Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 112.2

In space.

After Sheng Heng recovered his calm after his initial shock, he knew at this point that the only way for the base’s reinforcements to launch, and for the Federation soldiers aboard the battleships to regain their combat power, was to stop the level nine zerg’s mental wave attack.

So his dark eyes flickering with determination, he clenched his right hand, and as he did, Black Soul’s grip on the Obscure Darkness Lance also tightened, its violet lightning erupting in a more piercing light than before.


At this moment, this was the only thought in Sheng Heng’s mind.

At the same time, two of the three level seven zergs that were guarding the level nine zerg flew towards him on their own initiative, extending their sharp claws that glowed with an eerily chilling light, aiming to slice through Black Soul’s arms.

His eyes narrowing, Sheng Heng maneuvered Black Soul into suddenly turning its back. The level seven zergs were confused, however they still moved forward with their claws out, thinking that if they couldn’t cut off an arm, they would go for the head. However at this moment, all the thermal weapons on Black Soul activated simultaneously and from the shoulders, waist and legs, six particle cannons fired forward, propelling Black Soul’s massive body backwards at a speed several times faster than before because of the recoil.

The two level seven zergs that had rushed to meet Black Soul obviously hadn’t expected Black Soul to execute such a professional move. They raised their hands to stop him, however Black Soul’s speed was too fast and unexpected that their claws only grazed Black Soul’s lower back before it broke through.

Shrieking in alarm, they turned to give chase, however Black Soul was already within ten meters of the level nine zerg. Seeing this, the last level seven zerg guarding the level nine zerg reacted quickly, baring its teeth and claws to meet the attack.

Just then, Black Soul flipped around abruptly, thrusting the Obscure Darkness Lance downwards and aiming at the zerg’s eye, the lance stabbed in, followed by flashes of lightning.

Trembling in pain, the zerg struggled violently.

Sheng Heng wasn’t keen on prolonging the fight. The eyes weren’t a zerg’s fatal points, so although it would cause them pain, it wouldn’t kill them. Hence maneuvering Black Soul, he slid down a little then one hand gripping the struggling level seven zerg firmly, he extended his right leg, bent it, then used the particle cannon on his leg to unleash a barrage of fierce shots at the zerg’s abdomen.

He only knew that a zerg’s weak point was in its abdomen, however under these circumstances, he couldn’t aim precisely. What’s more the particle cannon on his leg was a level six weapon and couldn’t break through the shell of a level seven zerg. Thus the only thing he could do was to estimate the position of the zerg’s weak point in its abdomen based on his understanding of the zerg’s body then relying on his control over his mech, go for a wild bombardment.

Fortunately for him, after a while, he felt the struggling in his arms slow down. Letting go immediately, he braced then gave himself a push off the zerg’s body and with the recoil, pulled out the Obscure Darkness Lance, rushing towards the level nine zerg that wasn’t far away.

The lantern-sized large red eyes of the level nine zerg reflecting the incoming figure of Black Soul, it raised its front claws and reached out to grab Black Soul.

Sheng Heng knew that with the sharpness of the level nine zerg’s claws, even a slight touch could destroy Black Soul. Thus he retreated decisively then bent his legs in mid-air, changing his forward direction forcefully.

This sidestepping maneuver seemed simple, however if done by a traditional mech, it would require five complex operation commands to achieve and in such a lightning fast moment like just now, not everyone would even be able to have such instinctive body responses, let alone have the presence of mind to type out five operation commands.

The soldiers on the distant battleships watching Black Soul slaughtering through the difficulties were already stunned beyond measure.

Was this really something a level six mech could do? Wasn’t it said that although the mimetic system was somewhat simpler to operate, what it could do, a traditional mech could also do? But which of the actions just now, could really be done if it was a traditional mech?

The mech warriors who saw this scene asked themselves, and the conclusion they came to was one— they couldn’t do it. The Black Soul in front of them didn’t look like a weapon being manipulated, but rather like a mech with a soul, as if Sheng Heng’s soul had taken over the mech.

It turns out, this was what a mimetic mech was like?

After Sheng Heng dodged the level nine zerg’s grab, his body suddenly sank, his intention being to follow the same pattern and fire a shot at its abdomen. However the level nine zerg seemed to be much smarter, because as if it knew what its opponent wanted to do, it curled its body then rolled to the side to dodge while its front claws reached out, continuing to try to grasp at Black Soul.

Sheng Heng’s goal wasn’t to kill it, but to entangle with it to force it to break the mental shock wave, and the best way to do this was to strike where the enemy had to defend by all means necessary. So maneuvering Black Soul, he charged at the level nine zerg’s lower abdomen whenever there was a chance and the level nine zerg, in order to save itself, changed its form constantly. After several such iterations, the mental shock wave was noticeably weakened.

Just a little more.

“Warning, warning, rear attack from the enemy.” Black Soul’s alarm suddenly rang out.

Sheng Heng didn’t look behind, but he could guess that it was the two level seven zergs he had thrown behind him that were catching up.

No, he had to find a way to end the mental shock wave.

However just then, the level nine zerg seemed to be enraged by the flea-like human in front of it. Opening its large mouth to reveal the densely packed sharp teeth inside, it roared at Black Soul’s face and immediately, an unprecedented mental energy charged towards Sheng Heng’s brain.

Sheng Heng stifled a grunted, while at the same time, the mental energy that belonged to the S level within his sea of consciousness surged up in rebellion, then looked scornfully at the invading mental energy from the outside world and swallowed it in one gulp.

Instantly, Sheng Heng felt the roaring in his brain recede, and his entire consciousness cleared up.

Opposite him, the eyes of the level nine zerg were filled with dismay: Where did my mental energy go?

On the hand, however, it was as if Sheng Heng had discovered a new continent, because maneuvering Black Soul upwards quickly, he dodged the attacks of the two level seven zergs chasing him from behind while widening the distance between him and the level nine zerg. Then……

His S level mental energy was released without reserve.

Sheng Heng didn’t know how strong the mental energy needed to be to have an effect on the level nine zerg, so he went all out.

The attack of mental energy was intangible, however the moment the mental energy touched the level nine zerg, Sheng Heng saw clearly that a flash of pain and shock flashed in its eyes. Then it curled up in pain and flipped over, trying to escape.

Seeing this, the other two level seven zergs immediately ignored their attack on Sheng Heng and flew over, one in front and one behind, guarding and protecting the level nine zerg as it withdrew.

At the same time, excited shouts of comrades came through the communicator: “The shockwave has stopped.”

In an instant, cannon fire lit up in the space, all the waiting battlehips and mech warriors pouring into the battlefield, sweeping away the low level zergs like an autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves.

Seeing this, Sheng Heng sighed in relief, knowing that Yan Hao was safe. However he didn’t rush to where Yan Hao was immediately but continued to stare at the fleeing level nine zerg, his S level mental energy surging out again, continuing to attack along the mental energy of the level nine zerg from earlier.

Struggling in agony, the level nine zerg actually kicked the two level seven zergs that were guarding it away forcefully and Sheng Heng, seeing this opportunity that was too good to miss, quickly gave chase and before the level nine zerg could react, thrust his lance into its abdomen. One strike not enough, he targeted the soft flesh not covered by its shell and fired four to five more rounds until he could no longer feel the level nine zerg’s struggle.

The level nine zerg, died.

And pulling out his lance, Black Soul turned around, drenched in blood.

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