Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 103.2 Battle with the level eight zergs

Through the screen, Sheng Heng saw the leading level eight zerg, its sharp claws swinging at the cockpit of his mech. Once it was sliced through, he didn’t know whether Black Soul would be cut in half, but he was sure he would be.

But he didn’t flinch. Instead, he waited calmly for the claw to get close, then, at just the right moment, stabbed Obscure Darkness Lance at the zerg’s claw. And the zerg, able to sense the power of the weapon, knew that this level six lance wouldn’t penetrate its shell, and so didn’t dodge, but this was exactly what Sheng Heng wanted. Sliding Obscure Darkness Lance off its claw, it gave Black Soul the leverage to perform a nimble flip in space, landing firmly on the zerg’s back.

Dumbfounded, the level eight zerg tried to swipe at its back, however its huge body had short claws that couldn’t reach its back, so with a few steps back, Sheng Heng maneuvered Black Soul out of its reach.

Thrashing wildly, the level eight zerg spun in space, trying to shake the disgusting human off its back, but Sheng Heng wasn’t having any of that. Using his Obscure Darkness Lance to hook onto the crevices in the zerg’s shell, he clung tight, refusing to let go.

The other two zergs flew over. They held a grudge against Black Soul for its bombardment, so seeing Black Soul clinging onto their comrade, rushed forward, brandishing their sharp claws, intending to dismantle the annoying machine.

The zerg Sheng Heng was grappling with kept flipping, and as it flipped over one more time, Sheng Heng yanked his Obscure Darkness Lance out, allowing himself fall off the zerg’s back.

Seeing this, the zergs dived after Black Soul. Sheng Heng knew he couldn’t outrun them, so he dropped a bit before blasting his boosters upwards, rebounding back.

The zergs however were faster than Black Soul, and with one of the zergs closing in rapidly, it was exhilarated and was about to slice open this pesky machine with its claws when Black Soul’s hand that was holding Obscure Darkness Lance suddenly pulled back, and then threw it out.

Purple lightning danced around the black lance as it pierced into the zerg’s stomach, the only part unprotected by a shell, at breakneck speed.

The moment the Obscure Darkness Lance went in, the zerg’s body started to tremble violently, and its claw, originally aimed at Black Soul, twisted, its mouth filled with fangs opening as it let out a silent, pained scream.

Sheng Heng had managed to counter attack and even hurt a level eight zerg, however he was now even closer to the other two. And in this situation, didn’t have a chance to escape.

Through the virtual screen, he watched as the two zergs approached with their claws swinging, but there wasn’t a shred of fear in his eyes. Just as he prepared to fire his particle cannon, to strike the enemy one last time, two golden particle beams shot from the side, instantly blasting the two level eight zergs that had already reached Sheng Heng away.

Sheng Heng blinked in surprise, then turned his head in the direction the beams had come from and there, wielding a golden energy sword, was a silver level eight mech speeding towards him.

It was Sheng Zhuo’s mech, a level eight mech, Morning Star.

“Stand back.” As Morning Star passed by Black Soul, Sheng Heng heard Sheng Zhuo’s voice.

A smile on his face, Sheng Heng maneuvered Black Soul to the side, clearing the way for his big brother.

Morning Star transformed into a streak of light, charging straight at one of the level eight zergs, and with a deft dodge, appeared behind the zerg then dropped below it, seizing the opportunity to target the zerg’s weak belly with a swift stroke of its sword.

After one slash, Morning Star turned and darted towards the other level eight zerg at close range, its left arm firing a particle cannon continuously, and just when the zerg tried to block with its claws, Morning Star moved to its belly and slashed with the sword again.

From start to finish, in just a few seconds, Sheng Zhuo, manipulating Morning Star, eliminated two level eight zergs, one by one.

“Big Brother!” A fervent light sparked in Sheng Heng’s eyes. This was his big brother, the person he had admired since he was small.

Morning Star turned around, and it seemed as if Sheng Zhuo was looking at Sheng Heng through its eyes. However he suddenly flew towards the third level eight zerg and there, floating listlessly in space, was the third level eight zerg that was still twitching slightly but clearly devoid of strength.

Flying under the zerg, Morning Star reached out with its left hand, pulled the Obscure Darkness Lance glowing with purple electricity out, and threw it in Black Soul’s direction.

Stretching his right arm, Sheng Heng caught the lance thrown by his big brother accurately.

“On the battlefield, you must not let go of your weapon until the moment of death.” Sheng Zhuo’s voice sounded.

“Yes.” Sheng Heng responded loudly.

“Let’s go back.”

And with that, Sheng Zhuo piloted Morning Star towards the direction of their battleship, with Sheng Heng maneuvering Black Soul closely behind.

Inside the battleship, as Sheng Heng got out from Black Soul, he looked up and saw a young man dressed in military uniform smiling at him.

“Big Brother.” Not bothering to store Black Soul in his spatial button first, Sheng Heng walked hurriedly towards him.

The young man looked at his little brother who was still wearing his Federation University uniform up and down and asked, “Are you hurt?”

“No.” Sheng Heng shook his head.

The young man’s gaze fell on Sheng Heng’s hands and seeing that they were still fair and slender, without a scratch on them, a look of relief passed through his eyes. “You did well just now.”

“En.” Sheng Heng tilted his head up, revealing a youthful and spirited smile.

In the battle just now, he had been filled with adrenaline. Even though he had almost been killed by the level eight zergs several times, he hadn’t felt fear, just the shivers brought on by excitement.

“Regiment Commander, Second Young Master!” Just as the two brothers were smiling at each other and communicating in their own way, Qiu Zi’an rushed out from the safety door.

“Second Young Master, are you alright? Are you hurt?”

After confirming that Sheng Heng was alright, Qiu Zi’an immediately started praising him, saying things like ‘no wonder he was the second male child of the Sheng family’, ‘the Regiment Commander’s little brother’. He lavished so much praise on him that Sheng Zhuo, unable to listen anymore, took the initiative to change the topic.

“What’s up with Black Soul’s weapon?”

“Yes, isn’t your Black Soul a level six mech? That weapon’s power is even stronger than my Meteor.” Qiu Zi’an’s mech was called Meteor.

“Black Soul’s weapons are level eight particle cannons.” Sheng Heng said directly, not trying to hide anything.

“Level eight particle cannons, how is that possible?” Qiu Zi’an was shocked.

“Now low level mechs can be equipped with high level weapons?” Sheng Zhuo asked as well.

“Black Soul has been modified with an energy converter installed in its weapon system, which allows for a cross level weapon to be used by a reduction of some of its energy.” Sheng Heng explained.

As if he had thought of something, a glint flashed in Sheng Zhuo’s eyes. “That partner of yours?”

“My boyfriend.” Sheng Heng corrected him.

What partner? It didn’t sound as intimate as the word boyfriend.

“…..” Sheng Zhuo.

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  1. I really have to admire all MC has done for his boyfriend. Gave lifesaving medicine to ml’s brother, “healed” his hands, modified his mecha twice, saved his life. & He is about to do plenty more. That level of dedication is beautiful.

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