Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 142.2 It’s because of him

Sheng Heng and Ye Chen walked over with their trays, and as soon as they sat down, Ye Chen pressed a silver button on the table and an invisible soundproof barrier immediately rose, enclosing them. The surroundings fell into silence.

“Our Phantom Dream Legion never raids civilians or trade caravans. We only target the Federation’s transport spaceships, and we’ve been doing this for years, yet the Federation has never taken any forceful action against us. Do you know why?” Ye Chen got straight to the point.

“Because even though you raid transport spaceships, you never touch emergency supplies, and you never raid during wartime.” For a group of pirates, the most logical thing to do would be to strike while the iron was hot, however the Phantom Dream Legion never interfered during the Federation’s battles against the zergs.

“That’s one reason, but there’s another….” Ye Chen paused then continued, “The Federation needs us to combat the zergs.”

Sheng Heng was puzzled.

“Those supplies we raid, it’s not so much that we raid them, it’s more like the Federation deliberately allows us to take them.”

“What do you mean?” Sheng Heng asked.

“The Phantom Dream Legion has dominated X Galaxy for a century, and we even control a Star Planet. It can’t be that you think the Federation is incapable of defeating us, right?” Ye Chen asked.

“I’ve heard my father mention that your Phantom Dream Legion has nearly 10,000 mech warriors and no fewer than six warships, which is equivalent to the military force guarding two star planets, so if the Federation were to attack you, they would eventually succeed, but the casualties would be significant. Moreover, you’ve never harassed civilian traffic, and although you’ve raided some supplies, you haven’t caused substantial harm to the Federation. In comparison, launching an attack on you would result in even greater losses, which is why they allow you dominate X Galaxy.” Sheng Heng told him.

“This is just official rhetoric. In reality, the Federation wants nothing more than for us to remain stationed in X Galaxy.” Ye Chen sneered.

“Stationed?” Sheng Heng noticed his choice of words.

“That’s right, the Federation actually uses us as their military.” Ye Chen explained, “Because as long as we’re in X Galaxy, the zergs can’t break through the defenses there.”

His brows furrowing, Sheng Heng remembered the distribution of Federation forces. Every allocation of troops was based on the local zerg population. Areas with more zergs had more troops stationed there, while places with fewer zergs naturally had fewer troops, and X Galaxy had the fewest of the Federation’s troops stationed there.

Coming to a realization, Sheng Heng’s eyes as he looked at Ye Chen became brighter. “So, you’re saying that the supplies you guys raid are actually given to you by the Federation?”

“That’s right, and when we raid, we even tell the soldiers responsible for escorting the cargo that we’re in need of specific supplies. For example, if we tell them we’re short on energy blocks, then the next transport spaceship will undoubtedly have energy blocks.” Ye Chen told him.

“It turns out it’s like this?” Although Sheng Heng was surprised, he quickly understood the Federation’s intent. Sending troops to attack the Phantom Dream Legion would result in mutual damage, but sending them supplies occasionally would make them help fight the zergs. It was almost like a reverse form of enlisting rebel soldiers by offering amnesty. Moreover, it was extremely cost-effective, because as Federation troops, they received a monthly salary, but these interstellar pirates were mostly conscripts.

Thinking about this, Sheng Heng eyes as he looked at Ye Chen was filled with deep sympathy. These interstellar pirates had been pushed to this point, because they had no one.

Ye Chen’s expression had been calm, but it suddenly darkened.

And realizing that he might have gone too far with his sympathy, Sheng Heng cleared his throat. “Then if that’s the case, you guys actually don’t need to come looking for me. The weapons are still in the testing phase, and once our War God Legion completes the testing, we’ll submit the blueprints to the Federation. By then, when you go to raid the transport spaceships, they might contain these weapons. Even if they don’t, you can leave a message, and the soldiers transporting the supplies will convey it to the Federation.”

At the end of this sentence, Sheng Heng really couldn’t help but laugh, and so quickly inserted a piece of apple into his mouth.

Ye Chen, irritated, took a sip of his wine then continued, “By now, you should have a clear understanding that although the Phantom Dream Legion are interstellar pirates, we’ve been guarding the Federation for the past few decades. Also, do you know why I happened to be on Z Star Planet? It’s because half a month ago, one of my subordinates went to Z Star Planet to take a dip in a hot spring, but his identity got exposed, which led to a citywide lockdown. He couldn’t leave, so he begged me to come and rescue him. Rescuing him isn’t difficult for me; I could have gotten him out in half an hour, but I didn’t want my brothers, who have sacrificed so much, to be denied even the privilege of a simple hot spring.”

“So you guys want recognition from the Federation?” Hearing this, Sheng Heng had a fairly clear idea of Ye Chen’s intentions.

“That’s right. We’ve been stationed in X Galaxy for a century, so we think it’s only fair that we have a legitimate status.”

“Since you already have an understanding with the Federation about the transporting of supplies, then you can negotiate with their higher-ups directly.” Sheng Heng suggested.

“We tried, but our identity as interstellar pirates is hard to shake off, hence people won’t easily accept us without a legitimate excuse. Moreover, the Federation doesn’t trust us fully, so they’ve made a demand: we have to choose one of the three major legions within the Federation to join.” Ye Chen told him.

Sheng Heng’s eyes suddenly widened. The Federation’s intent was quite clear: they were willing to accept the Phantom Dream Legion, but since the Phantom Dream Legion had roamed the interstellar for a century, possessed exceptional combat power, and originated from a group of thieves, the Federation couldn’t entirely trust them, hence they needed a powerful legion to vouch for them, and once a legion accepted the Phantom Dream Legion, the moment any problem arose in the future, they would be held responsible.

Although this guarantee carried some risks, if they genuinely acquired the fighting force of the Phantom Dream Pirate Legion, it would further strengthen the legion’s power, and if the Phantom Dream Pirate Legion really chose to join the War God Legion, the War God Legion would instantly become the most powerful among the three major legions. This trade could only be described with one word: cost-effective!

“You guys chose our War God Legion?” Sheng Heng asked excitedly.

“That’s right.” Ye Chen laughed. “Originally, I planned to rescue my subordinate and then go to the War God Legion’s headquarters to talk to General Admiral Sheng, but since you happened to be here, and I coincidentally saved your boyfriend, I thought it would be more effective to have you act as an intermediary to contact your father.”

“Alright, as soon as we reach Capital Star Planet, I’ll contact my father immediately.” Sheng Heng told him.

“Good.” Ye Chen raised his hand and pressed the button on the table once more, removing the soundproof barrier. “We’ve been out here for a while, if we don’t return soon, they might come looking for us.”

The two of them walked back together, and on the way, Ye Chen suddenly asked, “Do you know why I chose the War God Legion in the end?”

“Because of the new weapon designed by Yan Hao?” The first thing Ye Chen had asked about was this weapon, so Sheng Heng naturally assumed it was what made Ye Chen change his mind.

“Wrong!” Ye Chen shook his head.

Sheng Heng was confused.

“It’s because of him!” Ye Chen pointed forward with his chin.

Sheng Heng looked forward, only to see Yan Hao not far away looking from side to side as if looking for something.

“Xiao Hao!” Sheng Heng called out loudly.

Yan Hao turned at the sound, then his eyes lit up with joy the moment they met Sheng Heng’s eyes.

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