?” The person on the other side checked the information.

“It’s me.”

“That’s right then. It wasn’t an accident, it was deliberately cut for you.”

“…. Why?”

“Your brother, Sheng Heng, made a special trip to the logistics department yesterday to say that when you do research, you forget to sleep and you’ve been sent to the hospital several times because of this so he asked us to cut your power from 11pm to 8am.”


“Student, it’s good to study hard but health is more important. It is only when you rest well that you’ll be energized to study more effectively. Hurry up and go to bed.”

“…. I understand.”

Yan Hao wasn’t sleepy at the moment and had the means to turn the lab’s power back on again, but instead of doing so, he left the lab with the thermos obediently.

Holding the thermos and looking back at the darkened lab, Yan Hao, for some reason, felt a little happy, rather than uncomfortable.

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