Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 68.2 Attack on the return journey

Yan Hao, like a child with a new toy, kept tapping the zerg’s claw with the wrench, causing ‘clang clang clang’ sounds to fill the maintenance room. After a while, seemingly not having enough, he suddenly picked the box up, stood up, and run off.

Startled, Sheng Heng followed him.

He only saw Yan Hao running to a place where the mech’s metal shells were placed then wrap the upper part of the zerg’s claw in the cloth from the box then use it as a long knife to cut down fiercely into the metal shell.

The claw and the metal shell collided, making a crisp metal collision sound and Yan Hao was pushed back by the recoil. Seeing this, Sheng Heng quickly stepped forward to hold him.

“Be careful.”

“I’m fine. Quick, look, has the metal shell been cut open?” Yan Hao stepped forward eagerly to look at the metal shell he had just cut.

Going over, he touched it, inspecting it for a long time, yet he couldn’t find a single nick on the metal shell. He was immediately disappointed: “How come there’s no trace, wasn’t it supposed to be able to tear the mech shell apart?”

Walking over with a smile, Sheng Heng reached his hand out to Yan Hao: “Give me the front claw.”

Although Yan Hao didn’t know what Sheng Heng wanted to do, he still gave him the front claw subconsciously.

“Step back.” Sheng Heng gestured for Yan Hao to step back.

By now, Yan Hao had guessed what Sheng Heng wanted to do. Excited, he moved to the side. As soon as he stepped back, Sheng Heng held the zerg’s front claw firmly then cut the standing metal shell severely.

Instantly, there was a ‘swish’, then Yan Hao felt a flash of darkness before his eyes then the metal shell that he hadn’t been able to put a scratch on just moments ago was now split in half right in front of him.

“This…it’s been cut open?” Yan Hao looked at the half cut metal shell, then looked at Sheng Heng, his eyes filled with admiration, “Senior, you’re so amazing.”

“It’s nothing, I’m just stronger than you.” Sheng Heng said modestly. The physique of mech warriors was much better than those of ordinary people, however not everyone could cut through a metal shell with their bare hands. Sheng Heng, because of his injured hands, spent more time on physical training than on the cultivation of his mental energy since he was young, hence his physique was considered strong among mech warriors.

“Senior, since the zerg’s front claw is so sharp, why doesn’t the federation collect them to make weapons?” The reason why the zergs had been able to withstand the federation for so many years was because their shells were incredibly hard. If there was a weapon that could easily break through their shells, it would make the federation’s struggle against the zergs much easier.

“Although the zerg’s front claws are hard, in the end they aren’t truly metal. After a zerg dies, their front claws begin to degrade and within a week, their hardness decreases, making it so that they are easily broken apart with a little force.” Sheng Heng explained.

“It turns out it’s like this.”

Suddenly, the spaceship shook violently, and feeling that something was wrong, Sheng Heng grabbed Yan Hao’s hand immediately, pulled him to the wall, then braced himself against the wall with his hands protecting Yan Hao.

‘Bang’ a mech part smashed in a place near the two of them, the impact so strong that the mech part disintegrated, screws and springs flying everywhere. Yan Hao’s entire body broke out in cold sweat when one of the screws brushed past Sheng Heng’s forehead.

“Senior.” Yan Hao shouted in fright.

“Don’t move!” Sheng Heng shouted in a low voice.

“Beep, beep, beep~~~” An ear-piercing alarm suddenly rang, followed by Xiao Tianhan’s anxious voice from the broadcast.

“The spaceship is under attack by space pirates. All mech warriors, gather on the deck and prepare for battle.”

Space Pirates?!

At this time, the shaking of the spaceship decreased a lot and making a quick decision, Sheng Heng grabbed Yan Hao and rushed out of the maintenance room. Looking for the nearest room, he pushed Yan Hao inside: “Hide here, I’ll go outside to check.”

“Senior, be careful.” Yan Hao didn’t say much. He just warned him to be careful.

Nodding, Sheng Heng left the room then rushed towards the deck.

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