Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 50.2 The meeting of the online friends

“I asked when I sent him the package a while ago. He is at the Federal University and is a freshman this year. His class teacher is Professor Qin, Qin Ren.” Baby Bug explained.

“The math problem you sent out, it was a freshman who worked it out?” The more Baby Bug explained, the more agitated the old man became, as he directly placed a hand on his disciple’s shoulder, squeezing it hard.

It was only then that Baby Bug realized that his teacher was surprised by Ri An’s talent: “I was a bit surprised at first, but Ri An is really talented in math. When I first met him, he had only just finished primary school and was already working on the first theorem.”

“…… I want to see him.” The old man said all of a sudden.


“In a couple of days I’m going to the Federal University for a public lecture, ask him out.” The old man instructed.

“Teacher, you …… it can’t be that you have your eyes on him, right?” Baby Bug speculated cautiously.

The old man was indeed moved. Although he didn’t like Ri An’s trap where he sold the program to the WT Group and felt that he was too materialistic, if he was still a student, he could be guided back to the right path. He couldn’t bear to see such a good student grow up wrong.

Two days later.

He Shao left the classroom with Yan Hao, clutching his laptop: “Where are you meeting your online friend?”

“Baby Bug said to meet him in front of the lab building.” Yesterday Baby Bug had contacted him out of the blue and said he was coming to the school today and that he wanted to meet up with him.

“He’s also a Federal University graduate?”

“En.” Yan Hao nodded.

“Then are you still going back to the dorm or are we meeting directly in front of the auditorium this afternoon?” There was an open class in the afternoon, and the University had spent a lot of money to invite the legendary level 10 Mech Building Master Zhonggao Xuan to come and lecture.

When they got the news, the whole Mech Building Department went crazy, with students from all years waiting to get a place in the auditorium this afternoon.

“Let’s meet directly in front of the auditorium, I’m afraid I won’t make it back to the dormitory in time.” Yan Hao said.

“Alright then.”

The two separated and Yan Hao went straight to the laboratory building. He and Baby Bug had an appointment at the south gate, outside of which there was a small pavilion where they were to meet.

Yan Hao ran to the pavilion after class, but arrived a little late, as someone was already standing in the pavilion when he arrived. Approaching the person, Yan Hao asked in a low voice, “Excuse me, are you Baby Bug?”

The person turned around at the sound of his voice then looked at Yan Hao in surprise: “Are you Ri An?”

It was really Baby Bug. Having confirmed his identity, Yan Hao now relaxed. Smiling, he nodded, “I’m Ri An, my real name is Yan Hao.”

“Ba Yun.” Baby Bug introduced himself with a smile as well, “You look much better than I thought you would, and you actually don’t have dark circles.”

He had communicated with Yan Hao online previously and so knew that Yan Hao had spent his entire holiday doing research in the lab, hence he thought that Yan Hao would be just like him, pale faced and with heavy dark circles under his eyes, but seeing him in person, he saw that he was fair skinned and full of energy, not at all like a qualified researcher.

“I… I’ve had a good rest recently.” Yan Hao scratched his head. If it wasn’t for Sheng Heng’s arrangement, he would have been in a similar state as Baby Bug in front of him was after the holiday.

“You’re quite well rested.” Baby Bug, who hadn’t had a good rest for over a month, shed tears of envy.

In that moment Yan Hao didn’t know how to comfort Baby Bug, so he could only smile shyly.

“Let me buy you dinner.” Yan Hao invited.

“Sure, I haven’t eaten in the school cafeteria for a long time. I didn’t think the food was particularly good when I was here, but I still think about it now that I’ve graduated.” Baby Bug agreed readily.

Yan Hao was shy, but he and Baby Bug had always gotten along well online. Baby Bug was much more lively than Yan Hao and he was also very talkative and so with that, Baby Bug was convinced that Yan Hao wasn’t as materialistic as his teacher had thought.

“Yan Hao, is there anything you don’t understand about the information I gave you the last time?” Baby Bug asked.

“Yes, there are quite a few things I don’t understand.” Yan Hao said immediately, “I was hoping to get a chance to ask you for advice.”

“If I can, I’ll help you, but instead of asking me, why don’t you ask my teacher? He is after all one of the first Mech Building Masters to study mimetic piloting.” Baby Bug said with some pride.

“Your teacher? That’s not too good, right?” Yan Hao was a little hesitant.

“It’s okay. After you helped us solve that maths problem last time, my teacher was so impressed with you that he asked me to send you that information and said that if you don’t understand anything, you can ask him anytime.”

“Really?” Yan Hao’s eyes widened in surprise, “Then I’ll compile a copy of the questions so that you can pass them on to him for me.”

“Don’t bother, my teacher is in the school right now. I’ll talk to him later and introduce you to him, so if you have any questions, just ask him.” Baby Bug said.

Baby Bug’s teacher was interested in accepting him as a disciple, but he couldn’t make it too obvious that he was here for Yan Hao, which was why Baby Bug would make this introduction, then when they met, Baby Bug’s teacher would teach him and then offer to accept him as his disciple, which would be the next logical step.

“Don’t worry, my teacher is very good-tempered and likes students like you who are studious and who excel at learning.” Yan Hao, I’m nudging you, so take advantage of it.

Yan Hao was a little hesitant, but his thirst for knowledge finally overcame him: “When is the right time?”

“Do you have a class this afternoon?” Baby Bug asked.

“I have an open class at two.” Yan Hao said.

“Professor Zhonggao Xuan’s class?” Baby Bug raised an eyebrow.

“En, the whole Mech Building Department is going to listen to it.” Yan Hao said excitedly.

“That’s perfect. When you’re done with your class, I’ll take you to my teacher.” What will the expression on your face be when you find out that my teacher is Zhonggao Xuan, the person who has just finished giving you a public lecture?

“Then I’m going back to the dormitory to sort out some questions so I can ask your teacher later.” Yan Hao said.

“Then contact me after class.”

The two of them left the cafeteria, Yan Hao going back to the dormitory to sort out the questions he needed to ask, and Baby Bug going back in a hurry to report the situation to his teacher.

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