Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 67.1 First in points

Yan Hao had used all the 6500 points in one go to buy replacement parts for Black Soul. He himself was unable to repair a mech, so he had to spend money to buy the parts from the base. The base’s prices were already high, and Black Soul was a level six mech, making the prices even more exorbitant. What’s more to obtain these parts, Yan Hao had to rely on the base’s materials room and its burly captain with the beard.

It took Yan Hao two hours to replace all of the damaged mech parts on Black Soul, including some that appeared to be only slightly damaged. Yan Hao couldn’t and wouldn’t allow any part that he wasn’t certain was safe to remain on Black Soul, as he wanted the mech to enter the battlefield in the best possible condition and for it to be a reliable partner for Sheng Heng.

In comparison to Black Soul, Savage Bull had only sustained little damage, so Yan Hao replenished it with two level six energy blocks as a symbolic gesture before returning it to Cheng Wenkang.

Afterwards, Sheng Heng bid farewell to Yan Hao then left the base with Cheng Wenkang to continue the assessment. The other injured students, such as Sun Zhu, weren’t as fortunate and had to stay in the base’s infirmary for three more days before recovering fully.

The sixth day, campsite outside.

The students of the Mech Piloting Department gathered around the campfire as usual to check the updated points for the day.

“Sheng Heng killed 802 zergs and Cheng Wenkang killed 300. Fortunately there are only two people in their team. If there had been one more, they would have rushed up to first place again.”

After repairing their mechs, Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang returned to continue the assessment and in just two and a half days, the two of them had managed to catch up to almost 3000 points, and their current total score was 3468 points. After six days of assessment, the scores of the other teams were mostly above 4000 points, except for Sun Zhu’s team that was still resting in the infirmary. The current first place score was 4902 points, so even if Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang were able to maintain a daily increase of 1000 points, they wouldn’t be able to surpass 4902 in one day. Furthermore, while they were earning points, the other teams were also earning points.

“Sheng Heng is really determined. I haven’t seen them return to the campsite in these past two days.”

“Do you think it’s worth him doing that? He has already secured first place on the individual leaderboard, but he won’t be able to catch up on the team leaderboard.” Despite spending over 6000 points all at once, Yan Hao’s efforts over the past two days had allowed Sheng Heng to once again secure the top spot on the individual leaderboard.

“He shouldn’t have gotten first place on the individual leaderboard.” Someone suddenly said with ill intent.

“Zhu Wencheng, you’re unhappy because you’ve been pressed down to second place, right?” Until just before noon, Zhu Wencheng had been in first place on the individual leaderboard, but now Sheng Heng had surpassed him by hundreds of points.

Zhu Wencheng wasn’t well-liked within the class, but he was talented. For this assessment, he’d had good luck as his mech had sustained little damage and he had hunted a lot of zergs. Additionally, Sun Zhu’s team was completely wiped out, causing his points to skyrocket to the top of the individual leaderboard. However, his sense of self-satisfaction lasted for not even three days before being killed by Sheng Heng.

“Black Soul is a level six mech with the most advanced mimetic piloting system. It’s already unfair for him to compete with us in the first place.” Zhu Wencheng shot back.

Word of Black Soul’s piloting system having being replaced by a mimetic one had spread quickly through the Mech Piloting Department as soon as Sheng Heng mentioned it, causing quite a stir within the class.

“But Sheng Heng killed a level six mutant zerg by himself and just based on this feat, it proves that his strength far surpasses ours. I think he rightfully deserves first place on the individual leaderboard.” Someone said in response.

“That’s only because he has a level six mech. If we had one, we might not be any worse than him.” Zhu Wencheng said.

“Pig Wencheng, why are you so shameless? With your just barely there A level mental energy, you’d probably kneel on the spot if you faced a level six mutant zerg, yet you dare to speak so confidently of killing?” Cheng Wenkang, slightly plump, emerged from the grass.

“D*mn fatty, what did you call me?” Zhu Wencheng shouted angrily.

“You didn’t hear me, then let me say it again. Pig Wencheng, pig pig pig~~” Cheng Wenkang prepped his voice then shouted the word ‘pig’ three times in a row.

“Cheng Wenkang, I’ll fight you!” Zhu Wencheng, uncontrollably angry summoned his mech with a wave of his hand as he said threateningly.

“Let me fight you.” Sheng Heng said calmly, walking out from behind Cheng Wenkang and looking at Zhu Wencheng.

When Zhu Wencheng saw Sheng Heng, his murderously angry red face immediately turned pale as a pig’s liver.

After Sheng Heng appeared, Cheng Wenkang moved to the side unconsciously while Sheng Heng, after seeing Zhu Wencheng’s highly noticeable mech standing behind him, also summoned Black Soul from his spatial button.

As the two mechs, one blue and one black, stood facing each other in the campsite around the bonfire, the atmosphere instantly became tense.

“Sheng Heng, what do you mean by that?”

“Aren’t you the one who wants to fight?” Sheng Heng responded with feigned confusion.

“Yours is a level six mech, while my Blue Moon is only a level four mech. It’s not fair at all.”

“Fair? How will it be fair? Would it be fair only if I switched to a level four mech to fight you?”

“That’s right.”

“Then what about my injured hands?” Sheng Heng laughed coldly, “Should I also ask you to break your hands too, for the sake of fairness, so it becomes like mine before it will be considered fair?”

“That’s not the same thing.” Zhu Wencheng clenched his hands unconsciously.

“How is it not the same? Mechs are used for battle and hands are also used for battle. How come you can say it’s unfair because my Heng Ge has a good mech, but with you, we can’t call for fairness when you have a pair of healthy hands?” Cheng Wenkang pointed out sarcastically, “Your emotions are the biggest in the world, and you’re the boss of fairness?”

“You….. you guys…..”

“What’s wrong with a level six mech? What’s wrong with it being a level higher than yours? If you have the ability, go get a level six mech with a mimetic piloting system. No, not even a level six mech, go get a level seven or eight mech if you can. As long as you can get it, it’s your own ability.” Cheng Wenkang scolded, “Don’t be jealous of others just because you yourself don’t have the ability.”

“Let’s fight then.” Zhu Wencheng couldn’t counter Cheng Wenkang’s accusations, so he could only force himself to agree, “But I was challenging Cheng Wenkang. Cheng Wenkang, bring out your Savage Bull.”

“…” Everyone was speechless.

This was too shameless.

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